Do Yeezy Slides Run Small, Big, or True To Size? The New Colorway is Even Worse!!


If you’re looking to buy a pair of Yeezy Slides, I bet you have heard mixed reviews as far as sizing goes. So, do Yeezy Slides run small? Do Yeezy Slides run big? Are Yeezy Slides true to size?

Yeezy Slides fly.

And if you are confused with the Yeezy sizing and you don’t want to make a mistake on the sizing option, keep reading…

Here’s the 2022 review of the Yeezy Slides.


Do Yeezy Slides Run Small or Big?


I want to just clarify two things. 

First, if you are a woman size 9, that is equivalent to a men’s size 7.5. 

Second, you do not have the option to choose in half sizes because these Slides only come in whole sizes.

Let’s start now. In order to give you accurate information about Yeezy Slides sizing, we asked 8 people the same question: “According to you, do Yeezy Slides run small, big, or true to size?”.

We chose these people because they have different foot shapes because we found out that foot shape is a decisive factor when it comes to getting the right size in Yeezy Slides.

If you have ever owned a pair of Yeezy Slides, you’re going to want to jump to that section because they have updated the sizing for the Enflame Orange colorway.


Hollie (Skinny Feet)

I have very narrow feet with very high arches, which means my foot gets pushed up even higher because I have high arches.

So, if you have flat feet, that’s going to sit lower into the slide and that’s definitely something you need to consider.

I decided after buying a size 7 Slide as well as a size 8 Slide that I wanted to size down because these do tend to run quite large for my skinny feet.

Because of my feet, I went from an 8 to a size 7 because there are no half sizes in Yeezy Slides.

Don’t forget that the larger the size you get, the more space you will actually have from the top part of the Slide to the bottom where the arch starts to form.

I measured the height of the upper part from the center where your foot lies so you are aware of how much room you’re going to have.

It looks like I have about 2.5 inches on the size 7 from the footbed to the upper strap. If I go for a size 8, I would say that you definitely have at least a quarter of an inch more space to work with.

Just to be more specific, depending on what silhouette you are buying in the Yeezy family, I do say typically to go half a size up, but with this specific silhouette for the Slides, I went an entire size down because my feet are really narrow.

As far as men go, the sizing is exactly the same. I would definitely size up to the next full size especially if you have wider feet.


Design & Sizing

I would not have been able to go down another full size to a size 6 because the Yeezy Slides have a kind of indentation in the front and a kind of heel cup in the back.

So, if the Slides are too small, your foot is going to go over that indentation and it’s going to be extremely uncomfortable.

You definitely do not want to go too small with the slides.

I would say if you are so scared and you don’t know what to do, go a size up just to be on the safer side because the last thing you want is to buy the Slides in too small of a sizing where your foot is literally going over the lip of the heel and on the front of the toe.



Kyle (Normal Feet)

When it comes to sizing, I got this Yeezy Slide in my normal Adidas size and I got to say it is really tight especially in the forefoot area.

The front part where your toes slide through has no give at all, it doesn’t stretch, and it feels extremely cramped in there.

So, I would suggest definitely going a half size up. If you can’t do that, I would even go a full size up and I don’t think it’s too big of a deal.

But if you go true to size, I think it will be way too tight at least I’ve definitely felt that way.

I think this pretty much fits like a Yeezy Boost 350 V2 which I always go a half size up in.

So, my final suggestion is go with your 350 V2 size.


Seth (Wide Feet)

Generally, I’m an 8.5, but I got these Slides in a size 9 because they are very small and narrow and I do have wide feet.

In the back, I do have some room left but it’s more so around the strap area where it’s very snug.

So, going a full size up if you have wide feet is your best option with the Yeezy Slides.



Cristina (Long Narrow Feet)

These Slides do run snug around the midsection of your foot.

For people with narrow feet whose feet tend to slide to the front of the slide and it looks real crazy, the fit is going to good for you.

You can kind of compare the sizing on these Slides to a pair of Yeezy 350s.

Since the 8 fits me so well on the 350s, I got 8 on the Slides and I’m super sad they don’t fit me like the 350s.

My toes come out the front and my heel sits on the rim in the back. I think I’m actually going to sell these and definitely get the next size 9, which is crazy because if you convert that to women, that’s a 10.5.

But it is what it is.



My left foot seems to fit better than the right foot and that’s why whenever I order shoes or buy shoes in store, I usually try on the right foot first because my right foot is bigger than the left one.


Thomas (Slightly Wide Feet)

I know the million-dollar question that many of you guys are asking is how do Yeezy Slides fit?

On the front where your toes show, I noticed that it’s a little bit narrow and I think that impacts the sizing on these slides.

When I was doing my research before buying these, it seemed like the sizing recommendations were all over the place.

Some people said stick true to size, other people said go up a half size where possible, and even some people said go up two sizes.

