Gucci Shoes Size Charts (+ How Most Gucci Styles Size & Fit)


Today, we have the Gucci shoe size chart for women and men and a chart where we compare Gucci to Nike, Adidas, and Balenciaga in terms of sizing.

Not only that, we’re going to tell you whether Gucci’s most popular shoes, sneakers, slides, heels run small or big.

But why?

…Well, because sizing is something that Gucci shoes desperately need us to explain how they go about it.

So, we’re going to be talking about:

  • Gucci Ace Sneakers
  • Gucci Jordaan Loafers
  • Gucci Jordaan Canvas
  • Gucci Princetown Mules
  • Gucci Brixton Loafers
  • Gucci Marmont Pumps
  • Gucci Marmont Heels
  • Gucci GG Marmont Mules
  • Gucci Rhyton Sneakers
  • Gucci Leather Mid Heel Loafer
  • Gucci Slides

Finally, we’re going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Gucci shoe sizing…

Sounds interesting?

Let’s dive right into it…


Gucci Shoe Size Chart

Gucci Women’s Shoe Size Chart



Gucci Men’s Shoe Size Chart



Now, let’s briefly give you an idea of how Gucci shoes compare to Balenciaga, Nike, and Adidas shoes… 

Gucci shoe size vs Nike, Adidas, Balenciaga

Men’s US sizes

Foot length

Women’s US sizes

Foot length

Now, for the more fun part, our reviewers are going to tell you whether their Gucci shoes run small, big, or true to size.

Spoiler alerts, sizing is all over the place…


Gucci Ace Sneakers Sizing


Do Gucci Ace sneakers run big or small?
The Gucci Ace runs big.


In terms of sizing, I’m going to list out a lot of shoe sizes that I am and what size I ended up going with. 

I’m a size 8 Adidas UltraBoost, 7.5 Nike React 87, 7.5 Human Races, size 8 Nike Free Runs, but I’m a size 7 Converse for CDGs and normal Converse.

As for sizing on the Gucci Ace Sneakers, I went with a size 6. So, I recommend you go one size down from your Converse size for example.

I’ve realized that the agents that try to help you size at Gucci, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, or whatever other place that might sell the shoe are not that helpful.

Of course, if you get the chance to try the shoe on before you actually purchase it, that’s optimal.

But if you’re shopping online, it’s going to be a little hard for you to get the right size if you don’t know whether Gucci shoes run small or big.

In terms of the break-in period, leather shoes do take a while to fully break in.



As far as sizing, I’m usually a size 8, but my feet are sort of wide and 8 usually is the best for me. I found the Gucci Ace to run big and so I had to go a full size down and get the 37.

However, I could have gone 1.5 size down. The only reason I didn’t go one and a half size down is because I was afraid that they were not going to stretch and the full size down felt more comfortable for me.

If you think of getting these shoes, just really think about going to the store and try them on because I don’t think that you can really order online unless you have already tried some other shoes from Gucci and you know exactly how they fit.



The Gucci Ace sneaker retails for $650. To be honest with you, the truth is that is a lot of money. But the way I see it is you get what you pay for.

For comparison’s sake, the Yeezy 350 v2 in the Cloud White colorway is on the resale market right now for around $850 to $900. I think that Yeezy is not worth $900.

When you look at this Gucci Ace, this is not a hyped-up shoe and the retail price of the shoe is actually $900, which basically means that hype is not a factor that drives the price up. So, this is what I mean when I say you get what you pay for.

Again, would you rather spend $900 on a shoe that retails for $300 or $900 on a shoe that retails for $900?

As you should know, this shoe is made in Italy, which means that only the finest materials and craftsmanship went into the making of this shoe.

The way it’s made means for years and decades to come, this shoe will hold its shape and it will never fall apart on you.

One of my favorite things about the shoe has to be its minimalistic approach and versatility. You can wear this shoe with pretty much any outfit and I guarantee you it will look good, jeans, joggers, shorts, dress pants, chinos, you name it.



As far as sizing goes, I’m going to put this in the simplest way possible. The shoe that comes to mind when I think of a shoe that most people have is a Converse Chuck Taylor.

So as far as sizing on the Gucci Ace sneaker, you’re going to want to go down a full size from your Converse size. 

