Keen Clearwater CNX Sandals Review – Perfect Low Profile Hybrid Sandal


You love the great outdoors, right? Finding the right footwear to keep up with your pace can be difficult. High-tech fitness shoes may give you the support you need, but they often can’t take the tough terrain you put them through. Then there’s the matter of water and mud that can damage, stain and reduce their efficacy. Not to mention adding to your washday woes!

What you need is an all-weather, all-terrain shoe, such as good walking sandals, that won’t leave you short when it comes to comfort and technical support. When choosing a walking sandal, make sure you put the following on your checklist. The weight of the shoe, how it fits your foot, how much it allows your foot to move – and of course the sole. Does it have enough traction to deal with slick surfaces? So let’s see how these Keen Clearwater Sandals size up.

  • Keen Clearwater CNX Sandal for Men

Keen Clearwater CNX Sandal for Men Today's Price


There’s a lot of innovative technology that comes with these sandals. Made of polyester webbing with hydrophobic mesh, they are durable and easy to wash and quick to dry. But it’s the smart bungee lacing system across the top of the shoe that really got our attention. Along with the rear pull-on loop, it makes it easy to slip the walking sandal onto your foot, while the toggles keep the bungee laces firmly in place when you’re on the move.

That brings us to support. Can a pair of sandals for walking really handle a tough climb up a trail? Absolutely. The arch of the Keen Clearwater CNX sandals is contoured for added midfoot support. This refers to the cluster of small bones that form the arch of your foot and serves as the foot’s shock absorber.

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It also has a 4mm midsole drop – which means a softer landing and less potential for injury. There’s also the matter of stones and other items that may come across your path. The patented toe guard gives you the protection you need. All this won’t mean your feet feel cramped. The multi-directional flex grooves are designed to promote natural flexibility. There’s also plenty of breathing space between the textile, which is treated with Aegis microbe shield lining for a comfortable fit that wicks away moisture from your foot.

  • Keen  Clearwater CNX Sandals for Women

Keen Clearwater CNX Sandals for Women Today's Price

There’s no reason to scrimp on style when you purchase a good walking sandal. The Keen Clearwater CNX sandals for women come in a great range of shades – from a hot pink, and turquoise to sophisticated brown and black.

But it’s function, not fashion you’re concerned about, right? The designers of these outdoor sandals ensured that you get the support you need, thanks to the contoured arch. The bungee lace and stretchy lining give you a customized fit, while the multi-directional grooves on the sole will keep you sure-footed on the path. Combined with a 4mm midsole drop, which gives your foot a softer landing, and a contoured arch for superior midfoot support, your feet will be able to tackle even the most challenging terrain.

The heel of these outdoor sandals measure 0.75” – research has shown that the lower the heel, the less likely you will experience injury, which is why all performance running shoes are moving towards a more natural design.

You’ll also be impressed with how easy it is to get these sandals on and off. Pull-on loops at the front and back of the shoe make this possible, as do the Ghillie lacing system with a quick-adjust bungee cord.

These walking sandals are designed to take a beating outdoors, but thanks to the Aegis microbe shield hydrophobic mesh lining, you won’t be held back perspiration. The anti-odor anatomic footbed also eliminates odors which otherwise shorten the life of your footwear.


The benefits of this high-tech walking sandal are numerous. But what stands out is that they are super lightweight (only 8.4 oz for the men’s sandal and 7.6 oz for the women’s sandal) and are machine washable. It’s as simple as adding a small amount of detergent to a gentle cycle on your washing machine, and letting them air dry afterwards.

This is a walking sandal that will literally take you anywhere – comfortably, safely and looking good. The soles of Keen Clearwater CNX sandals are also non-marking, making them ideal footwear for watersports. It’s a winning combination – your feet are supported and safe, but still have a natural feel that make the experience of being in the outdoors more real.

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