New Balance Minimus Zero Trail Review – Get Many A Happy Runs

By Barefoot Mamma

I know I promised this review but after spending an hour shoveling the driveway I was too pooped to pop! My mind was in shut down so I just vegged in front of the T.V. for awhile.  But delay no more!  Here is my New Balance Minimus Zero Trail review. I purchased it on my last shopping trip to the UK.  I was looking for a pair of runners that would be minimal but would still get me through the winter since I won’t be wearing my Vibrams.  And having found them on sale really helped too!  I love a good deal!

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Green means GO!!

So this past Saturday I put on my Smartwool socks and my new runners for a 7 km run through the first heavy snowfall of the season.  First I have to mention how long the laces are.  Are we tying up skates here or runners?!  I could have wrapped them around my ankles and still had enough length for a double bow!  I have purchased Lock Laces so I’ll give them a try before I go out again.

The first thing I really like about the NB Minimus Zero Trail is how light they are.  I don’t notice a difference in weight whether they are on or off, which is really nice when trudging through the white stuff (snow, for those of you who don’t get any! LOL).  However, I must have had thicker socks on when I tried them on in the store because they did feel a bit floppy in the toe box.  I like room up there since I want to utilize my whole foot when running but this felt like a bit too much.  I’m sure I’ll get used to it though.

Now I know these aren’t meant for Manitoba winters (then again what runner is?) but I would have liked less mesh in the front of the shoe.  When the wind blows you definitely feel it!!  Which is nice once you’ve warmed up, but not so enjoyable at the start.  Again, thanking myself for purchasing Smartwool socks!  Plus, I’ve read a few reviews stating that the mesh can have a tendency to tear or rip over time.  Hopefully this doesn’t happen since I would like to enjoy them on some trails this spring/summer.

As I headed out for my run I noticed immediately how the Vibram soles were gripping the snow. It was awesome! You could really feel the lugs (as I call them) on the sole grabbing the snow and creating great traction. Even on the areas where there was less snow and some ice I felt safe.  A must in my neck of the woods!  Falling on concrete is no walk in the park and can put someone out for days.

Once we were out for about twenty minutes my feet were fully warmed up and enjoying themselves.  But as we went a little farther, around the half way mark, I noticed that the top of my heel was hurting a bit.  It felt like the laces were too snug and therefore pulling the material around my ankle too tight.  I’m hoping it’s a personal error and not how the shoe sits on my foot.  Only time will tell and I’ll try to adjust it tomorrow to see how it feels.

Overall, I’m happy with the NB Minimus Zero Trail and hope to have many a happy run in them.  And if all goes well they will be coming along for the ride at the Hypothermic Half in February!

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