For example, I’m a size 8 in a Chuck Taylor, but in the Gucci, I went with size 7. The reason for this is because Gucci sizing is completely different from your US size.


Gucci Jordaan Loafers Sizing

Do Gucci Jordaan Loafers run big or small?
The Gucci Jordaan runs big.



I’m a standard 36 across the board and I only have to size down when it comes to heels.

But for some reason, with the Gucci Jordaan Loafers, I had to size down twice, meaning two half sizes, if you know what I mean. I got the Gucci Velvet Jordaan Loafers in size 35.5 whereas in the leather pair, I ended up picking up size 35.

So, I completely had to size down one full size, which was a little odd because I just assumed since I was size 35.5 in the Velvet pair that I would completely be a size 35.5 in the leather one as well.

When I was trying the leather styles, they were literally slipping off my feet when I was taking a step.

So for me, the Gucci Velvet Jordaan Loafers are true to size because I do have kind of narrow skinny feet and so sizing down half a size was not the right thing to do.

When it comes to the leather Jordaans, I highly recommend sizing down at least half a size if not a full size especially if you have skinny narrow feet.

But since they’re leather, apparently, they will stretch out quite a bit after a few wears.

Overall, these Jordaan loafers are such a classic shoe. They’ve been around for years and I feel like they’re going to be around for another few years.

But we totally can bet for the fact that the sizing for the Gucci Jordaan Loafers is pretty much all over the board.



I’m a true size 8 but I got these Gucci Jordaan loafers in a size 7.5.

But why the half size down?

The reason I got them in a 7.5 was because they’re all leather and leather tends to stretch out and that’s exactly what has happened with these shoes.

I even tried the size 8 because I’m a true size 8, but the size 8 felt really loose and I knew that if I were to keep the size 8, with time, the leather would stretch out, and then my foot would be like flopping around in the shoe.

So, that’s why I decided to go with half a size down and it has worked out for me.

I do have to say because I did size down, the toe box was a little bit tight and squeezed the outer sides of my toes. But once they fully broke in, they have felt really comfortable like a glove ever since.

Talking about the break-in period, the leather is pretty hard and super stiff, which means it does need some break-in period.



All the research that I did and even Gucci’s website recommend you size down. I went a half size down, which is exactly what I did with my Alexander McQueen trainers and the Jordaan loafers were fine

I’m a size UK 5 and EU 37.5, but I got EU 37 which is a UK 4.5 and the fit was perfect. Out of the box, they were a little bit tight, but obviously, the leather stretched and formed to my feet, and now I don’t need to use a shoehorn anymore.



The Gucci Jordaan Loafers don’t fit.

A lot of people say these Gucci Loafers run big and recommend you get them either a half a size down or a full size down.

If you check Gucci’s site, they also have this size calculator where you can put in a similar designer brand, put in what size shoe you are in that brand, and it’ll calculate what size you should get the specific Gucci shoe in.

I put in my Salvatore Ferragamo slides that I have in a 38.5 and they fit me perfectly. I did the same thing with the Gucci Jordaan and the calculator recommended a 38.5, but sadly, I could not even get the front half of my foot into this shoe.

I think the problem here is the width of my foot and they don’t make these in anything other than the narrow size.

The Ferragamo slides are suede and so they’re very malleable and kind of stretch and mold to your foot, whereas Jordaan Loafers are super narrow. There’s no chance of stretching these.

So, if you are normally a wide size, do not get these Gucci Loafers because they don’t make these in a wide size.

You could go up further in size, but that would only fit your foot length and not your foot width. Again, I’m sad to say these Jordaans are just not for people with wide feet.


Gucci Jordaan Canvas Sizing


Do Gucci Jordaan Canvas Loafers run big or small?
The Jordaan Canvas runs big.


I know it’s really hard to figure out what size you need in Gucci shoes, and if you don’t have a local store to be able to try them on, you’re just kind of ordering and guessing.

Like everybody else, I wasn’t sure about the sizing but I still ordered these online because I wanted to have enough time to have that option to walk in them for a good few days on carpet before I commit.

Gucci recommend you size down when getting Gucci leather shoes. With my leather Gucci Jordaans, I did go down half a size and it was the way to go.

