Do Yeezy Slides Run Small, Big, or True To Size? Sizing is a step in the right direction


The Slide is arguably one of Yeezy’s best creations considering its ultimate level of comfort. But do Yeezy Slides run small or big, I hear you ask.

Yeezy Slides have been very slowly evolving into almost a brand-new version of what they originally started out as. But with that evolution, there have been some growing pains with the sizing.

These slides have some of the most random and inconsistent sizing across all the releases and colorways, and most of them fit a little small.

Every shoe release seems to feel a little different and so it might be a bit difficult to find your perfect fit every time. Plus, the Slides come in whole sizes only, which makes it even more confusing.

Don’t panic! We’ve got you covered.

We’ve updated this article and included the sizing of the newly released colorways:

  • Black Onyx
  • Flax
  • Bone

Then, I tested the Onyx and Bone in three different sizes to see which ones fit better…

Without further ado, let’s get straight into it…

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2023 Yeezy Slide Azure Sizing Update!


The sizing on the Azure Blue is what you would expect from Yeezy Slides. It’s crazy. You could wear your regular size if you have a narrow foot, but if you have a wide foot, you can’t wear your regular size. I did get my regular size 9 and I didn’t get the 10 and they fit me fine.


(…) This is a really great colorway to kind of have a nice bright pop of bold color schemes that you can add to your summer wardrobe.

As far as sizing goes, I would say every year, the molds seem to change. I’m a size 7.5 and for this specific Yeezy Slide Azure Blue, I decided to go half a size up to 8 and it fits me perfectly.

I do have higher-arched feet so take that into consideration when deciding on what size range will work best for you. if you have wider flatter feet, that would completely be a different story.  

They do seem like they’ve really shrunk the molds a little bit and this seems to have run much smaller in comparison to my older version of the Yeezy Slide.

Again, if you’re looking at getting the Azure, definitely go up half a size.  

If you are new to the Yeezy Slide game, these do not come in half sizes and so you have to think about that before you pull the trigger on these.



(…) Sizing seems to be all over the place when it comes to the Yeezy Slide. With each and different variation, it seems they do come with a different mold.

I’m a true to size 10.5 and I picked these up in a size 12 just to kind of gauge the sizing. Generally with Yeezy Slides, I half size up to 11. While the 12s don’t look bad on my feet, I feel like I just get a little bit of slippage and so I think going with size 11 is a much better fit for my true to size 10.5.

Do Yeezy Slides Run Small or Big?

Yeezy Slides tend to run on the smaller side, so it’s best to go up a full size. If your usual size is a US 9, going for the next size up is recommended, given that Yeezy Slides don’t offer half sizes. Based on firsthand experience, going a full size up is the smart move when it comes to Yeezy Slides!

When people started to kind of know where they fit in the slides, Yeezy dropped the Orange Enflame on June 21st, 2021. The Orange Enflame was a complete mess in terms of sizing and we were taken back to square one.

I think if Yeezy just kept the sizing the same from the start, people would kind of be used to it by now.

So, here’s what you need to know about how the Yeezy Slide fits in 2023…

In all of the previous Yeezy Slides up until the Yeezy Slide Ochres which was released on July 25th, 2022, people had to go either half a size up or a full size up and that’s because the midfoot band across the top of the foot was very tight, especially with socks.

After that, Yeezy updated their molds trying to make their sizing better. So, when it comes to the newly released colorways, the slide actually seems to have the sizing somehow fixed for some people.

So, if you have narrow feet, the Yeezy Slides are going to fit a lot closer to a standard pair of slides than the previous Yeezy Slides meaning you can go true to size and it will fit you perfectly.

However, if you have regular to wide feet, I do feel like the new colorways (Black Onyx, Flax, and Bone) of the Yeezy Slides still run slightly small and so I would suggest to go a half size up from your true size.

I feel like the new 2023 colorways (Azure and MX Cinder) are not yet perfectly true to size and they still fit just slightly small and so you’re going to need to size up to the nearest whole size.

All in all, sizing on the Yeezy Slides has always been all over the place. The only consistency is the majority of people still find them way too small most likely due to the fact that the toe gap is very narrow.

So, again, make sure you go a half size up or even 1 or 2 sizes up if you like a wider fit.

