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In this article, we have the Hey Dude Size chart for men, women, toddlers, and kids.

Hey Dude shoes are a popular and innovative footwear brand known for their comfortable, lightweight, and stylish designs.

Since their inception, Hey Dude has been redefining casual footwear with a perfect blend of fashion and functionality. The brand was founded with a simple philosophy – to create shoes that are easy to wear, versatile, and ideal for any occasion.

Currently, all Hey Dude styles only come in full sizes. So if you’re in between sizes, make sure you go:

  • One size down if you want a tighter fit
  • One size up if you want a loose fit.

Before we jump right into it, if you’re wondering whether or not you should be wearing socks with Hey Dudes, make sure you check the articl.

Let’s dive right into it…


Hey Dude Mens & Womens Size Chart

Heel-toe measurementUS – Women’sEU – Women’sUS – Men’sEU – Men’s
8 3/8″435
8 5/8″536
9 3/8″738538
9 5/8″839639
10 3/8″1041841
10 5/8″1142942
11 3/8″1144
11 5/8″1245
12 3/8″1447
12 5/8″1548
13 5/8″1750


Hey Dude Kids & Toddlers Size Chart

Heel-toe measurementUS – Toddlers (Little Kids)EU – Toddlers (Big Kids)US – Big KidsEU – Big Kids
4 7/8″522
5 1/8″623
5 1/2″724-25
 5 7/8″826
6 1/8″927
6 1/2″1028
6 7/8″1129-301129-30
7 1/8″1231
7 1/2″1332
7 7/8″133-34
8 1/8″235
8 1/2″336
8 7/8″437
9 1/8″538


Why Are Hey Dude Shoes Popular

Hey Dude shoes have been slowly taking over the entire world in the last couple of years, especially with the blue-collar and the country dudes.

In this section, we’re going to try to answer why these shoes are slowly taking over the world. And if you don’t think that’s happening, you’re wrong because this is the sleeping giant of the shoe world and I’ll show you why and how.

A huge part of why Hey Dudes are so successful is the pricing…



The Hey Dude Wally for example retails for $59.95. It weighs in at 6.2 oz and it’s made in China. So, at $60, you can see how they can sell so many of these and why they’re so popular just because of the price point.

What is it about the upper that makes these so popular…




Hey Dude shoes have really breathable and stretchy uppers that feel kind of like an old knit sock.

In terms of fit, because of this mock toe stitch, you get a little extra height and it doesn’t quite curl over your toes as much because of this structure on the toe.

But while Hey Dudes seem to be really wide, they aren’t really any wider than any other shoe. It’s just that their stretchy materials allow your foot to expand out the side if you have a really wide foot compared to a Nike shoe with more structured leather uppers.

In short, the upper literally feels like you’re wearing a sock around your foot.

What about the inside…


Inside & Insole

The inside is lined with a little bit of a thinner fabric on the inside, but the thing that really caught my attention was the insole.

On their website, they say the insole has cork in it, but it clearly has no cork at all. I don’t know what they’re on about with that, but it’s really not too surprising for a giant brand to not know what’s inside their shoes.

But to be honest, I actually like this insole more than a cork-topped insole because this is lined with real leather. When I first got these, I assumed it was fake leather because of the $60 price point, but it’s leather.

In terms of thickness, the insole is really thick with 7mm of thickness in the heel and 4mm in the forefoot, giving you a whopping 13mm of drop from heel to toe. We’re going to talk more about the drop in the Cons sections below.

Overall, the insole is another reason why Hey Dudes are so popular because this is significantly more durable than the insole of say the Air Max 270, the Nike Air Force 1, or the Adidas Superstar.


Midsole & Outsole


If we look at the midsole and outsole, this is the biggest reason why these are so comfortable and I think why they’re so popular because these are basically Crocs from the insole down.

The midsole is the outsole just like Crocs. It’s just one layer of foam all the way from what you’re standing on underneath the insole all the way down to the ground.

It seems to be the exact same foam as Crocs because it has the same durometer. It has the exact same closed-cell consistency. Also, doing the ball drop and bar drop test, they performed really similarly to the Crocs.



So I think that’s another reason why these are so popular because they feel just like Crocs and people love Crocs because of how comfortable they are.

The midsole has a ton of holes throughout the foam. The reason they do this is it cuts down on weight, cuts down on manufacturing price, but more importantly, this makes these significantly squishier and softer underfoot.