With the Jordaan Canvas, I’m a size 5 which is a 38 Italian and UK 5 and so I bought a size EU 37.5 which is a UK 4.5. The leather ones were great and I had no issues with the sizing.

When I first bought these shoes, even though my feet are normal (not tight and not wide), I still needed a shoehorn because they were tight especially if you size down.


Gucci Princetown Mules Sizing


Do Gucci Princetown Mules run small or big?
The Princetown Mules run small.


I usually order my Gucci heels and sandals in a size 38. My normal shoe size is 7.5 and sometimes 8 if the shoes run small.

I got the Princetown Mules in a 38 only to find out they actually run small and I don’t like wearing mules like that.

I do want a little bit more space in the back and so I’m going to have to order the Gucci Princetown Mules in a 38.5.

So, if you’re a 7.5, get a 38.5.



Obviously, this is European sizing. I’m a pretty true 8.5 in US sizes and that does not translate to a 38.5.

These Gucci Princetown Mules are 39.5, which means it’s a half size up from true to size.

Because they don’t have an open toe, you’re not going to be able to shove your foot all the way up. So, you do want to make sure that your heels don’t fall off the back.

You can also go a full size up, but it’s up to you and how you like your mules to fit.

So, if you’re a US 7, which translates to EU 36.5, you would likely get EU 38 in these Gucci Princetown Mules in particular.

Again, I went a half size up from my true to size. I’m 8.5 US which translates to 39, but I got 39.5 and they fit perfectly.



I did so much research on these, I’ve watched every video, and scoured all the internet forums to get as much information as I can on how these Gucci Princetowns size before I bought them.

In terms of sizing, the Gucci website suggests that you size up by half a size, but a lot of reviews say that the Princetown runs true to size.

Obviously, the best and safest way is just to go to the store and try it on and see what fits you best.

I’m pretty consistently a size 7 and I got size 38. Luckily, these also come in half sizes, which is good. I tried on the 37.5 and the 38.5, but 38 just fit the best.

One thing to know is that because it is leather, it will stretch out over time but not to the point where it’s not going to fit you anymore. So, if you’re in between sizes, I would suggest going with the more snug fit so that you have room for it to stretch a little.

Overall, this is such a classic style that will never not be in style. They’re also so versatile that you can style them with a really fancy dress and it will not look out of place at all.

You can also wear this with a really casual and comfortable outfit. I feel like this shoe alone has the power to elevate any outfit.



These are a classic and a great quality. You can purchase these mules and you may have them for 5 to 10 years from now.

With these Princetown Mules, you do want to go up a half size to a full size up because they do run small.

I’m a 39. Usually, with Gucci, I always go up a full size because all Gucci shoes I have run small on me. I purchased these my Gold Princetowns in a 39.5 while I got the Princetowns with the fur in a 40.


Gucci Brixton Collapsible Heel Loafers Sizing


Do Gucci Brixton run small or big?
The Brixton runs small.


In terms of sizing, I found that the Gucci Brixton Loafers were true to size.

I typically wear 5.5 though sometimes I can wear 6 in flats. I found that the 36 was too big and I had too much of a gap around my foot and it didn’t look nice.

I also find that because of this soft leather, the Brixton will mold to your feet nicely.

One of the reasons I very rarely wear loafers is because I have high arches and I find that my arches collapse when I wear them. Sometimes, this kind of makes farting noises when I’m wearing loafers.

The Brixtons don’t do that because they do form to your feet so nicely and I don’t have as much of an issue with my arches collapsing.

Gucci Marmont Pumps Sizing


Do Gucci Marmont Pumps run small or big?
The Marmont Pumps run big.


I picked the Marmont Pumps in my true-to-size UK 7 which translates to size EU 39.5.

I did do a little bit of research and what I found was that most people were saying the Gucci Marmonts are true to size.

Knowing that designer shoes can vary in their sizing and fitting (some run small and some big), I went ahead and ordered my regular size with these.

To my surprise, the Gucci Marmont was a WHOLE size too big. So, for me and my usual size goals like is, the Gucci Marmonts are a full size too big.

