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Today, we’re going to be reviewing some of the most comfortable Nike shoes.

Not only that, but I’m going to tell you whether these are actually as comfortable, more comfortable, or less comfortable than their previous iterations.

Sounds interesting?

Let’s dive right into it…


Most Comfortable Nike Shoes

The Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit 1 and 2 and the Nike Pegasus 40 are my two top picks for the most comfortable Nike shoes.

They’re also two of the most comfortable sneakers of all time for me.

Before we dive into the sneakers, I should preface this review by saying this is not a running review or a performance review of these sneakers.

I’m purely talking about these shoes for lifestyle wear and for comfort.

While I have run a little bit in these shoes, I haven’t run anywhere near close enough to feel comfortable giving them a full performance review.

I have worn the shoes around though so I do know how comfortable they are on foot and I do want to talk about the differences between these shoes and the previous versions of these shoes.

First, I’m going to talk about the ZoomX Invincible and the Pegasus in terms of comfort. Then I’m going to give you a detailed review of both shoes.

Here we go…


Nike Invincible Run 3



The Invincible 3 is the follow-up to the wildly popular Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit 2. This is a ridiculously long name, but honestly, the shoe is so comfortable that I don’t care.

Because the first version of this shoe was so incredibly comfortable that it topped my top 10 most comfortable sneaker lists two years in a row, I was really excited for the second version of this shoe.

A lot of people are not grabbing this shoe to run in. They’re grabbing it because they want a max cushion shoe to wear around every day and the ZoomX Invincible 2 is a max cushion sneaker.


But before we dive into the tech of the Nike ZoomX Invincible 2, let’s first talk about the comfort.


What makes the Nike ZoomX Invincible a very comfortable shoe

In fact, the Invincible line has been the most comfortable sneaker on a lot of people’s lists, and the good news is the Invincible 3 is a huge improvement over the first two iterations.

This insane comfort level comes from the shoe’s full-length Zoom X midsole…

Zoom X

I used to think that Adidas Boost was the most comfortable cushion out there, but ZoomX trumps it. I mean it feels like double the amount of softness underneath your foot.

Unlike the Vaporfly 3, the Invincible doesn’t feature any kind of plate in between your foot and the foam, making the Invincible stupid soft and comfortable underfoot.

ZoomX is one of the softest cushions if not the softest cushion that Nike makes. And the fact that they made the entire midsole out of Zoom X and made it this thick means that this shoe is like walking on clouds. It’s nuts!

The Invincible has a solid upper. It’s very comfortable and it’s very soft, especially around the heel area. Nike also says they have their Flyknit zones of breathability, which makes the shoe even more comfortable.

While, in my opinion, this is not the most comfortable upper because it’s not the most padded or even the most breathable, but when you pair it to the Zoom X foam underfoot, it’s a whole other level.



In terms of looks, Nike did themselves a huge favor by making this shoe look so much cleaner than it did in previous years. I mean the Invincible Run 2 and the Invincible Run 1 were not good-looking shoes, but it was worth the trade-off because of how comfortable they were underfoot.

The sizing of the Invincible is nothing short of perfect. While the shoe runs true to size, it could probably fit wide footers pretty well because the forefoot area is pretty nice and wide, which I appreciate.

The only two real downsides to this shoe in my opinion are one, the midsole creasing and the price point. Unfortunately though, because this Zoom X is so soft, it creases very easily.

Two, while it is not the most expensive, it’s also not the cheapest. But if you want to get the same sort of comfort underfoot, you can spring for last year’s model, the Invincible 2 which, again, is uglier, but it’s probably going to be on sale for cheaper.

Again, comfort-wise, the Nike ZoomX Invincible 2 is genuinely incredibly comfortable. I guess it’s the most comfortable Nike shoe on the market.


Here’s a video about the Invincible Run 3…


  • Plush ride
  • Shoelaces are better than the last version
  • Energy return is unparalleled
  • Great heel lockdown & roomy toe box
  • Transitions are smooth & seamless
  • Versatility is great 


  • A bit slippery on wet surfaces
  • Expensive

Now let’s talk about the Nike Pegasus


Nike Pegasus 40


The Nike Pegasus is one of the most popular lines of all time and you can tell because this is literally the 40th Pegasus.

One of the things that I love about the Pegasus 40 over some of the other shoes is that this is one of those shoes that can be a great neutral running sneaker or just a great everyday lifestyle shoe.

But the reason the Pegasus line is so popular is because it’s consistently a well-priced solid all-around running sneaker that is relatively comfortable underfoot. And the good news is that the Pegasus 40 is no different.


