New Balance More v5 Release Date and Exclusive Info


After a two-year wait, New Balance has finally revealed the release date of the New Balance More v5. During the Running Event in Austin, Texas, I had the opportunity to speak with Paul Zielinsky, the senior global product manager for New Balance.

Paul’s expertise in Fresh Foam is unparalleled, and I’m excited to share everything I learned from him about the New Balance More v5, including details about its release date, updates, materials, and price.

Not only that, I’ll be sharing my experience with the More v4 after logging 100 miles in the shoe.

Let’s dive right in and explore what the New Balance More v5 has to offer.


New Balance More v5 Release Date

New Balance did announce that the More v5 is coming in August 2024 for a retail price of $155. The More v5 is completely overhauled from top to bottom and I think this is a great opportunity to bring people who may have never worn the More series before.


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So let’s dive into what’s new for the New Balance More V5…

What’s New in the More v5

The Fresh Foam More v4, which first launched in 2022, brought about a remarkable update that revolutionized the max cushion, max comfort running experience from New Balance.

We expected the More v5 to release in 2023, but according to Paul Zielinsky, they decided to take more time to give the More series the love and TLC the series deserves.

They wanted to take some extra time to hone in on a few different things to ensure they could continue competing with other brands, offering the best max cushion run-to-walk shoe within their range.

The More v5 screams comfort with its exaggerated Fresh Foam X midsole design, almost amplifying the already impressive Fresh Foam X cushioning to new levels.


Brand-new Fresh Foam X


I’m excited to say that the brand-new Fresh Foam X, initially featured in the Fresh Foam X 1080 v13, is making its way to the More V5.


With this updated Fresh Foam X formulation, the More v5 will be slightly lighter and offer improved energy return while maintaining a soft, secure feel underfoot.


However, some individuals have found the Fresh Foam X in the 1080v13 to be excessively soft for their preferences. This raises concerns about whether the foam will be too soft for the More v5s. Personally, I appreciate the slight firmness of the More v4s, so this change makes me a bit worried. Fingers crossed!

Overall, the More will feature the same foam as the 1080 v13, but there will be a lot of it.

Better Stability


The More v5 has an increased stack height compared to the 1080 series, but it’s going to be as stable. The way they were able to provide some of that safety and security is through their geometries underfoot.

Key adjustments include widening the heel, midfoot, and forefoot to provide additional stability and security during all-day wear and running.

Plus, the bottom has an innovative north-to-south or south-to-north outsole rubber coverage, which is going to promote a smooth transition underfoot.

In terms of weight, the More v5 weighs in at 11.3 oz. for men. It’s really exciting to have something that feels lightweight underfoot but comfortable at the same time and not feel like you’re going to be dragging around a big weight on your foot.

Better Upper


On the More v4, there were a few aspects that left something to be desired in terms of fit, particularly with the fussy tongue.


In the More v5, the tongue is improved with a gusset that extends almost three-quarters of the way across the shoe, including the vamp. This design ensures an incredible fit, and the tongue lays smoothly on the instep of the foot, eliminating any concerns about it shifting while you’re running.


New Balance has prioritized creating a pleasant tactile experience with the More v5. Every time you put on your shoes, you’ll appreciate the thoughtful design, from the secure fit of the tongue to the soft heel tab that provides a comfortable grip.

New Look


What I really love about the More V5 is its visually striking design that unmistakably represents Fresh Foam. This bold aesthetic not only emphasizes comfort underfoot but also conveys a sense of plush cushioning just by looking at the shoe.

In summary, if you’re searching for a shoe that provides exceptional comfort in a max cushion setting, paired with one of the best-fitting upper materials available in the market, the Fresh Foam X More V5 is the way to go.

How I’ve Been Using New Balance More v4


The initial allure of the plush and soft running experience in the More v4 seemed promising in my early review. However, the crucial question remains:

Did this sensation endure beyond the initial honeymoon phase? Let’s dive into the ongoing journey with the More v4 to uncover how it has stood the test of time.

While the fundamental specs of the More v4 remain consistent with my initial review, the spotlight in this 100-mile update is on the practical aspects.

How my usage of the shoe has evolved, if at all, and the enduring performance and durability of the More v4 will take center stage.


The New Balance More v4 has seamlessly integrated into my running routine, becoming my go-to choice for long runs, recovery sessions, and easy-paced days.

Its plush and soft design aligns perfectly with my quest for comfort on those specific runs, as New Balance intended with their emphasis on a luxurious running experience.

