GOTW: Do One Good Thing For Animals Each Day

By Vegan Megan

GOTW: Do one good thing for animals each day

I’ve been a vegan for one year & two months now.  I feel really good about my choice; however, it’s the only animal-activist thing I’ve done.  Sure, when someone asks me why I’m vegan I have my stock answers, “For the animals.” “It’s my little way of fighting the food system in this country.” “To protest factory farming.”  All very true.  But I’ve started to feel it’s not enough to be vegan.  I feel the pull to do more, become more involved in taking action, and really stand up against the thing that I loathe: any form of animal suffering.

So everyday this week I’m going to do one thing that lends itself to more activism: contact my legislators about pending bills/issues regarding animals, donate to worthy organizations, research how to get involved on a local level, inform myself about news and issues and anything else I think of during the week.  I welcome ideas & suggestions in the comments!

I started the week off by becoming a member of the Our Hen House flock.  I recently discovered this fabulous organization through its podcast.  I listened to one & was hooked.  Jasmin & Mariann are full of energy, news, knowledge, spirit, compassion, kindness, straight-forward speech….all traits I admire.  Most importantly, at the end of the episode I said out loud, “I need to DO something”.  It’s not often that a podcast will stir me to action.  Since it did (and heavily contributed to my idea for this week’s goal) I decided to support them on a monthly basis.  It’s the best $10.30 I could possibly spend each month!

I’m excited for this week’s goal.  I want to learn more, contribute more, and do more and I think this week will be the kick-off I need.  I’ll keep you posted.

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