11 Most Comfortable House Shoes for Your Different House Activities


I wanted to bring you a top 11 list of the most comfortable house shoes or footwear for indoor usage.

There are lots of options and the way I always look at it depends on what activity you’re doing in the house.

If you’re lounging around or going from the bedroom to the kitchen or toilet, then something a little more lightweight and a little more cushy is going to be just fine.

But if you are doing your chores, getting organized, or doing spring cleaning, I definitely would recommend a shoe with some decent structure and traction.

Now, let’s go ahead and get into the shoes in no particular order…

Before we start, these are some of the most comfortable slides while these sandals are a must-have in yo have plantar fasciitis.

Most Comfortable House Shoes

In terms of sizing, I should mention that all the items that I’m going to be talking about are true to size. However, if there were no half sizes and I’m usually a 9.5, I went with a size 10 offering.

1. Olukai Mahana



Olukai have a bunch of different variety of colors and styles that I really like. This Olukai is the number one spot because of the craftsmanship and quality of the products that you get.

Honestly, Olukai do have some of the best slippers on the market, but they are expensive.

For the pros, the quality of the materials is amazing. This version is kind of like a fleeced upper which is really nice, but the leather trim around it is super-premium.

Also, you have a really thick outsole that has an extra little guard in the front and also on the heel.

This is super welcome because a lot of the other items out here don’t have anything close to that, which means that these are going to be very versatile.

It’s something that I definitely feel comfortable wearing in the house all day, but because of the structure of the shoe, you could actually wear these out and about as well.


They also do have a drop-in heel and insole. Out of all the other drop-in insoles, this is by far the thickest and the plushiest of all of them.

If you want a warmer version, they do have styles that have a really nice fluffy liner inside, but if you look at the quality of the materials on this shoe, it’s really nice.

Compared to the Bear Paws below, these are hands down way better quality than these.

The price point is crazy expensive, but if you want to give somebody a really premium nice gift, these are a really nice option.

Again, these secured the number 1 spot because the quality and craftsmanship paired with the comfort and versatility of the shoes are unmatched by anything else that I tried so far.

The Olukai Ohana is one of these great sandals for high arches. Make you check them out too if you’re struggling to find some comfortable sandals for your high arches.


  • Feels soft and comfortable right out of the box
  • Offers enough support for a run to the store
  • Has removable insoles for cleaning
  • Fits like a glove or like second skin
  • Won’t overheat your feet
  • Has a nice durable rubber sole
  • Feels snug, relaxing, and practical
  • Outstanding craftsmanship


  • Runs small
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The number 2 spot goes to Nike…

2. Nike Burrow Slippers

I don’t know why they don’t make the Nike Mocs anymore. This is a really incredible shoe I got from Hibbitt which became a fan favorite around the house.


Anyway, since they don’t have those anymore, I went and searched to try to find something equivalent to that and the Nike Burrow Mule is the closest that I could find…



This is a size 11 for women because they didn’t have men sizing on the site.

I got to say, this was a pleasant surprise to find on the site and it really shot up on my list of favorites.

This is actually a pretty good option with this really nice midsole/outsole combination. I don’t think it’s the Nike Revive foam, but I don’t know honestly what it is.

Regardless, it’s a nice thick comfortable midsole and outsole that seems like it’s pretty durable as well.

Then, you have a nice liner that has the Nike embroidered on the tongue and the footbed is really nice and soft as well, which makes it really cozy as soon as you slip your foot into these mules.

Covering your toes, you have almost a Nike tech fleece-ish sort of material and then you have a fused zipper pouch over top of the footbed.


I don’t know what you would leave in this pouch when you’re walking in the house. Leave a comment. But I do like that additional hardware.

I believe for the price, this is not too terrible on the list.

All in all, the Nike Burrow Mule is a really comfortable house slipper option. It’s pretty versatile too because of the beefy midsole.

Even though that midsole and outsole are kind of soft and would probably wear a lot faster than the other competition, but for an indoor/outdoor option for the price, I like that.