I’m a true size 10 slightly on the wider side, I got my Slides in a size 11 and I got to say they fit me perfectly.

Like I mentioned earlier, the front portion where your toes show is much narrower than the rest of the slide itself.

So, if you go true to size, you can’t really get your foot in and out of the slides that comfortably.

And even going up the full size to a size 11, there wasn’t even too much room from a length perspective.

I think naturally for slides, you kind of want a little bit of extra room than sneakers for example and I didn’t feel at any point that these were too long and that they fit really sloppy.

Just to give you a point of reference, I wear a 10.5 in the Yeezy Boost 350 v2, the Yeezy Boost 700 v1, and the 700 v3.

So, my size recommendation would be to get the next higher size. So, if you’re a size 10, go up to 11 and I think even if you’re a 10.5, 11 should be okay for you as well.

For me, I tried these on with both barefoot and with socks and in either case, going up to the size 11 fit me great.



Erin (Wide Feet)

Sizing can get really tricky for Yeezys.

I usually am a women’s size 8 and I did pick this up in a men’s size 7. In relation to my Yeezy sizes, I do get all of my 350 v2s in a size 7 so I went and got the same size as my 350 v2 size.

The weird thing is they only have whole sizes. So, I would say definitely size up especially if you are a half size.

Even though I do usually get the size 7, I could go up to the men’s 8 and I think I would be fine because these Slides do run pretty small.

So, I would say that either the half size up if you’re a half size or a full size up if you are a full size is probably your best bet.

Because I have wider feet, I don’t like things to be super small and feel like it’s falling off. So, I’m really happy with that half size up and I feel like it fits me perfectly.

But honestly, everyone is different…

For example, my boyfriend is a 10.5 men’s and in the Yeezy Slides, he gets a size 10.

So, he actually goes down a half size, and that works well for him because he has more of like a narrow foot.


Enflame Orange Colorway (Even Smaller)

Ryan (Normal Feet) 

If you’ve owned a Slide before, you know they only come in whole sizes making it a little tougher for people to fit right in between sizes.

Originally, the first version of the Slides did run small, but these newer versions run even smaller.

My true to size is right around 10 and in Yeezys, I usually go for a size 11.

In the previous versions of the Slide, I went for a size 11 and they fit perfect. But the size 11 in the Orange colorway fits slightly small.

It doesn’t really hurt with the comfort but just for the aesthetic look. I would have probably been better off going with a size 12.

So, if you are looking to cop these, remember, they do run a little smaller than previously released versions.



Elliot (Normal Feet)

Adidas did change a few things about the new Enflame Orange colorway and we’re going to address that later in the article.

But the one thing that they haven’t changed for the better is the actual sizing. The new Orange Slides do fit even tighter than the regular ones. What a disappointment 🙁

My true size is 11.5 so I always go half a size up in Slides and get the 12. The 12 in the Enflame Orange fits snug and so you need to size up.

If you have wide feet, you might even need to go another size up because, again, these do run smaller than before.

Also, if you’re going to wear these with socks, you’re definitely going to need to go up because this is super tight on the upper, which is going to make it even more snug than before.



Comfort, Material, Retail, Resell… 


In terms of how comfortable these slides are, I got to say Adidas and Yeezy really did a good job with the comfort.

Since the entire slide is made out of EVA, it feels really plush and really soft on your foot.

The footbed area feels super soft almost like a pillow. It sort of has this molded feel to it and it kind of molds naturally to the shape of your foot.

It does give your foot some sort of arch support because of the way that the inside is structured.

It’s not really flat inside and it’s really good if you have foot issues like Plantar Fasciitis and you need some arch support.

The good news is the newer versions of the Yeezy Slides released in June 2021 feel even softer and more comfortable than previous versions.

Giving these new Slides a bit of a squish, they are much softer and just feel incredible on foot.

It feels just like a marshmallow on your foot. It’s super squishy and it just kind of molds to your foot and just stays on there.


The Yeezy Slide is currently one of the most high-in-demand piece of footwear currently available on the market.

Not only is the comfort level superior, but they’re very stylish with their more minimalistic look.

In my opinion, the elevated sole gives it a more high fashion look.

Also, they do look like a substantial pair of sneakers because they’re pretty chunky and pretty big so when you are wearing them out and about, they don’t just look like you’re walking around barefoot.

Break-in Time

In terms of the break-in time, I had to break in the old versions. They weren’t really comfortable the first week that I wore them because the rubber on them was really stiff.

However, the newer versions released after June 2021 do not have to be broken in because they’re comfortable right out of the box. 


Even though they’re just slides, they still come in a box that looks like all your other Yeezy boxes.

This Slide does not have any Adidas Boost technology. Instead, it is injected with EVA foam inside the sole and it is pretty comfortable.

The EVA foam seems to be water-resistant.

In hand, it has this nice squishy feel to it and it kind of reminds me of a sturdier Crocs.

The entire slide is done in one piece and there’s no stitching and no visible glue anywhere.