One last thing…

For example, if you are a woman size 9, that is equivalent to a men’s size 7.5. So, make sure you check our Yeezy Slides size chart for accurate sizing.

The next section is super interesting because I tested three different sizes in two different colors of the restocked Yeezy Slides (Black Onyx and Bone) and we’re going to see which size actually fits me better.

Let’s go…


2022 Black Onyx vs Bone sizing 

I typically wear 9.5 or 10 in the Yeezy 350, 700, and Foam Runners. So, I would expect that the size 10 in these slides should be good. At least when I was thinking about this, I thought 11 would be way too big.

Again, depending on when you’re reading this, the previous colorways and releases probably don’t fit exactly like the new releases. But it seems like both these colorways are on the same kind of sizing model.

Let’s start with the Onyx.

Onyx size 9


Trying it out, the Onyx in size 9 definitely is too small. You can see my ankle is literally hanging off the shoe. It was also a little hard to get on and so they’re definitely too small.


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Onyx & Bone size 10


This is the one that I thought would fit, but of course, trying it on, it’s definitely a little too small as well. Trying out the Bone colorway in a size 10, these do fit basically the same as the Onyx.


Let’s try size 11…

Onyx & Bone size 11


Trying the Onyx on, these actually fit great. This was pretty surprising because, again, 11 would be huge in all my other Yeezys, but I guess these fit so small that the 11 actually works well.

Trying the Bone, this actually feels exactly like the Onyx. So, the 11 is the way to go for me.


Now that we’ve got the final results, I asked 10 people: “According to you, do Yeezy Slides run small, big, or true to size?”.

These people have different foot shapes because we found out that foot shape is a decisive factor when it comes to getting the right size in Yeezy Slides.

It feels like every Yeezy Slide release has somewhat of a different fit with some being more dramatic like the Orange Enflame.

Anthony (Yeezy Slide Flax)

In terms of the Yeezy Slide flax sizing, my suggestion would be to go with your Yeezy size, which is generally a half to a full size up from your true to size (TTS).

For me for example, my true to size is a 10.5, and for the Yeezy Slide, I just go a half size up to a size 11 and they fit great.

So, if you fall in between half sizes, you can just size up to the nearest whole size. But if your true to size is a whole size, I would still suggest sizing up to the next whole size unless you wear these with no socks.


Also, another interesting thing that I’ve seen as well is depending on which factory your Yeezy Slide is made in, the size could differ.

Eliot (Narrow feet) (Yeezy Slide Bone)


The Bone colorway is one of the most popular and scarce colorways. It’s almost like a 2.0 from the original bone colorway that dropped back in 2019 having a smooth and firmer material to this most recent restock pair which has softer and more textured material.

So, if you’re completely new to the Yeezy Slide, with these recent ones, I’ve been going true to size and that seems to fit me just fine.

I would say stick with your true to size or maybe potentially go with size up. If anything, they’re going to be too small.

The Bone is just so versatile and it looks so clean on foot and you can wear pretty much any color of socks with these things. It’s a very easy and very wearable pair of slides.

Hollie (Skinny Feet)


I have very narrow feet with very high arches, which means my foot gets pushed up even higher because I have high arches.

So, if you have flat feet, that’s going to sit lower into the slide and that’s definitely something you need to consider.

I decided after buying a size 7 as well as a size 8 that I wanted to size down because these do tend to run quite large for my skinny feet.

Because of my feet, I went from an 8 to a size 7 because there are no half sizes in Yeezy Slides.

Don’t forget that the larger the size you get, the more space you will actually have from the top part of the Slide to the bottom where the arch starts to form.

Just to be more specific, depending on what silhouette you are buying in the Yeezy family, I do say typically to go half a size up, but with this specific silhouette for the Slides, I went an entire size down because my feet are really narrow.

As far as men go, the sizing is exactly the same. I would definitely size up to the next full size especially if you have wider feet.


Kyle (Normal Feet)

When it comes to sizing, I got this Yeezy Slide in my normal Adidas size and I got to say it is really tight, especially in the forefoot area.

The front part where your toes slide through has no give at all, it doesn’t stretch, and it feels extremely cramped in there.