Alternatively, you could go with the Nike Offline 2.0 or whatever as well, but honestly, they just don’t sell too many of them and I think this is a better and very cozy option just for indoor usage.


  • Grippy enough for indoor and outdoor use
  • Cozy, cushy, and incredibly comfortable!
  • Lightweight and conforms well to your feet
  • Zipper pouch to store some cash/card, ID, house key
  • Nice rubber sole for outside use
  • Soles are flexible yet sturdy
  • Great as a post-workout shoe
  • Offers the same convenience of slides in a warmer package
  • Fits snug despite the mule style


  • Hot and not recommended for warmer regions
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Alright, so we made it to the number three spot…

3. Teva Reember Recycled Moc


These are not a cheap option for sure, but honestly, the quality of what you get here is actually pretty good for that price point.


Upper & Inside

The upper is pretty nice and I like the overall structure and the pattern of the material.

Then, you have this sweater collar on the upper with a loophole, which is a nice little touch. It definitely makes it a little bit warmer and snugger around your foot.


You also have a neoprene drop heel. So, for those people that like collapsible heels, this one is actually one of the better ones and the design just drops perfectly well and it pops out.

There’s also a removable insole. So, if you get them really yucky and dirty, you can just take the insole out and get it washed, which is also a plus.



The reason why these are higher on the list than some of the others is because there’s actually a midsole to the shoe.

It’s a very small midsole, but it gives some sort of substance to the shoe as well as the traction below that for the shoe. This really gives these a very versatile feel on feet.

It’s not too rugged where I don’t feel like I can wear these inside, but it’s definitely something that you can wear inside and wear outside and feel like you can wear these to the mall even and just out and about.

I feel like this is one that you can actually get away with more so than just around the house.

I also do like there’s a couple of panels on these as well just to give it a little bit more structure and feel, and honestly, it’s beneficial to the product because it does feel more of a shoe than it does a mule or just some of these other offerings that you can really just not do as much with.

Get these for an extra $20 and they’ll give you a little additional versatility. I found the versatility of these very useful and so that’s why it’s higher on my list.

However, the Teva Moc is not as warm as some of the other options. So, if you live in a really cold climate and you want that cozy wool feel, these are not the warmest out of all of the offerings.


  • Feels like sleeping bags for your feet
  • Very comfortable yet functional
  • Can be worn around the house or even to the office 
  • Warm and sturdy enough to endure tromping around outside
  • Fits great & can be converted into a slip on
  • Grippy hard soles
  • Lightweight & packs down small
  • No irritation around the ankle.


  • Opening is tight
  • No half sizes
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The Number 4 spot goes to the one and only Crocs…

4. Crocs Classic Lined Clogs



Before Crocs got really popular in 2020, you would have never seen Crocs on my feet, and then now it’s like “which pair of Crocs I’m going to wear today?”

These are a really good option honestly for indoor usage. Primarily, these ones are better than the regular ones because they have that lining in them, which is a nice option because they’re nice and furry and they have that same Croc feeling that you’re used to.

If you guys don’t know that, Crocs Lite midsole is actually really comfortable and feels really good on feet.

You could also just get regular Crocs and wear socks like you would do with Hey Dudes, Adidas, and Nike slides below.

I’ve worn these a ton, but there’s actually some cons about them…

Not only are they ugly, but there is some sort of residue on the inside. It looks like some leaves have gotten inside of my shoe that are all crushed up.


That’s kind of no fun because obviously, it’s not as easy to clean. Because of that, regular Crocs are really easier to clean.

Honestly, the price is not too terrible and the durability of the outsole is pretty good.

Again, if you don’t have the liner, the durability is really good. If you do have this liner, I don’t think this liner is going to be super crazy durable year over year, but that’s just because of the nature of what it is.

These are a really good option though for indoor and outdoor and so that definitely is something to consider.


