Rick Owens Shoe Size Chart + A Handy Sizing Guide!


In this article, we have the Rick Owens shoe size charts, and right after that, we’re going to talk about how some of their shoes fit.

Rick Owens sizing has proven to be quite confusing, to say the least since there doesn’t seem to be any consistency with the sizing.

For transparency’s sake, I’m a men’s US 9.5 which is 27.5 in Japanese sizing, between 42 and 43 in European sizing, and UK 8.5.

I’m hoping this guide can maybe help some of you who might be getting into the whole Rick thing and at least as a point where I could sort of say that I did put some information out there that I wish I’d been able to find initially.

I have four pairs of Rick shoe collaborations included. There are a pair of Short Tongue Geobaskets, a pair of Rick Owens Veja hiking sneakers, a pair of Mastodon Pros, and a pair of canvas Dark Shadow Ramones.


Rick Owens Shoe Size Charts

Rick Owens Men’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart

EU SizesUS SizesUK Sizes


Rick Owens Women’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart

EU SizesUS SizesUK Sizes


How Rick Owens Shoes Fit

Let’s start off with the Mastodon Pros first…

Adidas x Rick Owens Mastodon Pro


This is a sneaker that I absolutely love. I got this one in a size US 10, UK 9.5, JP 28, and EU 44.

I initially bought the Mastodon Pros in size 11 and they were too big. Then, I sized down to a size 10 US and it still fit me slightly big, but I am not confident enough to go any smaller because I do have a bit of wide feet and don’t want to risk that.

I would say that with the space in the generous toe cap area, reminiscent of the Adidas Superstar, you could even half size down, but I would also decide to potentially stick true to size if you’re not sure. You can always adjust the laces.

So, with the Mastodon Pros, I would recommend you go a half size down, but if you’re not sure, stay true to size.

Also, weirdly enough, these are listed in the tag as a 44, but that is French. I just don’t know why they’re listed as a 44. Although it says French 44, I think we’re talking Italian 43 because the Japanese 28 is an Italian 43 as far as I know.

I swear shoe sizing is going to be the death of me.

Next up are the Rick Veja sneaker…


Rick Owens x Veja Hiking Sneakers


I got my Vejas in a US 10, UK 9, EU 43, JP 27.5, and Brazilian 41. However, I had originally picked up a pair in EU 41 which even in the shoe itself, it said it was a US 10; that’s confusing.

So, I have had the Veja Hiking sneaker in a 43 and a 41 and neither of them fit my foot as well as I’d like. The European 41 was far too small and I’m glad I was able to get them to a better home.

The 43 did fit better, but over time, it became very uncomfortable and I found it very hard to deal with wearing that size.

So, I would recommend going half a size up but definitely do not try and fit into something smaller. Go get the European sizing or the Japanese sizing because anything else seems to be a bit confusing with these Rick Vejas.

I’ve seen many other people share similar stories of having issues with the Rick Vejas so I would say size up on the Veja Hiking sneaker. If you are a 43, go a 44.

If I was to get them again, I would go for a size 44 to have that extra little bit of room for my feet.

Continuing on with the Veja vibe, we have the Veja Running sneaker…


Rick Owens Veja Running Sneakers


With the Veja running Sneakers, I took the lesson that I had from the hiking sneakers and went one size up and got these in a 44 and I couldn’t be happier.

To be clear though, this Runner is stretchy. Surprisingly enough, when I got these, I realized that they’re actually slip-ons and the laces don’t really do anything. You just slip your foot into the shoes and there’s a lot of give in the material to fit your foot.

Going for a 44 gave me quite a bit of toe room so I’m thinking that if you decided to go true to size, maybe there would be enough give, but for me, width-wise, I think the 44 is the good choice.


Rick Owens Ramones Canvas


I love these shoes so much and I would definitely buy them again once these ones see the end of the day.

I got my canvas Ramones in a size EU 41 and these fit me perfectly. Again, it’s confusing because a 41 is technically a men’s 8 US, but as a 9.5, these fit fine. I originally had a 43 and they were way too big. Even with insoles, they were way too big for me.

So, for the Rick Owens Ramones, I would definitely recommend sizing down at least one size. For example, if you’re a 43, go for a 42.

I lucked out with these being perfect for me, but if you have a store that sells Rick in your town, which you may not have, definitely go try a pair on.


Rick Owens Ramones DRKSHDW High Top


For those who don’t know, DRKSHDW is like a diffusion line of Rick Owens mainline. DRKSHDW clothes and shoes, while still quite pricey, are intended to be more of an entry-level to the Rick Owens universe.

They’re not as wild cuts and shapes that you would get from mainline and also, they’re significantly more reasonably priced. They’re still pretty expensive but more achievable for the regular person.

In the high-top version, ultimately, the sizes that fit me best were a size EU 41/US 8.

I had tried 43 and even tried 43.5 in different pairs and they were both huge on me with way too much space. The 41 fit me best, but this might not be the case for everybody.

I do suggest going one size down on these shoes. However, if you’re really not sure, maybe half a size down or try and stay true to size just in case.

Make sure you have a way to return the shoes if you cannot fit into them properly. However, even if you get stuck with the wrong size, there is a benefit of these shoes because you can definitely sell them onwards if you wish to do so.

Again, with the Rick Owens DRKSHDW High Top, I recommend at least half a size down.


Rick Owens Ramones DRKSHDW Low Top


I got my Romones DRSHDW Low Tops in EU 42 and my goodness, I’m so glad I didn’t go to 41 because it is a bit difficult for me to get my foot into this shoe.

I think that is because it doesn’t have the zip on the side so you don’t have as much space to slip into it, but otherwise, length-wise, the shoe is an ideal size for me.

