Golden Goose Size Chart and Size Guide


In today’s article, we have for you the Golden Goose size chart for men and women.

Not only that, we’re going to give the floor to our reviewers to tell you whether their Golden Goose shoes fit small, big, or true to size.

So, we’re going to talk about:

  • Super Star (2023)
  • Pure Star
  • Mid Star (2023)
  • High Star
  • Slide High Top
  • Francy
  • May
  • Running Sole
  • Ball Star

Sounds interesting? Let’s dive right into it…


Golden Goose Size Chart

Golden Goose Women’s Size Chart

41347.9″20.0 cm
52358.2″20.8 cm
63368.5″21.6 cm
74378.8″22.2 cm
85389.1″23.0 cm
96399.3″23.5 cm
107409.5″24.1 cm
118419.9″25.1 cm
1294210.2″25.9 cm 


Golden Goose Men’s Size Chart

653910.0″25.5 cm
764010.4″26.4 cm
874110.7″27.2 cm
984211.0″28.0 cm
1094311.4″28.9 cm
11104411.7″29.7 cm
12114512.0″30.5 cm
13124612.3″31.3 cm
14134712.6″32.0 cm

Now, for the fun part, our reviewers are going to tell you whether their Golden Goose shoes run small, big, or true to size…


What Size Golden Goose Should I Get?

If you’re wondering what size Golden Goose should you get, you should know that Golden Goose shoes are done in European sizing, and if you want to get them in your size, you’re going to have to find the equivalent of European sizing.

The important thing to remember is to take your US size and then just put a 3 in front of it and that’s going to be your closest Italian shoe size.

If you wear a size 8, you would put 3 in front of it and you’d have a 38, and that would be your Italian shoe size.

Golden Goose Superstar sizing review


Mike (2023)

My standard fit is 44 and the Super Stars fit me true to size. The nice thing about this shoe in particular is it has a wider footbed in comparison to the All Stars. So for my wide flat feet, this is a really nice fit. They fit me like a glove and they’re very comfortable.



For me personally, the Golden Goose Super Stars do not run true to size.

I always order my true-to-size 9 and sometimes I size up to a 9.5 to get more wiggle room.

I read some reviews saying the Super Stars run true to size and so I went true to size as well.

So, I ordered a 39, but the shoes were not right length-wise. My toes were all the way at the base. Then I ordered a 40 which translates to a 10.

Also, their shoes do not come in half sizes.

Overall, the Golden Goose Super Star runs small and I would recommend you size up unless you like your shoes on the tight side.

The soles are hard just like Birkenstocks soft footbed or regular and so if you have issues like Plantar Fasciitis and you like a hard sole, this is a great style.

But if you don’t and you want something more cushiony, you can take out the insoles and put a more cushioned one in and you’re good to go.



I’m a 37 in European sizing.

For my Golden Goose Super Star sneakers, I sized down to a 36 and they fit perfectly. The 36 is not too tight but the 37 was way too big for me. Also, I can still wear my no-show socks with the 36.

With the 37, my heel slips out and my toes keep sliding towards the front.

Again, the 37 was just a little bit too loose and of course, it’s going to stretch out, which is going to make them even more uncomfortable to wear.



As for sizing and fit, I’m a US size 9 and I have narrow feet. I grabbed a size 42 which translates to size 9 US men’s. I got to be honest, it does fit a little bit big.

So, if I had to do it over, I’d probably go with the size 8.5. There’s just not a lot of padding in the upper and it’s also got a pretty wide ankle area and I found my heel slipping out more than I would have liked.

As I always suggest, if you had the chance to try this shoe on before you buy it, make sure you do that to make sure you’re grabbing the right size for you.


 I would recommend you size down as the Super Stars are a touch big, but you can get away with true to size.


I’m a size 8.5 and I ordered a size 9.

I saw the majority of people ordering half a size up, but others said you needed to go down half a size. I was very confused and so I went a half size up and ordered a size 9.

Length-wise, they were prefect, but when I started to walk in them, my heels kept slipping off.

I tried to tighten the laces up, I used some heel liners, and I did everything I could to not return them, but it was impossible to walk in them.

I went to my nearest local store (which I should have done before ordering them online) and tried the shoe in size 8.

I found they were a little bit tight, but when I started walking in them, my heels stayed inside. And of course, after I fully broke them in, they were perfect.



For reference, I am EU 37 across the board in all of my leather sneakers. My feet are neither too wide nor too narrow.

Some people say the Super Star runs small and others say the opposite. Since I have a lot of experience with leather sneakers, I felt that I could give the EU 37 a chance, and luckily, they fit me perfectly.

I got a pair of Veja sneakers in EU 37 and they fit me fine just like the Golden Goose Super Stars.

So, in my experience, the Super Stars run true to size.



The Super Stars are pretty true to size. Golden Goose does not make half sizes and if you’re a half size, I recommend that you size up to a 38 if you’re a 7.5.

Golden Goose Pure Stars



The Pure Stars are a great option if you like a more sporty-looking shoe and if you want a clean look with absolutely no scuffing.

Just keep in mind, like any white sneakers, these are going to require more maintenance to keep clean.

In terms of sizing, the Pure Stars fit tighter. The 36 were so tight and I definitely could not wear even a thin sock with them, unlike the Super Star which fits great at 36 even with socks.



The Pure Stars are one of my favorite styles. I think they run true to size and the insoles are not removable.

