New Balance 990v6 Sizing – My Journey to the Ideal Size!


In the world of sneakers, sizing can feel like a million-dollar question for any avid sneakerhead. The New Balance 990, a beloved franchise in the sneaker world, has always offered a diverse range of sizing options to cater to every foot’s unique needs. But when it comes to the New Balance 990 v6 sizing, is the fit the same, better, or even worse?

Let’s dive into my sizing experience with the 990v6 and unravel the details that matter to sneaker enthusiasts.

Before we dive in, discover the evolution of New Balance 990s from V1 to V6 in our detailed comparison, unraveling the distinct features that make each model a standout in the iconic series.”


New Balance 990v6 Sizing


To start, the 990v6 is available in different widths, standard, wide, extra wide, and even XX wide. Given that my feet tend to lean slightly on the wider side, I decided to leave no stone unturned and grabbed pairs in both the standard and wide widths just to compare.

My foot measurements clock in at a true size 9, with a slight nudge towards the wider spectrum. As a general rule, I typically opt for a half size down to 8.5 in many made-in-the-USA New Balance models, including the 990v3, 990v4, 990v5, the 992, the 993, as well as other models like the 998 and several 550s.

With that in mind, I picked up the New Balance 990v6 in 8.5 standard, 9 standard, and 8.5 wide.

Here’s the inside scoop – these sneakers appear to run a tad long, coupled with a hint of narrowness. If your feet lean towards the narrower or standard width side, I’d strongly advise considering a half size down for that perfect fit.

When I slipped into my half-size-down pair, there was about a finger’s width of space between the shoe’s edge and the top of my toe, which felt just right.



However, a word of caution for my wide-footed comrades: if you happen to have a high instep, be prepared for the area where the bottom lace sits to potentially cause some irritation in the front half of your foot. It wasn’t a deal-breaker for me, but I could sense a bit of pressure right beneath my toes.


For the 8.5 wide pair, the length of the shoe was spot on, and the added width was a welcome bonus. However, it’s worth noting that opting for the 2E width may lead to a slight compromise in terms of stability; my foot didn’t feel quite as secure as it did in the standard width pair.

As I compared the 8.5 in the 990v6 to my 990v3 and 990v4, I found that the 990v6 was a touch more narrow, particularly around the bunion area. Nevertheless, in terms of length, it tended to run a bit longer.


Again, the ideal size largely hinges on the width of your foot. For most, sticking with the standard width and going a half size down should suffice. However, if you’re graced with wider feet, the best course of action would be to try them on in-store to find the perfect fit for your unique feet.


I know I’ve thrown quite a bit of information your way, but I hope this gives you a clearer picture of how the New Balance 990v6 fits, ensuring that your sneaker journey is as comfortable as your favorite pair of kicks.

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