Do You Wear Socks With Hey Dude Shoes? Are Hey Dudes Meant to Be Worn With Socks?


Hey Dudes literally took the world by storm. While there are a lot of questions regarding these shoes, the one that keeps surfacing often is “Do you wear socks with Hey Dude shoes?”

Right after we answer the question, we’re going to talk about:

  • Sizing
  • Comfort
  • Hey Dude’s best styles
  • What makes Hey Dudes really good
  • Price
  • Pros & cons

Sounds interesting?

Let’s dive right into it…


Do You Wear Socks With Hey Dudes?

During the summer, I typically wear my Hey Dudes without socks. In the warmer months, it’s all about that breezy, laid-back vibe, and Hey Dudes offer the perfect blend of comfort and style for my summer adventures.

In terms of fashion, wearing your Hey Dudes with or without socks is totally fine, and so it does just come down to personal preference.

If you’ve not styled a pair of Hey Dudes before, it’s totally normal to wonder if they should be worn with or without socks.

Hey Dude shoe design makes it possible to walk around sock-free while also providing enough room inside the shoe to add socks should you wish.

For me personally, I don’t think wearing Hey Dude shoes with no socks is a good idea. Another reason I wear mine with ankle socks is to protect the inner lining from foot sweat.

If you do want to avoid wearing socks just because you want to have that sockless look, there’s a really good trick – no-show socks


If you see me with a sockless look, I am wearing no-show socks 100% of the time. No-show socks tend to look best with Hey Dudes instead of the full normal size socks.

Of course, that’s totally subjective though, and if you like the full sock look, then go ahead and rock that.

There are many great brands of no-show socks like:

  • Falk (German company that’s been around since 1895)
  • Sheec (New York-based brand)
  • Feetures (US brand focused on performance wear)
  • Boardroom Socks (US family-owned business)
  • Uniqlo (Japanese brand)

But really, are you supposed to wear socks with Hey Dudes?

If you’re keeping it casual, feel free to wear them without socks. However, if you’re stepping into a more formal setting, heading to the movies, or such, consider adding socks for a touch of sophistication to your look.

Of course, you can if your shoes do not make your feet super hot and sweaty like Rebecca below:

However, Rebecca from our team says she can actually wear Hey Dudes with no socks and still be fine…

Generally speaking, I do not wear Hey Dude shoes with socks. I prefer them without socks. This is weird for me to say because I do not like having sweaty feet, but my feet don’t get super sweaty in these, but they also don’t stink, which I was very amazed by.

I had a pair of Vans that I wore in high school with no socks and my feet smelled so bad, but not in Hey Dudes.

You can wear Hey Dudes with socks, but for whatever reason, I prefer them without socks.

I guess Rebecca could wear her Hey Dudes sockless because they were really breathable and so they didn’t make her feet sweat much. But still, wearing shoes without socks may increase the risk of developing gross foot conditions like athlete’s foot.

One last thing, if you’re going to wear socks with Hey Dudes and you want a more roomy feel, then stick to your normal size.

Last but not least, whether or not you should wear Hey Dudes with or without socks also comes down to the occasion.


Why going completely sockless is a bad idea

First, I think we can agree that this issue is primarily seasonal. I don’t think any of us would argue for showing some ankle on a freezing cold day when there is a foot of snow on the ground.

But on warmer days after a day of walking around without socks in any pair of shoes, your feet will be sweaty and they will probably stink and so will your shoes.

There is also a high probability of getting blisters.



Some proponents of not wearing socks will recommend using some sort of powder like talcum powder or Gold Bond to prevent sweating.

In theory, this is a good idea, but it does have some drawbacks…

The first is that any powder is going to be messy. You’re going to get it on the floor and in the shoe. There’s no way around that.

The second is that the powder is not going to last all day. When it wears off, you’re back to square one with your sweaty feet and your sweaty shoes.

Personal story, I had a pair of white Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes that I used to wear without socks all the time all summer long. I did try the powder thing and it did not help that much.

So, on this issue, I side with the people who say that you should never wear shoes without socks.


Does going sockless look bad?


Going sockless looks bad? Are you serious?

Tell that to the legions of stylish men all over the world who proudly bare their ankles.

The only credence that I will lend to this rationale is that in some cases, it might be true, but this is really dependent on the context or situation.

For example, should you be doing a sockless look at an important business meeting? Probably not unless you know it was in Italy and with a bunch of other rakish Italian gentlemen.

As always, in all matters of style, the best advice I can give is to exercise good judgment and some good old-fashioned common sense when in doubt.

Why going sockless (wearing no-show socks) is a good idea?

Socks are hot, especially in the summer. Who wants to be even hotter when it’s already 90 degrees out?

My second reason is a direct contradiction to the people who say it looks bad…

I think baring your ankles looks cool literally and aesthetically. To me, it’s relaxed, and honestly, with fabrics like linen, cotton, or fresco, it’s really a perfect match.

Again, the best and right way to wear shoes without socks is actually to not wear shoes without socks.

Now you know where I stand and I would like to know where you stand on this issue. Whether you are in the never sockless camp or if you think it’s totally fine, please leave your comments down below.

Why Hey Dude shoes are really good for you

Hey Dude literally took the world by storm. I’m starting to see these everywhere and everywhere I go. When you wear Hey Dudes, you’re going to be asked all the time what shoes are those and where you got them.

This therapist strongly recommends Hey Dudes…

But what really makes Hey Dude shoes for people like you and me?

Hey Dudes are comfortable

When people talk about the comfort of Hey Dude shoes, they are not lying. I actually wore my Hey Dudes every single day because I just found myself so gravitating towards them because they’re just so comfortable.