  • Super comfortable & breathable
  • Soft lining to make your feet warm and cozy
  • Easy to slip on and clean (soap and water!)
  • Offers a secure feel
  • Great for the house, around town, casual functions, on errands, or even work
  • Toe box is pleasantly roomy for wide feet and toe splay
  • Great if you’re a hiker looking for a camp shoe


  • Boring. You might need jibbitz to pull a better look that resonates with your personality 
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Moving on to the number 5 spot on the list, slides

5. Adidas Adilette & Nike Offcourt

These slides are definitely one of the top things that I was using through the entire year before I got a lot of the other options.

There’s also a really huge market for comfort slides out there and so we did an article on the most comfortable slides if you missed it.



The Adidas Adilette is kind of a staple.


  • Comfortable, lightweight, soft yet supportive
  • Great for the house or zipping to the gas station or grocery store
  • Soft & spongy bottoms
  • Holds up really well to the daily wear & tear
  • Sits comfortably around the foot
  • Secure but not too tight


  • Runs a little large



I would say that these are good viable options for indoor usage as well. It’s something you can just slip on and wear around the house.

Ideally, you could actually wear them with socks. So, if you need wool socks or warm socks on, throw these on if you need to have some sort of footwear in the garage or just walking around the house.

Again, I really like wearing slides inside the house and they’re a great option just to walk to the mailbox. And for the fall and winter time, just wearing a pair of socks is a nice option.

Also, I would go up a half size if you guys are going to plan on wearing these with socks because they do fit better that way in my opinion.


  • Really soft (like walking on pillows), super comfortable, & light 
  • Good arch support & fit
  • Great for the house, errands, and post workouts
  • Strap is cushioned enough and positioned in the right place
  • Good for narrow feet as well
  • No rubbing or discomfort


  • Runs a little snug
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CrocsFamous Footwear


Next, is the mega-popular Birkenstock…

6. Birkenstock Zermatt



The Zermatts are definitely crazy, but I could see this Birkenstock being a fan favorite for a lot of people out there.

Some people are not going to like these just because the overall style is a little bit different. It’s very minimal looking obviously and it’s very Birkenstock’ish, but Birkenstocks are super mega-popular.

The liner is unbelievably nice and the Zermatt does have that sort of Birkenstock footbed that a lot of people really enjoy.

These might have actually ranked higher on the countdown, but because I got them in the wrong size, I couldn’t really obviously fully enjoy them.


Upper & Outsole

The upper material is 70% wool and 30% PES (Polyester). If you don’t like wool or if it’s too itchy to you, then this is obviously not going to be an option for you.


One of the other things that I like is the outsole traction. The bottom is like a dipped rubber which is a little bit sticky but just bizarre-looking but also kind of functional.

I would say that these are very warm for your feet and I like the footbed which is the best out of all the options on the list.

Some of the cons about the Zermatt is the price point on these. It’s definitely on the high-end of the list, but it’s Birkenstocks.

Also, this shoe is not very versatile. It’s more for indoor than outdoor use and I would say even with this rubberized midsole and outsole, it’s just very minimal.

Again, these are a really nice fun option if you could find them on sale.


  • Fits and feels like every other Birki
  • Adjusts and conforms to the foot before you know it
  • Has a real fur lining (no synthetic)
  • Keeps cold feet really comfortable
  • Thinner & lighter sole and cork footbed provide solid support
  • Real house slippers
  • Offers great arch support


  • A bit pricey
  • Takes time to break them in
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7. New Balance Caravan Moc



This is the low-top version and they do have a mid for those people that actually want a little bit of a higher shoe.

This is a pretty cool-looking moc as well and it’s very similar to The North Face.

It has a collapsible heel and then it has very warm material in the liner as well as on the insole of the shoe.

The insole is removable and has a fuzzy liner.

I do like the added style points of the laces on this version. It looks pretty cool and this gives it a little bit more of a utility look.

Between the Puma (below) and the North Face (below), the New Balance Moc does feel a little bit more rugged even though the outsole is very thin, but you do have some nice treated material around that toe cap and midsole area.