I did get a shoe horn to help me get in and out of these shoes and that’s made a huge difference so I would say that in the Low Top Ramones, definitely stay true to size because you might encounter some issues if you go lower and your foot is wide.

If you have a pretty narrow foot, then I think you could definitely do with going half a size down, but just be wary if you do have a wide foot, these can be a bit difficult to get into.

Now for the Geobaskets…


Rick Owens Short Tongue Geobaskets


The Geobaskets are a size 42 which is a 9 US, but it fit me a little bit big. My foot slides around a tiny bit, but they still fit nicely. It’s not an uncomfortable oversize. That’s for sure.

Again, the Geobaskets do fit large so try and go at least one size down. So, perhaps a 41 or 41.5 would be the ideal go, but as usual, definitely see if you can try a pair on just to be safe.


Rick Owens x Converse TurboWPN


On the tag, it says European 44. Is that Italian or French? That’s confusing.

However, I got these in a US 10 and Japanese 28 centimeters. These shoes fit slightly large on me. I would potentially consider even going a size down if I was going to get them again, but as usual, you can just do up the laces a little bit tighter or even around the heel to give you that extra bit of support.

Also, it seems that a lot of Rick people like wearing their shoes loose anyway. So, if that’s the culture, then why not be a part of it?

So, my advice with the Rick Owens x Converse TurboWPN would be to go a half size down or full size down. However, if you’re not sure, stay true to size and just be aware you may have a little bit of space.


Rick Owens DRKSHDW Scuba Sock Sneaker


This Sock sneaker does have a lot of give because of the material. This is kind of like a neoprene material that feels like a wetsuit. This is in a 41 and 41.5 is quite small on me actually.

My feet feel quite cramped and I was wondering whether I could wear them in a bit, but it just did not feel like that was going to be the case and I didn’t want to ruin the shoe.

So, with the DRSHDW Scuba, I would definitely recommend just half size down or staying true to size because these do not fit as oversized as the High Top Ramones do.

The mainline Rick Owens sneakers are the ones usually made from leather or other premium products and the ones that can end up costing you a pretty penny, but you can definitely get some good deals if you stay vigilant on the marketplaces and see what comes up.


Rick Owens Mainline Ramones Sock Sneaker

This is a leather version.

This is a 41 and still fits a little bit large for me. I had spoken to some people from the Rick Owens Discord group and they had said that these Maineline Ramones Sock Sneakers do fit quite large. I was looking at a 43 and the person was like I really wouldn’t do that mate and I’m glad they did.

I eventually found a shop that had a couple of pairs of these that I was able to try on thankfully. I tried on the 42 and while it fit, it was quite big. The leather has a lot of give and stretch to it and the inside is quite roomy. I also tried the 41 and it did fit a lot more snug.

After wearing them a couple of times, they still feel slightly roomy to me. So, if you are going for the mainline leather Rick Owens Ramones Sock Sneaker, you’re looking at almost two sizes down and it’s still being too big. Definitely try the pair on if you can, but my recommendation would be to go at least one and a half sizes down on this, and if they’re secondhand and worn in, they may be even looser.


Rick Owens Laceless Ramones Boot


I got the Laceless Ramones Boot in a size 42. It doesn’t feel like these were worn too much because they are quite tight for me to get on. Blessed be thy shoehorn for helping me with this from now on.

I would say if you’re looking at one of these, try and stay true to size or half size down. If you do go the full size down, they will be a little bit tight.

I’m not sure about the smooth leather ones; maybe they have a bit more give, but this 42 fits me kind of perfectly. I would definitely not go any lower than this size.

That being said, I did pick up an archive pair of size 42 Laceless Ramones Boots that had been worn quite a bit in the size 42 and they are well worn in so my foot slides around in there and it does feel a lot larger.

I’m not sure whether that means it is because they were worn in, but it’s just to be wary like sometimes they might be slightly tight and sometimes they might be a bit looser.

My advice is to just go one size down max. Don’t go any further; maybe just half a size to be safe on these shoes.

Rick Owens Sizing FAQs

What size is a 42 in Rick Owens shoes?

Size 42 in Rick Owens shoes is equivalent to US 9 and UK 8 for men, and US 12 and UK 9 for women.

Are Rick Owens shoes true to size?

Rick Owens shoes typically run true to size. However, most regular Rick Owens di-hards prefer to size down for a more fitted and comfortable fit.

Does Rick Owens sell half sizes?

Rick Owens offers their mainline and DRKSHDW shoes in half sizes. This can be beneficial, especially if you find yourself in between whole sizes.

Why are Rick Owens shoes popular?

Rick Owens shoes have gained popularity for several reasons. Their distinctive and avant-garde design sets them apart in the fashion world. The brand is known for its bold and unconventional aesthetic, often characterized by unique silhouettes and premium materials.

Rick Owens has successfully carved out a niche in the fashion industry, appealing to individuals who appreciate edgy and boundary-pushing styles. The brand’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail also contributes to its popularity among fashion enthusiasts.

The association with high-profile celebrities and influencers has further elevated the brand’s visibility and status in the fashion landscape.

So there you have it with these Rick Owens shoe size charts. Those are my Rick Owens shoes with sizing advice from my personal experience which may not be the same for everybody else.

I did ask people beforehand and some people said that Mastodons fit true to size or that Ramones definitely run true to size and that just wasn’t the case for me.

Hopefully, this helps and ultimately, if possible, try and get down to a shop and try the shoes on. If not, I would err on the side of caution and go size down for the Geobaskets and the Ramones, and then for collaborations, go true to size or a half size up just to be safe.

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