The unbelievable comfort you get underfoot is actually thanks to the squishy memory foam insole inside. The insole is really padded, which makes Hey Dude shoes super comfortable.

Memory foam just means the insole is going to mold to your foot and give a great comfortable feel all day.

If you’ve ever worn Crocs shoes, they kind of remind me of that a little bit. Obviously, they’re a different style than that, but the base almost feels like you’re walking on a stale marshmallow. It’s the best way I can describe it.

The insole comes with a speed bump for traction and there are holes throughout the insole, which is going to make it more breathable and able to reduce sweat and odor.

But if you have a preferable insole that you think is more comfortable that you want to add to the shoe, you definitely can because the insoles are removable.

The shoe is a one-piece construction upper all sewn together and there’s really no tongue. So, the tongue is not going to slide sideways, which adds to the overall comfort of the shoe. 

The inner lining which is made of a soft Oxford cloth is really comfortable next to your skin.

Last but not least, the other thing that makes most Hey Dude styles really comfortable is that they’re very loose-fitting. They do not hug to your feet really whatsoever.

Overall, walking in Hey Dudes is like you’re walking on a cloud. It’s like walking in my UGG moccasins without all that fur inside.


Hey Dudes are good for standing all day & versatile 

If we take teachers, for example, they’re on their feet walking around the school, walking around the room, walking outside for recess, and walking on field trips, Hey Dudes are going to be really comfortable underfoot thanks to their cushy insoles.

Say you’re on vacation, you’re sightseeing, you’re on a tour at a museum or some historic place, you’re going to be doing a lot of walking and your Hey Dudes are going to make a great companion.

You can also wear these to run errands or to walk your dog except you’re going to be doing this with style.

Most Hey Dudes are low-profile shoes, which I love because they look great with leggings, jeans, shorts, dresses, sweatshirts, you name it.


Hey Dues are lightweight

The other thing people mention is how little Hey Dude shoes weigh. Their shoes just feel almost like nothing in my hands.

For example, the Hey Dude Wally loafers are great if you’re traveling or just going out for the day and you need something light for your bag.

Hey Dudes are affordable

Their shoes range from $59.94 to $64.95, which I think is a really great price for an everyday shoe.


The laces are very stretchy and so you don’t really need to tie them up. However, you can make a knot further back to tighten them up a little bit more if you do need to do that.

Thanks to the stretchy upper and the slip-on style of the shoes, Hey Dudes are just super easy to tie and just pretty much slip on and walk out the door.

The videos below show some simple tricks to make your Hey Dudes feel a bit tighter…

Hey Dudes are machine washable

The fact that they are machine washable is a huge plus, especially because these are everyday shoes and so they’re likely to get dirty.

I did do that once, but even though I washed them in cold water and let them air dry, I felt like they shrunk just a little bit. So, from now on, I feel like I’m just going to spot-clean them unless they get really bad.

These are some different ways you can clean your Hey Dudes


They make their shoes in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes.

In terms of fit, Hey Dude shoes tend to run big and so it’s important to size down because you don’t want these to be too loose. But if you have wider feet, get your true size.

I don’t think that you would have too much of a sliding issue, but I just don’t think the comfort level would be the same if they were too loose.

The sizing on the Hey Dude Halo is different. The Halo is more like a sock meaning it’s very form-fitting to the foot.

One last thing, Hey Dude shoes do not have half sizes.

Overall, the best thing you could do is go to a store near you and try them on and see what fit is best for you.

Best Hey Dude Styles

First off, the women’s are called the Wendy’s and the equivalent for the males is the Wally’s.

The Wendy Stretch (Wally Stretch) is kind of a moccasin loafer combo with the top part being stretchy. It’s not super stretchy necessarily, but it is definitely stretchier than a lot of other shoes.

It feels like the upper is some sort of polyester blend, but the material is consistent throughout the entire upper of the shoe.

There’s an all-white EVA midsole with some black speckles all over it.

The Wendy/Wally Eco model is made with recycled water bottles. It’s an entirely different material and they look like totally different styles from the Stretch.

The Ecos are also stretchy and fit more snug and sleek, but they don’t have that same kind of rumpled look the Wendy’s/Wally’s do.

Because of the knit, you still get some air circulation thanks to the ‘holy’ upper.

The Wendy Halo have this very minimalist and very feminine style to them. I am obsessed.

These are some Hey Dude styles:

I would say the pros outweigh the cons, but there are still a few cons that I want to quickly touch base on…


There are no half sizes.

The second thing is Hey Dude shoes don’t feel super supportive.

If you are someone who really wants a lot of support in your shoes from both the bottom as well as the sides, these shoes are probably not going to be the best for you because they’re very loose-fitting.

I mean there is a bit of an arch, but it’s nothing too intense.

The last thing is when you first get them, they’re a little bit more slippery, especially on hardwood floors. Maybe don’t wear them on slippery surfaces until you get some good wear on the soles.

Wrap Up

Hey Dude have got a fairly large fan base and there are some hardcore fans out there that have about 30 pairs.

When I looked up the company and saw that it was created in Italy, I was like okay maybe there is something to these shoes that are supposed to be super comfortable.

While the name is a little bit misleading, the majority of people who wear this brand are definitely not dudes.

Let me wrap this up, Hey Dude shoes are:

  • Super comfortable.
  • Really cute.
  • Easy to wear.
  • Really affordable.
  • Machine washable.
  • Incredibly lightweight.
  • Super bendy.
  • Available in several different sizes and color variations.

Last but not least, something that they promote on their Instagram is that these shoes float on water because they’re so light.

So, do you wear socks with Hey Dudes? Again, I say if you want that sockless look, you have the magic secret called no-show socks.

Let me know what you think down below and see you in the next one. 

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