Exciting News: Discover Your Perfect Replacement for the New Balance 1260!


Are you like me, missing the good old days when the New Balance 1260 was your trusted running companion? There’s something truly special about that running shoe that seems to understand your every stride. The New Balance 1260 was precisely that—a beloved shoe for many avid runners, offering the ideal blend of cushioning and support.

But here’s the good news: even though the 1260 has been discontinued, we’ve scoured the running shoe landscape to discover some exceptional alternatives that capture the essence of what we loved about the 1260.

Get ready to reunite with that incredible running experience as we unveil two fantastic substitutes.

Lace up, fellow runners, because it’s time to hit the road once again with the same enthusiasm with these alternatives to the New Balance 1260…


New Balance 1260 Replacement/Alternatives

Before I talk about the first 1260 alternative, this is how I was using the 1260…

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I used to rely on the New Balance 1260 for my daily runs, and it never disappointed. Whether I was going for a quick 5K, a steady-paced 10K, or even longer distances, the 1260 was my go-to shoe.


Its stability features ensured a comfortable running experience. It excelled during my daily training sessions, offering the right balance of cushioning and support.


The shoe’s versatility allowed me to comfortably tackle various types of runs, making it a trustworthy companion for my running journey.

Now for the first alternative…


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New Balance 860


First off, please don’t confuse the 860 with the 880. Here’s our in-depth comparison of the New Balance 860 vs. 880

The New Balance Fresh Foam X 860, with its stellar reputation as a stability running shoe, comes to the rescue.

This premier stability shoe has been a go-to choice prescribed by podiatrists and foot specialists for runners seeking robust arch support. Unlike its predecessor, it has returned to a more traditional, fully cushioned heel, ditching the divisive Ultra Heel.


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The hallmark feature of the 860 is its medial post, designed to offer structured arch support and combat excessive inward collapsing during your runs. This is precisely why it’s hailed as one of the most popular stability shoes on the market. While other brands experiment with innovative stability mechanisms, New Balance has retained the trusted medial post, ensuring that runners get precisely what they need.


New Balance has addressed the concerns of those with wider or flatter feet. The 860 now boasts a more accommodating toe box, promising a cozier fit and eliminating the previous narrowness issue. Fresh Foam X foam has replaced the older cushioning technology, providing a softer yet still stable underfoot feel.

What sets the New Balance 860 apart is its ability to combine stability with comfort. In the past, stability shoes were often deemed stiff and uncomfortable, leaving runners with overpronation little choice but to endure. However, the 860 introduces an ideal compromise – stability within a remarkably comfortable package. It’s the best of both worlds, ensuring that you can enjoy your runs without compromise.

So, if you’ve been searching for a worthy successor to the New Balance 1260, the Fresh Foam X 860 emerges as a compelling alternative that upholds the legacy of its predecessor while offering the upgraded comfort and support you need for your daily runs. Your quest for the perfect stability shoe may just end here.


New Balance Vongo V5


While the New Balance Vongo V6 is available, I feel like the Vongo V5 is the iteration that delivers almost the same running experience as the 1260

The New Balance Vongo V5 offers that same stability you’ve come to rely on. It features a dual-density medial post that helps control overpronation, just like the 1260 did. This means your feet are well-supported, and you can trust the shoe to keep your gait in check.

But here’s where the Vongo adds an exciting dimension. It’s notably lighter and more flexible than the 1260. That means you can enjoy a smoother and more agile ride, especially when you want to pick up the pace. It’s perfect for those days when you’re feeling fast and want your shoes to keep up with you.

The New Balance Vongo is like the evolution of stability. It takes the reliable support of the 1260 and infuses it with a new level of versatility. You can confidently use it for your daily training, just like you did with the 1260. However, it’s also more than capable of handling long runs, and it truly shines when you decide to push the boundaries of your speed. Whether it’s on the road, the track, or your favorite route, the Vongo is a versatile partner.

So, if you cherished the stability and reliability of the 1260, the New Balance Vongo V5 is here to offer you that familiar support along with the added benefit of agility and versatility. It’s like running with your trusted friend who’s learned a few new tricks.


Asics Gel Kayano 27

asics-gel-kayano-27-upper (1)

The Kayano series is at its 30th iteration, but, again, I feel like the Kayano 27 is the version that offers similar support elements to the New Balance 1260.

The Kayano 27 is another stalwart in the world of stability running shoes and offers some compelling features for runners who rely on stability and cushioning.