So, I would suggest definitely going a half size up. If you can’t do that, I would even go a full size up and I don’t think it’s too big of a deal.

But if you go true to size, I think it will be way too tight. At least I’ve definitely felt that way.

I think the Yeezy Slide pretty much fits like a Yeezy Boost 350 V2 which I always go a half size up in.

So, my final suggestion is to go with your 350 V2 size.


Seth (Wide Feet)


Generally, I’m 8.5, but I got these Slides in a size 9 because they are very small and narrow and I do have wide feet.

In the back, I do have some room left but it’s more so around the strap area where it’s very snug.

So, are Yeezy Slides good for wide feet? Going a full size up if you have wide feet is your best option with the Yeezy Slides.


Cristina (Long Narrow Feet)


These Slides do run snug around the midsection of your foot.

For people with narrow feet whose feet tend to slide to the front of the slide and it looks real crazy, the fit is going to be good for you.

You can kind of compare the sizing on these Slides to a pair of Yeezy 350s.

Since the 8 fits me so well on the 350s, I got 8 on the Slides and I’m super sad they don’t fit me like the 350s.

My toes come out the front and my heel sits on the rim in the back. I think I’m actually going to sell these and definitely get the next size 9, which is crazy because if you convert that to women, that’s a 10.5.

But it is what it is.


Thomas (Slightly Wide Feet)


I know the million-dollar question that many of you guys are asking is how do Yeezy Slides fit?

The front portion where your toes show is much narrower than the rest of the slide itself, which I think impacts the sizing on these slides.

When I was doing my research before buying these, it seemed like the sizing recommendations were all over the place.

Some people said stick true to size, other people said go up a half size where possible, and even some people said go up two sizes.

I’m a true size 10 slightly on the wider side, I got my Slides in a size 11 and I got to say they fit me perfectly.

So, if you’re like me and you go true to size, you can’t really get your foot in and out of the slides that comfortably.

And even going up the full size to a size 11, there wasn’t even too much room from a length perspective.

I think naturally for slides, you kind of want a little bit of extra room than sneakers for example and I didn’t feel at any point that these were too long and that they fit really sloppy.

Just to give you a point of reference, I wear a 10.5 in the Yeezy Boost 350 v2, the Yeezy Boost 700 v1, and the 700 v3.

So, my size recommendation would be to get the next higher size. So, if you’re a size 10, go up to 11 and I think even if you’re a 10.5, 11 should be okay for you as well.

For me, I tried these on with both barefoot and with socks and in either case, going up to the size 11 fit me great.

Erin (Wide Feet)


Sizing can get really tricky for Yeezys.

I usually am a women’s size 8 and I did pick this up in a men’s size 7. In relation to my Yeezy sizes, I do get all of my 350 v2s in a size 7 and so I went and got the same size as my 350 v2 size.

The weird thing is they only have whole sizes. So, I would say definitely size up, especially if you are a half size.

Even though I do usually get the size 7, I could go up to the men’s 8 and I think I would be fine because these Slides do run pretty small, especially for people with wide feet like me.

So, I would say that either the half size up if you’re a half size or a full size up if you are a full size is probably your best bet.

Because I have wider feet, I don’t like things to be super small and feel like it’s falling off. So, I’m really happy with that half size up and I feel like it fits me perfectly.

Ryan (Normal Feet) (Yeezy Slide Orange Enflame)


If you’ve owned a Slide before, you know they only come in whole sizes making it a little tougher for people to fit right in between sizes.

Originally, the first version of the Slides did run small, but this new Orange Enflame version runs even smaller.

My true to size is right around 10 and in Yeezys, I usually go for a size 11.

In the previous versions of the Slide, I went for a size 11 and they fit perfectly. But the size 11 in the orange colorway fits slightly small. I would have probably been better off going with a size 12.

So, if you are looking to cop these, remember, they do run smaller than previously released versions.

Elliot (Normal Feet) (Orange Enflame)


The one thing that they haven’t changed for the better is the actual sizing. The new Orange Slides do fit even tighter than the regular ones. What a disappointment 🙁

My true size is 11.5 and so I always go half a size up in Slides and get the 12. The 12 in the Enflame Orange fits snug and so you need to size up.