These mocs are definitely a nice indoor and outdoor option, but again I wouldn’t necessarily go grocery shopping in these.


The Caravan Moc is more for an indoor thing and then walking out to the mailbox or something like that is probably fine.


  • Feels super comfortable & looks cool
  • Water-resistant treatment & grippy outsole for outdoor wear 
  • Has a leather mudguard & a collapsible contrast-stitched heel
  • Has a thin rubber outsole
  • Fleece liner for added comfort & heat retention.


While it’s very cozy, there’s a couple of things I didn’t like about the shoe…

There’s a lot of pilling in the fuzzy insole of the shoe. Also, the material around the shoe is a little bit cheap feeling, which is kind of a bummer.

However, the price point is pretty attractive and I found mine on sale for $45, which is not too terrible.

Where to buy (not affiliate)
New Balance6PM

Number 8 spot goes to The North Face…

8. The North Face Thermoball Mule V



There’s a couple of reasons why I like this. This is not just a slipper. It’s a mule and has a collapsible heel, which is actually nice.

These feel a lot more rugged than the Puma version (below).

The outsole has a little bit better traction for sure and the midsole does feel like it has more structure.

Also, it’s very warm on the inside of the flip-flop. It also does have a very soft and plush removable liner for washing and everything, which is also a plus.

It does feel like a jacket for your feet because it literally looks like a North Face jacket, which is obviously a huge plus.

Even though the back liner is thin, you still have a warm material liner there.


I would say these could be good for indoor and outdoor, but don’t expect a lot from the outdoor because the traction pattern is kind of weak.

So, if you’re living in a log cabin and you need to go outside and chop some wood and then bring it inside, you’re probably not going to want to do it in these ones.

You’d probably slip and fall, but obviously not too many of us are going to be doing that.

This is definitely a little bit expensive, but it’s not a bad option and I actually really like this one.


  • Incredibly warm and comfortable inside and outside (minor chores)
  • Great quality, sturdy, & stylish
  • Rubber outsole is perfect to take out trash or run to the gas station
  • Great after a long day on the trail
  • Nice and snug but with wiggle room
  • Feels like a poofy jacket on your feet


  • Grass sticks to them
  • A little tight to get on
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North FaceFifth Avenue


Moving on to the number 9 spot, we have something very similar from Puma…

9. Puma Scuff Slippers



The Puma Slippers are pretty interesting-looking.

Honestly, when I saw that Puma had an offering, I was interested in those and so I went ahead and bought them because I thought they looked pretty cool.

The fit was true to size and the materials are nice and the slipper definitely feels kind of like a jacket on your feet, which is a plus.

They’re definitely warm and they feel good on feet.

However, they are just a little bit cheap-feeling. There’s just not a lot of structure at all and the midsole is definitely very flimsy as well.

This is totally fine obviously because this is for indoor use, but it does lack a little bit of traction on the outside as well.

So, these are definitely indoor slippers and they’re not as versatile as some of the other offerings we talked about.


They’re just too much on the slipper side and to be 100% honest, the price point for these should be $30 in my opinion.

Also, the little heel in the back did kind of curve in and irritate the back of my ankle a little bit.


  • Nice and soft on feet
  • Comfy and keep your feet warm
  • Pleasant in appearance
  • Midsole is flimsy


  • Not ideal outside the house
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We’ve made it to the last two options…

10. Bear Paw Moc



This is a moccasin and so it’s the only one that is like a full moc in this list.

Personally, I just don’t love moccasins in general, but these are obviously the coziest of them all.

I could have probably done a top 10 of just moccasins because there’s so many different brands of these ones as well, but this is the one that looked like it was pretty highly rated and so I wanted to give it a go.

It’s not bad, to be honest. One of the pros is that it’s the warmest material for sure out of all of the options because the inside liner is just crazy woolly and fuzzy.

Also, the leather material is actually pretty nice and they do have nice thick outsole traction, which means you can definitely wear these ones indoor and outdoor.