Gucci Marmont Heels Sizing

Gucci-Marmont-sandals-Heels-sizing (1)

Do Gucci Marmont Heeled Sandals run small or big?
These run big for skinny feet, true to size for normal feet, and small for wide or flat feet.


As far as sizing goes, I got these in size 41 which is a US 11 in Gucci size guide and I find them to fit true to size. I didn’t have to size up or down. I personally think I’m a 10.5 but I have extremely flat feet.

In sneakers, I buy a women’s 10, but in heels, I buy 11 and that’s been the way to go for me.


I got the Gucci Marmont Heels in a size 39 because I size up in my heels. I’m normally size 8 in pretty much everything, but in certain heels like these, I just have to size up because they fit tight.

I would have preferred a 38.5 which would be a size 8.5, but I ended up going with the 39 and it still fits perfectly fine.


For reference, I am a US true to size 9 all across the board.

I actually purchased the Marmont Heels in EU 40 and I feel like this is the only exception where I really do wish I sized down to 39. I do notice with Gucci that their shoes do run a little bit bigger.

I have the Gucci Ace Sneakers in a 39. I’m not sure if it has to do with the Italian sizes vs. EU 40, but I do notice that in all the Gucci shoes I have, I do take a 39.

The reason I wish I got a 39 in these shoes is because I like to lotion my feet before I go out.

So when I put these on after I lotion my feet, I feel like my big toe ever so slightly goes to the front, which leaves like a gaping space in the back, which makes it extremely hard for me to walk.

So, if I got a 39, I would have a little bit more security and stability especially when I want to lotion my feet before going out.

What I do with these now is put them on first and then lotion only the visible parts of my feet to avoid the sliding issue.


The Marmont Heel is just a well-crafted shoe.

These are a half size bigger than what I normally order for me, I’m really in between 35.5 and 36 and so going up half a size is nothing new for me, especially in a sandal heel.

Gucci GG Marmont Mules Sizing


Do Gucci Marmont Mid Heel Sandals run small or big?
The Marmont Mid Heel runs small.


I got two pairs of these, the Green Marmonts and the Pink Marmonts.

I got the green ones in a 39.5 and the pink ones in a size 39. I should have gotten a 39.5 in the pink also because these are very tight on the toes, but maybe once I wear them a little more, they’ll loosen up a little bit.

So, I would say you go up half a size especially if you have flat wide feet like me. And maybe if you just have narrow cute feet, stay with your regular size.

Gucci Rhyton Sneakers Sizing


Do Gucci Rhyton Sneakers run small or big?
The Rhyton runs big.


I think all designer sneakers are always going to run a little larger and so I always recommend to go a full size down.

I found the Gucci Rhyton to run a half size bigger. I’m a men’s US 10.5 and I purchased this model in a 43 which is a men’s US 9.5.


I recommend you go down a size in these trainers. Usually, I’m a UK 7 in everything, but this is the first time I had to go a size down from my true to size.


Gucci shoes are sold under UK sizing. Most brands just size up one full size for UK to US. So, a size UK 9 will be a size US 10.

But in Gucci’s case, they do a half size up. They say that their size 9 UK is a 9.5 US. That is not true. I would say that it is just a full size up.

The reason I say that is because my Gucci Rhton feels much more like a US 10 than a US 9.5.

Gucci Slides Sizing


Do Gucci Slides run small or big?
These slides run small.



For a sizing tip, I’m a true size 11 and I went a whole size up to a size 12 in these for comfort. I don’t want it to be too big and I don’t want it to be too small.

So, I went a full size up.

Although it says they’re true to size on their website, they’re not.



It says on their website that if you’re in between sizes, try to go a half size up.

I went a half size up and these Gucci Slides were way too big for me. Then I went a half size down. I got these in a size UK 10 which is pretty much a US 11.


Gucci Bloom Slides Sizing


Do Gucci Bloom Slides run small or big?
The Bloom Slides run small.


I have wide feet and I’m typically a true size 7 and I never really have to go half unless it’s because of the make of the shoe.

When I read a good mix of reviews saying these are the most comfortable slides on the planet and these are the most uncomfortable shoes on the planet, I was really confused.

Another thing I read is these Gucci Slides stretch out in about two weeks.

Anyway, I decided to stay with my true to size 7. Once I slid my wide feet inside, they did feel a little tight around the top of my feet but they were also very comfortable in the footbed.