The generous 34-millimeter Fresh Foam X midsole in the New Balance More v4 provides a delightful and comfortable cushioning experience. With its 4mm drop, the More v4 becomes an ideal companion for easy-paced runs, offering the perfect blend of comfort and relaxation on those kind of runs.

The Fresh Foam X in the New Balance More v4 presents an intriguing combination of airy squishiness and responsive cushioning.

New Balance’s iterative adjustments to the Fresh Foam X seem to have struck a commendable balance, delivering a plush yet lively experience.

The foam’s ability to absorb impact while maintaining a responsive and non-dense feel contributes to the overall enjoyment of the shoe.

In my experience, I wouldn’t label the More v4 as the fastest shoe. Its wide base and substantial foam make it less nimble underfoot. I hope New Balance can work some magic to maintain the impressive stack heights while enhancing the More v5’s agility for a more dynamic feel.

Now, this is the most Fresh Foam X they’ve ever put in a shoe. Despite this, the weight remains reasonable at 10.4 ounces (295 grams). However, it doesn’t feel like you’re paying too much a penalty for all that comfort.

Another benefit that you’re getting from all this foam and from the width of this platform is that it is a nice and stable ride, which is something I really hope the More v5 will carry on delivering.

Even when running on less-than-ideal surfaces, the More v4 continues to provide ample support, ensuring a stable and comfortable experience with each footstrike.

So, even on certain days where I’m taking the v4 on some softer surfaces that may not be quite so smooth, I still feel like I have plenty of support every time my foot hits the ground.

Now, let’s discuss how the More v4 has held up over the last 100 miles. Surprisingly, the shoe appears almost untouched, showcasing impressive durability.

How the More v4 Has Been Holding Up



The upper remains in impeccable condition, making it almost impossible to tell how many miles I have in the More v4 based on the upper.




Also, the midsole foam has proven to be remarkably resilient, defying the common issue of compression seen in airy foams over time.

While there’s a slight level of creasing upon close inspection, the foam in the More v4 is holding up admirably, and the comfort level remains consistent, providing a similar feel to its fresh-out-of-the-box state.

Right after I hit 100 miles in my More v4, I had the opportunity to run in a brand-new More v4. While I did notice a slight difference in the immediate step-in, when running in the new shoe, I really didn’t feel like, “Oh, this is what the fresh one feels like, and this is what the 100-mile one feels like.”


Throughout the zero to 100 miles in the More v4, there has been a very consistent performance, maintaining a high level of that squishy comfort. I believe this suggests that the shoe is built to last for an extended period.



For the outsole, especially in the high-wear areas where I typically observe rubber wear and tear, there’s minimal degradation so far.

On the forefoot, I’m noticing just the initial signs of the rubber starting to wear down. As for the area on the outside of the heels, where I usually observe wear and tear, there’s very little damage at this point.

I’m genuinely impressed with how well the rubber on the outsole is holding up. This adds another layer of durability to a shoe that already provides an extremely comfortable and effortless cruise control for slow long runs, easy runs, or recovery runs.

I really feel you’re getting the best of both worlds with the More v4 – a shoe that is not only incredibly comfortable but also remarkably durable. It’s a rare combination in shoes of this nature.

Speaking of that durability, I think New Balance has been consistently improving the durability of their shoes over the years, and given my experience with the More v4, I believe the New Balance More v5 will likely continue this trend, providing a durable and long-lasting running shoe.

Overall, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the Fresh Foam More v4. Following my positive experience with the More v3 in 2021, the More v4 has solidified its position as my top max cushion shoe for 2022 and 2023, until the anticipated release of the More v5. The More v5 is expected to hit the market soon.

One quick note, I do think that we need to kind of differentiate between what we commonly refer to as max cushion shoes and the emerging sub-genre of super-stack shoes, such as the New Balance SC Trainer.

These super-stack shoes often boast stack heights exceeding 40 millimeters and may incorporate features like carbon fiber plates or advanced racing foams.

I believe that this is a distinct subcategory, serving a different purpose than traditional max cushion shoes.

Certainly, for those days where you want those easy miles, the More v4 proves to be an excellent selection, and I anticipate the More v5 to uphold this subgenre’s advancement in technology, offering innovative ways to enhance comfort during extensive runs.

I’ve shared my experiences with the New Balance Fresh Foam X v4 after logging 100 miles, along with my anticipations for the future release of the New Balance More v5.

Have you experienced the Fresh Foam X More v4 on your runs? Share your thoughts, and if there’s anything specific you’re hoping for in the potential More v5, drop your comments below. I’d love to hear your insights!

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