In terms of cons, the very first thing that I noticed is right out the box, it basically says you can’t wear these without weather treating them.

If you spill water or anything like that on them, they could ruin the shoes. To me, that seems like a lot of work.


  • Impeccable quality & well-cushioned
  • Really comfy
  • Keeps cold feet nice and warm thanks to the fuzzy lining
  • Very easy to drive in
  • Fits even wide feet
  • Great indoor and outdoor shoes


  • No half sizes
  • Inside tag inside is annoying
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Bear PawFamous Footwear

11. Uniqlo Slipper


Uniqlo sells a few different variations of their slippers in terms of design and materials. I picked their basic closed-toe version.

The design of these slippers is fairly simple. You have an upper that consists of a combination of cotton, polyester, and rayon.

Rayon isn’t the best material to put into a washer. So, in terms of care, it’s best to hand wash these slippers.

The insole is a mix of cotton and polyester. These are not sweat-absorbent so keep that in mind if your feet tend to sweat. It’s probably best to wear socks with these slippers.

The outsole is made of synthetic rubber which has a good grip on most surfaces, but I would not recommend wearing these outside since it’s not that durable.

You should be fine as long as you wear it indoors.

Overall, if you like the minimalism and simplicity of the design, this is a good option. This slipper fits the typical basic aesthetic that Uniqlo is known for with its slim and smooth silhouette.

In terms of comfort, these slippers are very comfy to wear. They did an excellent job when it comes to the padding on the insole of the slippers. It’s like you’re walking on pillows.

Again, these are an affordable option for those looking for a comfortable slipper with a minimal and simple design.

It’s not the highest quality in terms of materials, but it is well-constructed, and for the price point, you can’t really complain too much.

If you guys have suggestions for other things that I missed, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.

I was trying to crunch as much as I could.

Some of the products out there were really hard to sort through and these are the most comfortable house shoes I thought looked coolest as well as had some sort of offering for indoor usage that I thought would be valuable to me and then also for you guys to see.

Where to buy (not affiliate)
There are a couple of runner-ups that I wanted to mention that I didn’t include in this list.

Suicoke & Beatnik

Suicoke is a very popular Japanese brand and seems to have a lot of indoor footwear. It’s very similar to the Reebok Beatnik as well which is another one that I would have considered.

Honestly, both of those ones seem to be a little bit more rugged for outdoor and indoor usage.

And some of the ones that I’m going to be talking about are definitely for outdoor and indoor as well.

Again, they just looked a little bit too rugged and I wouldn’t actually want to wear them inside my house for the most part.

How to Choose House Shoes

Activity House Shoes

Grab a pair of your tennis shoes, but just make sure you do the twist test.

Twist it and bend it, and if it’s too soft and flexible, this is not something you want to be wearing when you’re taking the clothes up and down the stairs or in the kitchen, especially if you have hardwood floors or linoleum or something like that.

Even though you’re not at work standing, you’re going to be hard on your feet in the long run.

Light Activity House Shoes

If you’re going to be doing some light activity, I would still go for a tennis shoe. But I would go for lighter-weight more flexible tennis shoes such as the Brooks Launch.

Kitchen & Cooking

If you’re really just going to be sitting and watching TV, then don’t wear anything. You can go barefoot.

But, if you’re going to be standing up in the kitchen and cooking lunch for 30 to 45 minutes, then I would at least throw on a decent house slipper.

My favorite is the Olukai which is the number 1 sport in the list above.

I would also recommend a Toms. While there’s not a lot of structure to it, I do like how it’s cushy. It’s got some decent rubber underfoot.

You can also get an Acorn which is great whenever you’re getting cold because it’s fleece-lined.

Anyway, these are some simple tips you need to pay attention to when you’re at home so you’re not doing damage to your feet.

This pretty much wraps this most comfortable house shoes top 11 list. Thank you for making it to the end of this article and see you in the next one 😊

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