What makes the Nike Pegasus 40 a very comfortable shoe

The comfort of this shoe is actually really great. You’ve got a full-length React foam midsole which is one of Nike’s softer foam technologies.

And when you pair the super-soft React foam cushioning with the very bouncy Air Zoom units in the forefoot and in the heel, you get an incredibly comfortable and bouncy ride. The Pegasus just feels softer and more bouncy underfoot than maybe the Hoka Bondi X.

Although the Pegasus isn’t a max cushioned shoe, it is still incredibly comfortable underfoot. Along with the engineered mesh upper that’s surprisingly well padded, it’s a very comfortable all-around everyday running shoe.

Even though the Pegasus 40 is similar to last year’s Pegasus 39, the shoe has some slight improvements that make this shoe relatively more comfortable overall like making the toe a little bit wider and also adding a bit more arch support.

If you’re not much of a runner, the Pegasus is just enough cushion. It’s bouncy enough, but it doesn’t feel like you’re falling into the cushion.

It’s very simple, it’s very clean, and it’s not something that’s going to draw a lot of attention.

I mean if you’re wearing the Hoka Bondi X to the office, you’re going to gain about 3 inches and probably have one of the most chunky shoes there.

In terms of the tongue, it is just so much more comfortable against your foot. And because it’s not just this thin piece of material around the edge anymore, it doesn’t scrape against your foot when you walk or run.

This is a much more plush, much more comfortable approach on the tongue and I prefer it so much.

Overall, the Pegasus is a great all-around sneaker. It’s very comfortable for both running and lifestyle wear.

Again, the React/Air units combination is incredibly soft underfoot and incredibly comfortable, which makes the Pegasus one of the best Nike shoes for standing all day.


  • Comfy wide toe box & stable ride
  • Fits wider than before
  • Versatile
  • Cushiony yet peppy toe-off
  • Upper is padded & hugs your foot
  • Durable


  • Grippy but not ideal for off-road running

Now that we’re done talking about the comfort of these shoes, let me give you a detailed review of the Nike Invincible Run 3.


Nike Vaporfly 3


The Nike Vaporfly 3 is probably the most race-day-focused sneaker on the list. The shoe features an incredibly light upper and it’s also very light overall.

The Vaporfly is interesting because it’s the most expensive shoe on the list by a mile, but it’s one of those shoes that you can’t really wear every day.

The upper is very thin and you can see all the way through it. It’s incredibly light and incredibly breathable.


What makes the Nike Vaporfly 3 a very comfortable shoe

There’s a super soft Zoom X foam and also a carbon fiber plate underfoot. The Zoom X foam midsole is incredibly soft, but because it’s so soft, it creases very easily and it’s also not the most durable foam.

That being said though, Nike Zoom X is probably the softest foam on the list.

While it’s super comfortable, the carbon plate in the midfoot of the shoe is specifically designed to bounce you into the next step. It’s a crazy experience and not one that you would want to wear every single day.

I mean even just walking in the shoe feels like you’re bouncing.

You get a lot of softness in the heel but not a lot of softness in the toe. In fact, when you lean forward on the shoe, you kind of lose all the cushioning towards the tip of the toe.

So while the shoe is incredibly light, incredibly breathable, and incredibly comfortable underfoot, it just feels too race-focused.

In terms of sizing, the Nike Vaporfly 3 is a pretty narrow shoe. So, for a narrow footer, it fits great, but for a wide footer, this might not be the best shoe for you. It is pretty tight around the forefoot of the shoe, so keep that in mind if you’re picking a pair of these up.

But if you happen to have a wide forefoot and a narrow heel at the same time, we’ve handpicked shoes just for you.  


Nike Invincible 3 Full Review

Is this the most comfortable shoe of 2023? Let’s find out…


The Invincible line is designed to be a performance running sneaker. But in my opinion, it’s one of the most comfortable sneakers on the market in 2023.

Because I really loved the Invincible Run 1 and 2, I’ve got to say that I had incredibly high expectations for the Nike Invincible Run Flyknit 3. 

That’s why when I heard about this update, I expected it to be the most comfortable shoe of 2023, and the good news is so far, it doesn’t disappoint.

I’ve been wearing it every single day, I’ve done multiple runs in it, I’ve exercised in it, I’ve just walked around in it, and I’ve got to say, I’m pretty impressed.

The nice thing is that the aesthetic of the shoe is not the only thing that Nike updated. They also updated some of the materials, and some of the shape of the midsole to make it a little bit better for performance running. Overall, I think it’s a significantly better shoe than the two previous models.


The nice thing about the Invincible Run 3 versus the Invincible Run 2 or 1 is that this shoe seems to have been completely redesigned, at least visually. That’s something that didn’t happen between the 2 and the 1. 

