Fear Of God Shoe Size Chart + How Some FOG Shoes Fit


In this article, we have the Fear Of God shoe size chart. We also have a size chart for the California for men, women, and kids.

Just like most shoes these days, the Fear Of God sizing is all over the place. So, right below the size charts, I’m going to discuss how my California 1.0 and 2.0 fit, compare the 1.0 to the 2.0, and tell you how the Adidas x Fear Of God Athletics 1 Basketball and the Adidas x Fear Of God Athletics ’86 Lo fit.

Then, I’m going to finish things off with a handy FAQ section.

Let’s jump right into it…


Fear Of God Shoe Size Chart

Fear Of God Shoe Conversion Size Chart

EU SizesUS SizesUK Sizes


Fear Of God California Men’s Conversion Size Chart

Fear Of God SizesEU SizesUS Sizes


Fear Of God California Women’s Conversion Size Chart

Fear Of God SizesEU SizesUS Sizes


Fear Of God California Kid’s Conversion Size Chart

Fear Of God SizesEU SizesUS Sizes


How the Fear Of God California Fits


As it pertains to sizing, I generally take a size 8.5 to a 9 in all Nike and Adidas sneakers. For these Fear Of God California 2.0, I did take a size EU 41 which does equate to a US 8.

So, yes, the Fear Of God California 2.0 does still run a little bit big, but that is in contrast to the Fear Of God California 1.0 which I did end up taking a whole size lower than this pair going with a size 40.

So, if you’re coming from the Fear Of God California 1.0, my personal recommendation and personal experience is that you might want to consider going one size up from the California 1.0 to the California 2.0.

In terms of pricing, the Fear Of God California 1.0 retailed at $200 and the Fear Of God California 2.0 retails at $300.
With a fairly significant price jump and the shoes looking pretty identical, should you make the Fear Of God California 2.0 a part of your wardrobe?

The Fear Of God California 2.0 takes on an all-new monolithic silhouette. The entire shoe or mule is rendered from an innovative foam rubber with patented XL Extra Light technology.

This maintains a very solid yet energy-returning texture and works in tandem with Extra Bounce compound that is actually more comfortable x3 lighter than any regular foam.

The Fear Of God California features a flat heel, round toe, backless design, subtle logo detail, and race tread contrasting black outsole for grip and stability.


The California 2.0 also comes with this brand-new insole that is very soft. It’s comprised of a nice foam and the top of it is actually all leather.


California 1.0 vs. California 2.0


With the California 1.0 and 2.0 looking pretty similar, I did want to go ahead and break down the differences between the two and what would ultimately justify that $100 dollar price difference.

Surprisingly enough though, the Fear Of God California 1.0 is very comfortable and is comprised of a very soft foam, I do find that the comfort on the Fear Of God California 2.0 far supersedes that of its predecessor.


The insole isn’t just there for comfort because in my humble opinion from my experience, what I’ve noticed is that the insole also adds a certain level of breathability, which does take us to another difference between the two…



The Fear Of God California 1.0 does have a vent for heat to escape, but on the Californian 2.0, they have ditched that vent. But don’t fret because with the addition of the insole, I do believe it allows for heat to diffuse a little easier. Also, the leather will allow for the shoe to kind of mold to your foot a little better, ultimately leading to more breathability.

Again, I can guarantee you that though the Fear Of God California 2.0 doesn’t have a vent, the breathability is actually much better.




We have a highly upgraded outsole. This outsole is much more rugged, much more prone to keeping grip whereas the fear God California 1.0, while it’s definitely served its purpose for me, does kind of lack in that department, especially if you’re walking on terrain that is not conducive to grip and stability.

So, in my humble opinion, I do believe that those nuances and differences would convince me to go ahead and go with the Fear Of God California 2.0. With that being said, if you already own the Fear Of God California 1.0, I don’t know necessarily that I would go out and purchase this $300 pair of mules, especially because already we’re seeing prices going below retail.

I can almost already assume that we will inevitably see these marked down even more much like what we saw from the Fear Of God Birkenstock collab.

So, put simply, if you own neither, go ahead and upgrade to the Fear Of God California 2.0 as you’re going to get more bang for your buck because the shoe is going to be more durable. It’s going to be more comfortable and the shoe overall is much more premium, but, again, if you have the Fear Of God California 1.0, I don’t find it necessary to go ahead and splurge and spend another $300 as the law of diminishing return would come into play and these shoes are better but not $300 better.