One of the key attributes that resonated with me is the Gel Kayano 27’s remarkable stability. It’s equipped with the Dynamic Duomax Support System, which helps alleviate overpronation issues. I found this to be particularly effective on longer runs, ensuring that my gait remained steady and I could maintain good form even as I tired.

The Gel Kayano 27 also boasts Asics’ GEL cushioning in both the forefoot and rearfoot. This cushioning system mitigated the impact of each stride and made for a more comfortable ride, much like the 1260’s cushioning. It was especially noticeable during the latter miles of a marathon when my feet were thankful for the additional support.


What I found to be a standout feature is the FlyteFoam technology in the midsole. It provided a lightweight and responsive feel, which translated into added energy return with each step. I noticed that my runs in the Kayano 27 had an extra bounce, which was particularly beneficial during tempo and speed workouts, making it a versatile shoe for different types of runs.

The Kayano 27’s engineered mesh upper ensures breathability and a secure fit, much like the comfortable upper of the 1260. The reflective details on some versions added visibility during low-light runs, which is a nice safety feature.

While the Kayano 27 doesn’t fully replicate the 1260’s feel, it excels in long-distance runs, training sessions, and daily runs. I found it to be an excellent companion for marathon training and appreciated its ability to handle different paces. The shoe’s ability to support overpronation is particularly beneficial during those lengthy outings. Overall, the Gel Kayano 27 carries the torch for stability and cushioning and offers a comparable experience for former 1260 enthusiasts like me.


Have some burning questions about the New Balance 1260 replacement? These are some pertinent frequently asked questions…


What is New Balance 1260?

The New Balance 1260 is a highly supportive and cushioned running shoe designed for runners who experience severe overpronation. This stability shoe features a substantial medial post to counteract excessive inward foot rolling and offers excellent arch support. With its plush cushioning and dependable stability features, the New Balance 1260 is ideal for long-distance running and provides a comfortable and secure ride for those in need of maximum support.


What is the difference between New Balance 860 and 1260?

The New Balance 860 and 1260 are both stability running shoes, but they differ in terms of cushioning and stability features. The New Balance 1260 offers a higher level of cushioning and is designed for runners who need more support due to severe overpronation. It has a more substantial medial post and provides maximum stability. On the other hand, the New Balance 860 offers a slightly softer cushioning and is suitable for runners with mild to moderate overpronation. It provides a good balance of support and cushioning.

Is New Balance 860 good for overpronation?

Yes, the New Balance 860 is an excellent choice for runners with overpronation. It is specifically designed as a stability running shoe to address overpronation issues. The shoe features a dual-density medial post that helps reduce the effects of overpronation, offering the necessary support and structure to stabilize the foot during the gait cycle.

Is New Balance 860 good for flat feet?

Yes, the New Balance 860 is a suitable choice for individuals with flat feet. It is designed to provide the necessary arch support and overpronation control, which can be particularly beneficial for runners with flat arches. It offers a comfortable and stable platform for flat-footed runners, helping to reduce the risk of overpronation-related issues and promoting a more efficient and comfortable running experience.

Do Overpronators really need stability shoes?

Overpronators can benefit from stability shoes, but whether they “need” them depends on the severity of their overpronation and personal preferences. Stability shoes are designed to control overpronation by providing extra support and structure to the arch and midfoot. They can help prevent injuries and discomfort for some overpronators, especially during longer runs. However, milder cases of overpronation might find relief through other means, such as neutral shoes with proper cushioning and support.

Do podiatrists recommend New Balance shoes?

Podiatrists often recommend New Balance shoes for several reasons. They offer a range of shoe widths, which is crucial for accommodating different foot shapes and sizes. Their shoes also provide excellent arch support and cushioning, making them suitable for individuals with various foot conditions or those seeking enhanced comfort. Additionally, New Balance has a reputation for quality and durability, which aligns with podiatrists’ goals to ensure long-term foot health and support for their patients.

Is New Balance 860 good for plantar fasciitis?

Yes, the New Balance 860 is a good choice for individuals dealing with plantar fasciitis. This stability running shoe offers excellent arch support and cushioning, which can help alleviate the discomfort associated with plantar fasciitis. The shoe’s stability features also assist in controlling overpronation, which can be a contributing factor to this condition.

That pretty much wraps this up. One of these shoes might be your New Balance 1260 replacement. Lace up and dash for a run! 

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