New Balance 750 v2 Review – Because They Were What My Mother Wore

You don’t have to be a professional runner to appreciate a quality running shoe. There are so many options out there when looking for running shoes for women that I was overwhelmed. In addition to the well-known brands like Adidas, New Balance, and Nike, there are different shoes within each brand to look at as well. I just wanted something that would hold up over time so I wouldn’t find myself buying a new pair of running shoes every few months.

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I had always worn New Balance shoes growing up because they were what my mother wore. She’s a nurse and spends upwards of 12 hours a day on her feet. I knew she would have to have shoes that not only provided the necessary support but were incredibly comfortable as well. The fact that I was a loyal customer to New Balance from the beginning made deciding on a running shoe easy.

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New Balance 750 v2 Review

Appearances are Important

While the main use of these shoes would be for running, I knew I would also wear them on a daily basis as well. They would become my everyday shoe whether I had intended it or not. Lucky for me there were so many different color combinations to choose from. Since I had planned on wearing these daily, I went with a more neutral color combo of silver and green. However, they had purple and yellow, black and green with hot pink accents, blue with teal, black and pink, grey and blue, grey and purple, and the incredibly bright lime and purple. The lime and purple would be ideal for those running at night, as I’m sure they could be seen easily as bright as they are.

I’m not a shallow person by any definition of the word; however, I wanted to make sure that the shoes I chose looked as good as they were functional. I have yet to be disappointed during my life with New Balance. I grew up with them as my regular day to day shoes, and now they have become the best running shoes I’ve ever owned.

High Tech Comfort

While the other major brands on the market spend a lot of money on celebrity and athlete endorsements, New Balance chooses to spend theirs on research and development. Because of this, they regularly offer the best shoes of the highest quality.

The New Balance 750 v2 has a breathable fabric lining that helps keep the foot cool during your workouts or running sessions. The middle of the foot is supported by midsole foam made from ACTEVA LITE which provides support while keeping the shoe as lightweight as possible. The bottom of the foot is cushioned by a molded foam insole.

Getting Started

When I purchased my first specialized pair of running shoes, I knew I would be comfortable from the start. If my mother can stand on her feet over 12 hours each day in her New Balance, I knew that I could run a few hours in mine. I started out walking a mile every day for a month. After the first month, I added a mile to my trek each week until I was walking up to 5 miles each day.

When I first started walking I was a smoker, which is why I chose to start walking rather than running. However, once I had made it up to the 5-mile mark, I knew I was going to have to give it up. Amazingly, I gave up smoking almost as easily as I started walking. I knew that if I was going to make some serious progress, I would have to start running. So, within the first year of my walking and running adventure, I had dropped 30 pounds and quit smoking. Those were two major goals for me.

I’ve found that running in the New Balance 750 v2 is just as comfortable as walking in them. I have yet to experience any blisters or irritation at the heel as I have in past shoes of differing brands. I am so glad I decided to stick with the New Balance shoes when I made the decision to start running. Not only are they completely functional as a running shoe, but they are also nice to look at.

I’ve been wearing these shoes practically every day for almost a year now and the only wear I’ve noticed is on the soles of the shoes. The lack of damage to these shoes is pretty impressive considering how often I run these days. I’ve seen friends with shoes they’ve only had for a few months have more damage on them than mine do.

I had a friend notice the improvements I made over the past year and she wanted to know what it would take for her to get on the same path. The first recommendation I gave her was to get a pair of New Balance. I told her that even if she just started out walking, as I did, it would be better than not doing anything at all. She’s been just as satisfied with her New Balance running shoes as I have been. We’ve started running together every week and have actually had other friends join us as well. Every time someone asks for a recommendation on a running shoe, my first suggestion has always been New Balance. To be honest, it probably always will be.

Thanks to my mother and the amount of time she spends on her feet, my feet are just as comfortable at the start of my run as they are at the end. I don’t dread pulling my New Balance 750 v2 on each day for my run because I know they aren’t going to cause me the same kind of pain other people experience after a long run. I can wear these for a grueling workout, an extended run around the park, or just as my everyday knock-around shoes. No matter how I wear them, I know that at the end of the day, my feet are going to be just as comfortable as they were when I started my day.

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