Those shoes looked almost identical to one another and there really were only minor differences to the upper of the shoe.

While the 2 and 1 weren’t the most visually appealing shoes, they were incredibly comfortable that they became a shoe that I wore almost every single day.

But this time around, it seems like Nike has gone back and completely redesigned the shoe and made it something that actually looks really good.

What’s nice about this third iteration is that they really streamlined the design and made it a very classic and clean-looking Nike running sneaker.

It does have some futuristic hits, but overall, it looks like a standard running sneaker, and for a lot of people, that’s what they want.

You’ve got this large Nike Swoosh on the toe of the sneaker and you’ve got this Nike Swoosh on the lateral side that’s made up of a bunch of lines.



Nike Invincible 2

Some of the biggest changes between the Invincible Run 3 and the Invincible Run 2 and 1 happen to be in the upper.

The shoe still uses a Flyknit upper which is great and feels amazing on foot, but they actually added some details to make the 3:

  • Fit a little bit better
  • A little bit more stable
  • A bit more breathable

The first thing you’ll notice along the side of the upper is what Nike calls these embedded billow cables. These are basically cables that are woven into the Flyknit upper to actually give the shoe a little bit more stability and more structure.


Personally, I also really like the way that it looks. It gives the upper of the shoe a little bit more dimension and makes it a bit more interesting than any of the previous models which, to be honest, had pretty boring uppers.


In addition to these embedded billow cables, Nike also added what they call zones of breathability.

Nike didn’t specify where these zones of breathability are. They just said that they designed the shoe to be more breathable in areas where you need more breathability.

But I will say that after running in this shoe, I was actually impressed by how breathable this shoe was.

Is it more breathable than a standard Flyknit shoe, I didn’t really notice a difference. But either way, the upper felt good on foot, it was breathable enough, and it definitely felt supportive, which is probably due to these embedded billow cables.


In terms of the actual comfort of the shoe compared to last year’s model, I do have to say that it feels pretty similar. The upper feels a bit more “plasticky” than last year’s model, but it doesn’t feel any different on foot. That’s really just to the touch and overall, it does provide some nice support in the midfoot of the shoe, which I appreciated.

Around the heel of the sneaker, they definitely have added a little bit more padding than previous models – maybe not a little bit more but more strategically placed padding so it does feel really good around your ankle.

While they have sort of moved around the padding a little bit on this shoe, it’s not any less comfortable than last year’s model.

Last year’s model was an incredibly comfortable upper, it was very breathable, it was very soft, it was very well padded, and that seems to be the case for this shoe.

While it looks a little bit more streamlined and while the edges are not as puffy as they were on the previous model, you don’t notice it on foot as much.

Laces & Tongue


Nike Invincible 2

As you move up on the sneaker, you’ve got these flat laces which hold the shoe together really well. They definitely tie very nicely and they don’t ever slip on me, which is sometimes a problem for laces, especially on running sneakers.

Underneath the laces, you’ve got more of that Flyknit on the tongue. Then at the top of the tongue, you’ve got this bright orange tag as well as some nice padding which feels great against the top of your foot.


Moving inside the shoe, you’ve got some really nice padding around the ankle area. Unlike last year’s model, there’s not this soft edge. Instead, you’ve got this sort of Flyknit edge which I thought might rub against my ankle, but it doesn’t seem to.


Then you’ve got this dark blue insole with the Nike logos printed on the heel in orange. The insole itself is actually pretty plain and pretty thin, but that’s okay because you’ve got this giant Zoom X midsole which feels amazing underfoot.



Nike Invincible 2

Continuing back in the shoe, you’ve got this sort of iridescent tape around the heel of the sneaker which features the Zoom X branding printed onto it.


Nike Invincible 2

Just below that, you’ve got this very thin and much smaller heel counter that comes in this light blue plastic. Continuing around to the heel of the shoe, you’ve got a blue pull tab with this iridescent 3M strip running down the center.

According to Nike, this heel clip or heel counter is a lot smaller than last year’s model. It is apparently a lot more strategically placed and helps with stability.

I didn’t notice a huge difference in stability around the heel of the shoe compared to last year’s model. It was fine overall.


One of the biggest complaints that people have had about the Invincible Run line of sneakers is that the shoe isn’t very stable, but I don’t think that’s because of the heel area. I think that’s more of the midfoot and the fact that the shoe itself is so soft that you can kind of slide around on the footbed of the shoe.

The heel counter this year hasn’t seemed to have made a huge difference, but it’s definitely not bad and this is a much more stable shoe than last year.