Golden Goose Mid Stars



I’m an 8 in US sizing which translates to 38 in European sizing. I had to size up to EU 39 and I do use a thin insole to make the shoes fit just a bit better.   


The Mid Stars are fairly true to size as well. I wouldn’t size up or down and so I recommend keeping your normal size.

In terms of sizing, I think it just really depends on your foot and what you find to be most comfortable.



I’m a true 6.5 in every shoe besides Nike where I’m a 7. My 6.5 converted to a 37 and so I sized up to the 38.

Golden Goose High Stars



The High Stars are just a Super Star on a platform, but I would say they run true to size.


I’m pretty much a size 7 which translates to EU 37. I find they run true to size. Golden Goose does run only on whole sizes. So, I would try to get your true size.

But if you’re a half size like a 7.5, I’d get the 38, but I wouldn’t size down because their insoles kind of have a wedge and so your toes are going to push forward a little bit.


Golden Goose Slide High Tops



The Slide High Tops actually run a little big and a lot of people size down in these.

I wear a 38 in Super Stars and I got a 37 in the Slide High Tops. Get the 37 if the shoe is not leather and the 38 if the shoe is leather.

Golden Goose Francy



I think the Francy runs slightly big.

Golden Goose Ball Stars



As far as sizing of these, I would say go true to size and maybe even a half size up.

Golden Goose May



The May runs about a whole size small. I wear a 38 in Super Stars and 39 in May. I think it’s because the insole is pretty flat compared to the Super Star or the High Star insole.


Golden Goose Running Soles



The Running Soles are very heavy for starters and they run pretty big. I would recommend sizing down. I wear 37 in these.

Again, you should definitely size down in the Running Soles. However, if you do stick to your true to size, just by cinching the laces down a little bit more, you can definitely make your regular size in these.

Who Are Golden Goose?

If you follow high-end fashion, you probably already know who Golden Goose is.

To fill you in on who Golden Goose is, they’re a Venetian designer brand that started back in 2000.

Their signature style, at least from what I can tell, is sort of pre-worn and pre-distressed looks.

Something that I found out when I was researching this company is that they’re actually very selective about who can actually sell their products.

Their Super Stars might look like beat-up Stan Smiths, but you will never find this at a place that sells things that aren’t premium.

If you’re buying Golden Goose sneakers, you’re not buying them of how they look, you’re buying them because of the brand name associated with it.

That’s sort of just the common denominator with really high-end fashion.

The Super Star is definitely a polarizing look and I know a lot of people out there probably hate how this sneaker looks. But at the end of the day, it’s just really up to you on personal preference.


Are Golden Goose Shoes Worth It?

In my opinion, absolutely not.

But at the end of the day, the people who are buying this shoe are not buying it because Golden Goose is worth it, they’re buying it because of the brand name and they think the brand name is worth it.

So, if you’re someone who really likes this shoe and likes the brand and is willing to spend $400+, that’s up to you and it’s your money.

Would I personally recommend buying a shoe that looks like a standard Stan Smith that’s been worn for 6 months?

Probably not.

As a sneakerhead, you probably spend more on resale on shoes that are probably worse quality than this one.

Golden Goose size chart FAQs

Do Golden Goose shoes run big or small?

We found the Golden Goose Super Stars and the Running Soles fit a little bit big, the Pure Stars and the May fit a little bit small, the Mid Stars fit true to size, and the High Stars fit true to size.

What is a size 7 shoe in Golden Goose?

A size US 7 in Golden Goose translates to UK 4, and EU 37.

Which Golden Goose sneakers are most popular?

The most popular Golden Goose sneakers are the Super Stars, the Pure Stars, the Mid Stars, and the High Tops. But the most popular is, of course, the Super Star. The Super Star looks like the iconic Adidas Stan Smith.

What is the most comfortable Golden Goose?

I think the most comfortable Golden Goose is the Golden Goose Pure Stars. Their oversized midsole makes them really comfortable to walk in unlike other styles with low-to-the-ground midsoles. 

What is my size in Golden Goose?

Generally speaking, Golden Goose shoes tend to run big and so you would have to order a half size down to get the perfect fit.

However, it really depends on your foot shape. Most people with narrow feet find Golden Goose to fit big while people with wide feet find them to be true to size.

Do Golden Goose shoes fit wide feet?

The Golden Goose Super Stars and the High Tops tend to fit wide feet better. If you’re wide-footed, you should be comfortable in these two styles.

Who wears Golden Goose?

Some celebrities have been spotted wearing Golden Goose shoes like Taylor Swift, Megan Fox, Michelle Obama, Selena, and countless more.

Can Golden Goose sneakers get wet?

You do not want to get your Golden Goose sneakers wet. They’re very expensive and you really need to take good care of them to keep them always looking pristine.

Why do Golden Goose shoes look used?

Golden Goose’s signature style is the pre-worn and pre-distressed looks. However, the Pure Stars are not distressed if you’re looking for a cleaner Golden Goose style. 

Is Golden Goose high quality?

Sometimes looks can be deceiving. Even though they look worn out, Golden Goose shoes are high quality and their Italian leathers are very durable if taken good care of.

What does GGDB stand for?

GGDB stands for Golden Goose Deluxe Brand. They’re setting themselves as a premium footwear company and so you won’t find their shoes anywhere that does not sell similar premium shoes.

I would love to know your thoughts on the Golden Goose shoes and whether you’d ever consider grabbing a pair for yourself.

As always, thank you so much for making it to the end of this Golden Goose size chart and guide kind of article, and see you in the next one 😊

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