So, I knew if I had gone a half size up, I would risk having some extra space behind my heel.



On their website, they recommend you size up because these Slides run small.

I normally wear a 7 in sandals and anywhere between a size 7 and a size 8 on shoes depending on the brand.

So, with these Gucci Bloom Slides, I went a full size up to 8 because I didn’t think I needed a 9. I’m happy with the 8 and definitely not the 7.

Gucci Leather Slides Sizing


Do Gucci Leather Slides run small or big?
These slides run small.


I’m typically a size 7 all around and I got these in a size 38, which is equivalent to a size 8 because I found they fit a little bit small.

Let me compare these to my other slides…

Again, I’m a typical 7. The Gucci Leather Slides are a size 8 (38) and the Adidas Adilette slides are a size 6. So the Adelettes run big in terms of length and width and I had to go a size down.

Again, whatever size you wear in your Adilette is probably two sizes up in the Gucci Leather Slides.

My Balenciaga Slides are a size 8 (38) but they just weren’t as comfortable.

What I really love bout these Gucci Leather Slides is that they’re made with smooth calfskin leather and the inside strap has a pretty thick amount of foam padding, which makes them very comfy next to your skin.

In terms of weight, these are nice and light and lighter than my other Balenciaga slides.

Gucci Leather Mid Heel Loafer Sizing


Do Gucci Leather Mid Heel Loafers run small or big?
The Mid Heel Loafers run big.


In terms of loafers, I do agree with the sizing advice that was widespread online. So, you should go a half size down from what you usually wear.

When I tried my usual 37, it was obviously too big and my heel would fall out every time I arched my foot.

So the 36.5 fit me perfectly but is a little bit snug if I’m wearing thick socks. Apparently, the leather does stretch with wear and so luckily, that snug feeling would disappear with time.

If you prefer to wear this loafer with the heel flipped down, obviously, the shoe would be a looser because you have the extra room at the back.

Gucci shoe size chart FAQs

Are Gucci shoes true to size?

Generally speaking, Gucci shoes aren’t true to size. They tend to run big, but their sizing is all over the place. So, the Gucci Ace runs big, Gucci Jordaan runs big, Gucci Princetown Mules run small, Gucci Brixton runs small, Gucci Marmont Pumps run big, Gucci Mamont Mid Heel Sandals run small, Gucci Rhyton runs big, Gucci Slides run small, Gucci Mid Heel Loafers run big.

How do I know my Gucci shoe size?

To know your Gucci shoe size you have to measure your feet in centimeters or inches, find your US or UK size, and convert your size to European sizing since Gucci shoes are in EU sizes only. For example, if your feet measure 25.5 centimeters, you’re going to be a women’s US 7 which translates to EU 36.5.

What size is 45 in Gucci?

A size 45 in Gucci is equivalent to US 11.5 or UK 11.

What size is 39.5 in Gucci?

A size 39.5 in Gucci is equivalent to women’s US 10 or UK 7 and men’s US 6 or UK 5.5.

Do Gucci slides run small or big?

Gucci slides tend to run small. The men’s Gucci slides run small, the Bloom Slides run small, and the Leather Slides run small.

Do Gucci Ace sneakers run big?

Yes. The Gucci Ace sneakers run big and so we recommend you size down.

Do Gucci Loafers run true to size?

The Gucci Jordaan Loafers (leather and canvas) run big, the Gucci Mid Heel Loafers run big, but the Gucci Brixton Loafers run small.   

Will my Gucci loafers stretch?

Yes. Gucci Loafers might stretch out a little bit after a few wears.

Should I put shoe trees in Gucci loafers?

The wisest thing to do is put shoe trees in your Gucci loafers to help maintain their shape, pull out moisture out of the leather, and combat bad odors.

Are Gucci mules true to size?

Gucci mules are not true to size. The Gucci Princetown runs small and so you might need to size up for the best fit. 

Do Gucci slides stretch out?

Yes. Gucci slides might stretch out after a few wears.

So there you have it. We’ve given you the Gucci shoe size chart and talked about how some Gucci styles size and fit.

I hope you’re staying safe out there and see you in the next one 🙂 

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