However, I don’t think that’s entirely due to the heel counter. I think that’s more due to the new midsole shape which we’ll talk about in a second.

The stability of the 3 also comes from the changes in the shape of the midsole. Nike made the midsole a lot wider around the forefoot of the shoe, which seems to have increased stability.

The second thing is that they actually gave this midsole a rocker design so it actually propels you into the next step, which is a lot nicer than the previous midsoles.

If you’re not that much of a runner, because of the foam and because of the geometry of the midsole, you can find yourself running faster and farther than you usually do.


In terms of sizing and fit, the Nike Zoom X Invincible Run Flyknit 3 does seem to fit true to size, which was the case for the previous models.

So, if you’re grabbing a pair of these, I would suggest going true to size. However, if you had the chance to try this shoe on first, I definitely suggest to do that to make sure that you’re grabbing the right size for you. If you’re going to be running in this shoe, you don’t want to grab a shoe that’s the wrong size.

Then moving down on the shoe, we get to the main event…




This insanely thick Zoom X midsole is unbelievably soft and comfortable underfoot and in my opinion, makes this shoe and all the previous Zoom X Invincible Runs the most comfortable shoes of their respective years.

While being incredibly soft underfoot, Zoom X is also very responsive, meaning it’s a shoe that’s going to give a lot of energy return and propel you forward.


Nike Invincible 2

While this midsole does look significantly different from any of the previous years, comfort-wise and underfoot feel-wise, it’s pretty similar.

Visually though, it is significantly nicer. It’s just such a cleaner design and yes you can see the creasing in the Zoom X a lot more in this model than previous models, but I don’t care. I think the speed lines on the side of this shoe just look so great.

This is a huge improvement. I love what Nike did with the sneaker and I think it just looks significantly better. It’s definitely a shoe that I’m willing to wear outside every day.

The final change that Nike made to the sneaker was increasing the thickness of the outsole rubber…



Nike Invincible 2

Apparently, the Invincible 3 is going to be more durable over time. It’s apparently more durable and it’s a little bit lighter weight because they cut out more holes in the outsole.

I mean it feels fine and I had no problem with traction even in the rain, which I really like.


Obviously, the Invincible line is more of a neutral running sneaker and not something that you’re running races in and not something that you’re trying to set mile times in.

It’s something that just helps you run longer and farther than you usually would run, and because of that, there’s no carbon fiber plate in the midsole of the shoe.

This means you can really feel this Zoom X underneath your foot, which feels amazing.

And if you’re looking for a max cushion shoe, this is a great way to go in my opinion.

And even if you’re not using this shoe for running, you’ll be wearing this shoe for lifestyle wear, and comfort-wise, this shoe is incredible.

So in my opinion, if you have to decide between those two shoes, I’d go with the 3 purely on aesthetics alone.

In terms of running, I think the Invincible Run 3 is significantly better than the Invincible Run 2 because of the minor improvements that were made on the shoe.


The Invincible Run 3 is definitely priced at a premium price point. That honestly makes a lot of sense or at least it’s not surprising because this is definitely one of Nike’s more premium sneakers.

It features their more premium and expensive Nike technologies like ZoomX cushioning and Flyknit upper material.


Final Thoughts

Overall, the Nike Zoom X Invincible Run Flyknit 3 is the most comfortable shoe available on the market. With that being said, it is very possible that another brand or even Nike themselves could come out with a more comfortable shoe and it also depends on what you consider comfortable.

In my opinion, for lifestyle sneakers, comfort is max cushion, but for you, it might be something different. So take all this with a grain of salt, but I will say as of right now, if I’m trying to grab the most comfortable everyday shoe, this is the shoe for me.

I love the fact that Nike made this shoe look so much better than previous models. It’s not that the other models look that bad, but when compared to this shoe, it’s like a night and day difference.

This is going to be such a great running sneaker, especially for someone who doesn’t run on an incredibly regular basis.

If you run maybe once a week, this shoe will help you continue running rather than getting completely worn out right in the beginning of your run not.

Not only that, it’s just a great lifestyle sneaker. It looks good and it’s super comfortable on foot. I can’t recommend this shoe enough.

I would love to know your thoughts on the Nike Zoom X Invincible Run Flyknit 3 and whether you’re planning to grab a pair of these for yourself.

Online shops to buy these comfortable Nike shoes…

Nike Invincible 3:


Running Warehouse

Nike Pegasus 40:


Dicks Sporting Goods

Nike Vaporfly 3:


Road Runner Sports

Make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below.

As always, thanks a lot for making it to the end of this “most comfortable Nike shoes” list and I’ll see you all in the next one 🙂

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