If you have wide feet, you might even need to go another size up because, again, these do run smaller than before.

Also, if you’re going to wear these with socks, you’re definitely going to need to go up because this is super tight on the upper, which is going to make it even more snug than before.

Yeezy Slides Sizing FAQs

How do the Yeezy Slides fit?


The Adidas Yeezy Slides fit a half size small for people with regular feet and wide feet. If you have narrow feet, you might get away with your true size.

However, if you have super narrow feet, you need to size down because your feet will definitely swim inside your slides. While the new releases tend to fit true to size for some, the majority of people still need to size up.

What size should I order in Yeezy Slides?


If you already own a Yeezy Slide, just go with the size you normally get. If you’re new to the slides, going a half size up is the general recommendation.

Should I size up in Yeezy Slides?


Unless you have narrow feet, you really need to size up in Yeezy Slides. For example, if you’re a size 9.5, get the 10 and if you are a size 9, you still need to get the size 10 because there are no half sizes.

If you have super wide feet, you might even need to go a full size up. For example, if you are a size 9.5, you might need to get a size 11.


Generally, the new 2022 Yeezy Slide releases tend to fit better than before. So people with narrow and regular feet do find the new Yeezy Slides slightly true to size but not exactly true to size.

Are Yeezy Slides good for wide feet?

Yeezy Slides may pose a challenge for individuals with wider feet. The slides tend to have a relatively narrow construction, which can lead to a snug fit for those with wider foot dimensions. Individuals with wide feet should consider sizing up or trying them on before purchasing to ensure optimal comfort.

What size Yeezy Slides is a womens 7?


If you’re a womens size 7, you need to get the size 8 or 9 if you have super wide feet.

Are Yeezy Slides worth it?


This one depends on you. If you get the Slides for retail, then I think the Yeezy Slides are absolutely worth it because they’re super comfortable, super popular, and they just go with your outfit easily.

But if you get them for like $200-$300, then I guess for what they offer, they aren’t worth it. But again, it depends on your personal judgment.

Are Yeezy Slides hard or soft?


The Yeezy Slide feels a little stiff and hard out of the box, but it will loosen up and get softer a bit over time.

If you have the OG release, you might notice that there’s more of a sheen finish to it. It’s shinier, spongier, and a little bit more smooth.

However, the new restocked releases have more of a matte finish and they actually feel a bit more like it has a grainier texture to them in comparison to the OG releases.

That may be an easy way to tell whether you have an OG release or a restock release depending on whether you got it on resell or not.

Can you wear Yeezy Slides without socks?

Yes. You can wear your Yeezy Slides without socks if you want. But if choose to wear socks, try to go for more neutral colors to match your outfit better. Sizing-wise, if you’re going to wear Yeezy Slides with socks, you’re definitely going to need to go up a half size because this is a bit tight on the upper.

Do you have to break in Yeezy Slides?


Generally speaking, you don’t have to break in your Yeezy Slides and they should feel comfortable right out of the box. The great thing is, the more you wear them and the more you break them in, the more they get even more comfortable.

But the rubber was really stiff on the old versions of the Yeezy Slides and so you have to break them in a little bit because they weren’t really comfortable the first week that you wear them.

However, the newer versions released after June 2021 do not have to be broken in because they’re comfortable right out of the box. 

Wrap Up

The Yeezy Slide continues to be one of the hottest and most comfortable pair of slides. I think it has to do with the comfort, minimalistic design, and also the upside when it comes to reselling.

Sizing has kind of been all over the place with the different releases over the years. But when you get the sizing right and the slide fits on your foot perfectly, you’ve got yourself a solid everyday shoe.

The OG Slides were already extremely comfortable. But for whatever reason, this new squishier material is definitely a level up in terms of comfort.

For that reason, they are also super hard to get your hands on. Thankfully, they get restocked every other month. So, if you don’t want to pay for resale, I would suggest just waiting for the next drop.

If someone in the future asks you “do Yeezy Slides run small?”, now you have the answer.

It all depends on your foot shape. If you have skinny feet, go true to size. If you have normal feet, go half a size up, And if you have wide feet, go up a full size. 

Until then, stay safe, and see you in the next one 🙂

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