For me personally, I’ve been a fan of Fear Of God as well as Jerry Lorenzo and what they both represent for years and years. So, needless to say, I had to have the 2.0s in my rotation. I just love the clean aesthetic of the Fear Of God California because it’s very easy to wear and it goes with just about any bottoms and any outfit. It’s just a very easy to wear practical shoe in my opinion.

My question to you is do you share that sentiment as well and do you plan on picking up the Fear Of God California 2.0 down the line?


How the Adidas x Fear Of God Athletics 1 Basketball Fits


With all the news surrounding Jerry Lorenzo’s collection with Adidas finally releasing, this Athletics 1 Basketball silhouette is probably their Marquee model.

These were released through a raffle which I successfully hit on on December 5th and they retailed for a price of $250. This shoe is very similar to the Nike Fear Of God 1 in that it’s kind of an intersection between fashion and basketball.

In many ways, you’ll see the same design language on the Nike Fear Of God 1 adopted on this Adidas version very similarly.


In terms of sizing, the Fear Of God Basketball 1 definitely runs snug. My foot measures as a true size 9 slightly on the wider side and based off of recommendations I read online, I went up half size.

So, I got these in a size 9.5. Trying them on, I could already feel straight out of the box that even though I went up half a size, it still felt a little bit snug.

So if you look at the shoe from the top down, you can see how there’s a pretty extreme taper around the toebox area where it gets to a pretty narrow point up top so.

Because of that, I could feel a little bit of discomfort around the toe box area. So even though I went up half a size, I could feel that pressure around the sides of my foot and it felt pretty uncomfortable.

I feel like at minimum you would go up half a size if you have a narrow or normal-width foot, but if you have a really wide foot, I’d probably recommend just skipping the silhouette all together. Or, if you really want to wear these, then go up a full size and just deal with the extra length.

The ankle collar area is actually constructed out of neoprene which is pretty stretchy, giving you a bit more ease to get your foot in and out of the sneaker.

The tongue is also constructed out of neoprene just like the ankle collar area, but we also have this adjustable cord around the ankle collar area, which helps to give you additional lockdown.

On the interior of the shoe, we have these additional pillows on either side of the back, which helps to cradle and support the back end of your foot where your Achilles is.


How the Adidas x Fear Of God Athletics ’86 Lo Fits


This is the long overdue release of the Fear Of God collaboration with Adidas and this specific model is called the 86 Lo as it’s a play or an updated version of the Adidas Rivalry 86.

In terms of sizing, I feel like the length of the shoe is pretty true to size, but it’s the width of the shoe that gave me a little bit of a problem.

So, if you look at the shape of the toolbox, it actually looks pretty decently wide but has a pretty extreme taper towards the top.

I got these in my true size 9 and there was about just over an index finger’s width space between the top of the shoe and the top of my toe.

Again, just because of the shape of this shoe and because of the height of the cup sole, I could feel the discomfort even wearing these for a few minutes. I don’t know if this is just a matter of breaking them in and I honestly doubt that going half size up would be any better.

To me, that just might leave me with way too much room lengthwise. So, I think I’m going to chalk the How the Adidas x Fear Of God Athletics ’86 Lo up as being just a shoe that doesn’t fit my foot, but I feel like if you have a narrow or even a normal width foot and not a slightly wide foot like mine, you might be okay sticking true to size.

However, if you’re someone who likes a really roomy shoe and you don’t mind extra room lengthwise, then maybe going up the half size might be a better fit for you.

The entire upper of this shoe is crafted using premium suede, but you’ll notice we have these stitched and turned edges. You don’t see those actual stitch lines in certain areas, giving it more of a premium, elevated, and sophisticated look.

On the back side of the tongue, we have these two pillows of cushioning, which helps to give the shoe a bit more of a secure fit and adds to the overall comfort of the shoe.


Fear Of God Sizing FAQs

Do Fear of God shoes run big or small?

Luckily, Fear Of God shoes are not oversized and their shoes are known to run generally true to size. However, some individuals find that certain Fear of God collections may have a slightly more generous fit, while others may feel truer to standard sizing. To ensure an accurate fit, refer to our Fear Of God shoe size charts brand’s sizing chart to convert your US size to the EU sizes.

How does Fear of God sizing work?

Fear of God sizing tends to be consistent with standard sizing, meaning that their shoes typically run true to size. To ensure an accurate fit, check the specific sizing chart provided by Fear of God for the particular shoe you are interested in.

So there you have it. These were Fear Of God shoe size charts and some pretty handy information about how some of their models fit. 

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