One thing I also like is that in the design itself, everything is kind of rounded and there’s no sharp edges in the design.

The heel area is a little bit indented and it curves around the entire back end.

One of my favorite things about the Yeezy Slides is they don’t slap your heel when you’re walking around. These Slides kind of mold to your foot nicely and you don’t get that slapping sound when you’re walking around.

I know this may be a little bit unrelatable, but for me, I really like that about the Yeezy Slides.

There’s no Yeezy branding or anything like that on the outside of the Slide, but the only bit of branding you get on this Yeezy Slide is the Adidas logo that you see on the heel cup.


On the bottom of the outsole, you’ll see that the serrated pattern is done in these horizontal lines. It’s probably the coolest feature of the shoe, at least visually.

But again, just like the rest of the design of the upper, the edges sort of have a bit of that rounded look to it.

Even though these slides have some pretty aggressive tread on the bottom, the traction isn’t anything special.

This is just foam and there’s no rubber on it. So, if you feel you have to wear a slide outside in slippery weather, then I probably wouldn’t recommend wearing these.

But for indoors and for dry outdoor climates, these will be great.


The Yeezy Slides are available in these colorways: 

  • Earth Brown
  • Bone
  • Resin
  • Soot
  • Core
  • Pure
  • Enflame Orange

On drop date, the Bone colorway was the one that sold out the fastest. It also seems to have the highest resale price out of the three colorways.

I like the Core the best because it kind of blends in with my skin tone a little bit too much.

Then Yeezy released the Pure and now the Enflame Orange colorway.

The Pure colorway, which is actually very similar to the Bone colorway, is actually more wearable with different outfits.

All of the previous releases were more earth tones, so this Enflame Orange is a very refreshing new colorway and it will be very sought after and in high demand.

The Enflame Orange colorway is not something new in 2021 as they have put this colorway on a lot of other silhouettes like the Yeezy 500s and the 700 V1 with the same orange on the bottom.

The Orange is something bright and fun, which is perfect for the summer.

Honestly, the colorway comes down to just the kind of slide wearer you are. Are you someone who is just exclusively wearing the slides to the beach or around the pool? Or, are you someone who likes to wear your slides all the time?

For me, the orange fits when you’re by the beach or by the pool, but obviously when you’re trying to match a lot more different outfits, one of the more earth-toned colorways is definitely a solid way to go.

So, how do you rank the colorways?

Sizing-wise, whatever colorway of the Slides you get, it is definitely recommended to go at least half a size up depending on your foot shape.


The retail price on these was $60 making this the cheapest Yeezy to release so far. It’s still a Yeezy. But even at that price, it is still about $30 too expensive.

The retail price let alone the resale price is already pretty high. I mean $60 for a pair of slides is pretty crazy, but that’s the premium you’re paying for the Yeezy brand and for Adidas.

The price has gone down significantly since they started putting more pairs out and started restocking them.

But if you take a look at some of the colorways that haven’t had a restock recently, they’re still insanely high on the aftermarket.

Resell, Resale, Restock

What I really find surprising about this, or maybe not so surprising, is the fact that there’s actually resale on this Slide.

I mean this is just my opinion. I think these shoes are already overpriced at retail, but at the end of the day, the value of something is what you perceive it to be.

I’m not mad at you if you want to pay retail for this slide. I just think that it’s crazy that people are actually paying resale for these.

The good thing is these slides will be restocking every two to three months. So, if you strike out on this round, I’d probably hold off on paying resale.

I’d probably try my luck and see if I can get them for retail later on because honestly, these are definitely not worth paying over retail for.

The plan for the Yeezy brand this year is to restock the Yeezy slides every couple of months. In June 2021, we got the Resin, the Pure, and now this Enflame Orange.

Again, these restocks are definitely needed because the price on these 60 Slides is crazy.

All in all…

The Yeezy Slide continues to be one of the hottest Yeezy silhouettes. I think it has to do with the minimalistic design and also the upside when it comes to reselling.

I think this is a really comfortable pair of slides when you get the sizing right and it fits on your foot perfectly.

The first generation of the Yeezy Slides were already extremely comfortable, but whatever this new squishier material is, it is definitely a level up and it’s even more comfortable.

Obviously, it’s very hyped, but if you put aside the hype factor, it still feels very comfortable on feet, which is probably the most important part.

Again, they’re restocking them every couple of months. So, if you don’t want to pay resale, I would suggest just waiting for the next drop, which should be coming very soon.

Last fun fact, people were jokingly calling them jail slippers and it’s super funny that Yeezy finally decided to hit us with this orange colorway in summer 2021.

That’s it for this article. If someone in the future asks you “do Yeezy Slides run small or big?”, I guess you have the answer now. It all depends on your foot shape. If you have skinny feet, go true to size. If you have normal feet, go half a size up, And if you have wide feet, go up a full size. 

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