However, it also is going to make them wear out sooner because once you start wearing into those little holes, your shoes are shot.

Now you can see why people that love Crocs say that their Hey Dudes are even more comfortable because they’re technically more squishy underfoot than even Crocs.

That being said, it’s not all hot air balloon rides and snow cone machines. Let me explain the one thing I really don’t like about Hey Dudes…



After like 10 minutes of wearing these, your toes are crammed right to the front of the shoe and your toes might get a little bit sore even though it’s a really soft upper.

It feels like your feet slide right to the front and that’s because of how tall the heel is compared to the toe. It’s 25 millimeters in the heel versus only 12mm at the toe giving you a whopping 13 millimeter heel-to-toe drop.


In other words, your heel is going to sit 13mm higher than your forefoot.

Drops aren’t the worst thing because work boots, running shoes, and even Crocs have a heel-to-toe offset.

But the difference with the Crocs is you have a built up arch support that allows that arch of your foot to grip into the shoe, preventing your foot from sliding right to the front of the Crocs, and that’s not what the Hey Dudes have.

This is just one linear slope all the way to the toe just like the Air Max 270 actually.

Let’s finish things off with the history behind Hey Dudes…



Alessandro and Dario

In 2008, two Italian footwear experts, Alessandro and Dario launched Hey Dudes and they wanted to make a shoe that was lightweight, comfortable, stylish, and affordable.

In 2010, just two years after the release, Hey Dude started to be stalked in the United States. In 2011, just a year later, the Hey Dudes had already sold 1 million pairs worldwide.

Then with the anticipated success in the United States from 2011 to 2014, it didn’t quite go as well as they’d hoped and the brand was not performing super well in the U.S. market.


Buckle & Zappos

But in 2014, the store Buckle ordered a giant order of these and stocked them on basically all their stores and really started to establish the name of Hey Dudes in the United States market.

Then in 2017, after the success of Buckle, they decided to diversify their offering by bringing in some more styles like a waterproof style. Then also that year, they partnered with Zappos which helped increase sales substantially because Zappos is one of the biggest shoe retailers on the web.

They also later released a women’s pair, and then in 2018, they sold over 5 million pairs. So, in seven years, they went from 1 million pairs sold to 5 million pairs sold, which got the attention of Crocs…



In 2021, Crocs buys Hey Dudes for $ 2.5 billion. So, those two Italian inventors of the Hey Dudes really got out good with this deal with Crocs.

The CEO of Crocs, Andrew Reese says “We believe Hey Dude’s comfortable and lightweight products are aligned with long-term consumer trends that are a perfect fit. We intend to leverage our marketing and infrastructure to build upon Hey Dude’s strong foundation.”

To put it in perspective of how big Crocs really is and how they can pay billions of dollars for a brand, Crocs is poised to be the 4th largest casual footwear maker behind Skechers, Deckers, and Wolverine.

In 2022, they sold just under $1 billion of shoes at $986.2 million sold and they’re projected to sell well over a billion in 2023.

So pretty clearly, Crocs buying Hey Dudes has given them a huge boost because of the marketing power, the distribution that Crocs has, and the manufacturing capabilities.

But just being tied to a giant brand doesn’t automatically make your shoes successful and a billion-dollar brand. So what is it about these shoes that make them so popular?

In short,

  • They’re ridiculously affordable
  • They’re stupidly comfortable
  • They’re about as easy to use as any shoe that’s ever been invented
  • They’re built with materials created by Crocs

More importantly, they are backed by the Croc money-making machine that has one of the most powerful marketing distribution and manufacturing capabilities in the world.

Overall, Hey Dudes are basically just the junk food of the shoe world. If Crocs were the McDonald’s, Hey Dudes are your Chick-fil-A.

And because of the price point and because they’re so much more accessible to so many more people, you just end up selling an ungodly amount of cheap comfortable shoes.


Are Hey Dudes Worth It?

I think for $60, they’re fairly affordable and they’re going to last about as long as a pair of Crocs. I like to have them in my car for after hikes, after climbing, or going camping, and depending on who I’m around when I wear these.

Ultimately, I like Hey Dudes about as much as I like Crocs. They’re convenient and they’re really cheap.

Let me know what you guys think and what your experience has been in Hey Dudes.


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