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By Vegan Megan

I wrote a review soon after trying ENERGYbits for the first time (copied below).  As you can tell, I liked them. A lot.  It’s been a few months since then and I love them so much I’ve decided to become an ambassador!  Yippee!  So happy to be part of the bits community.

What does it mean to be an ambassador?  For one, I get to spread the joy of bits.  For two, you, the reader, get discounts!  Who doesn’t love a discount?

My original review:

I’m always on the lookout for natural, vegan, wheat-free protein sources. Bonus if it’s food instead of a powder or bar (which I consume plenty of). So when I started Twitter chatting with Jonathan from ENERGYbits I was intrigued by their product. I’ve heard about it before but never investigated the details. He kindly sent me a sample & I tried them out. And I like them. A lot.

The sample came with lots of information.


My favorite info is this chart:


It compares the bits to other common running fuels like gels. I love that the bits aren’t sugar like other fuels.

Ok, so let’s get to the real deciding factor: how did they help my run?? The serving size is 30 bits (a lot).


I swallowed them in 3 increments. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be…they went down easily. And then I drove to run a very hilly, hard trail. I started out & didn’t feel much of anything. But about a 1/2 mile in I realized I was quite alert. Not jazzed up like caffeine but alert. And happy. And it was early morning so it was unusual for me to feel alert & happy so early in the run! It usually takes me at least a couple of miles to feel good. I ran well, better than expected. Well enough that one of my running buddies even said I rocked the last hill! Awesome. Pretty sure the bits had something to do with that!

The next time I tried them was before a 15 miler. A HILLY 15 miler. I was less than enthusiastic to tackle it but swallowed the bits and took off. I didn’t notice anything right away. But, once again, I felt alert & good at the start. It really takes me some time to get into the groove of the run (which is why I love distance) but in both of these runs I had energy at the start. And my mood brightened a little ways down the trail. I finished the run really strong again.

So I’ve decided ENERGYbits help me get started with energy and start stronger. But the real kicker is that they give me sustained energy. Something I love! I’m going to buy some & try them mid-run for my longer runs. Am hoping I get them in time for my marathon!

Lastly, I should mention that they did nothing bad to my stomach. Absolutely amazing considering my stomach revolts a lot. I can’t even eat gels anymore. So it’s super exciting that the bits digested well.

I like Bits!

A few more thoughts:

I continue to use the bits & continue to love them.  They sustain me through my trail runs, long runs, and hard efforts.  I’ve also started to use them if I hit an energy slump during the day & they work for that, too.  And, most recently, I tried them before Bikram class and was pleasantly surprised!  My focus was great and I felt really good throughout the class.

So, if you want to experience focused energy without jitters, stomach upset, or sugar highs & lows head over to ENERGYbits.

And please let me know what you think of them…or if you have any questions about bits, how they help me, why I like them or anything at all just ask!

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