Sanita Clogs Size Chart – How Do Sanitas Compare To Danskos?


In this article, we’ve got three Sanita size charts for men, women, and kids. Not only that but we’re going to be answering a lot of questions related to Sanita sizing and how Sanitas and Danskos compare in terms of fit.

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Sanita Clogs Womens Size Chart

First off, Sanitas come in European sizing. If you don’t know European sizing and don’t know how to convert US sizing to EU sizing, here’s how to do that…

The easiest way to do it is take your US sizing and add 31. So, if you’re a 10, add 31 and your EU sizing should be 41. If you’re a 12, you’ll wear a 43, and if you’re a 9, you’ll wear a 40. Easy.

US – Women’sEU – Women’s


Sanita Clogs Mens Size Chart

US – Men’sEU – Men’s


Sanita Kids Size Chart

US – Men’sEU – Men’s


Sanita Sizing FAQs

Sanita clogs utilize a proven pressure relieving system to not only provide comfort but offer you a unique style that comes with the 100-year-old tradition and craftsmanship of Sanita.

In order for you to experience the wonderful effects of the unique Sanita’s contour, here are some useful tips to get the best fit…

How Should Sanita Clogs Fit?

For the most comfortable fit, just like with Danskos, you should have a pinky-sized gap between your heel and the back of the clog. You should have plenty of room in the toebox area with the instep collar, or padded part of the shoe that goes across the top of your foot, being the snuggest part of the shoe.

By design, your heels are supposed to slide out of the Sanita clog as it’s propelled by the sturdy shock-absorbing sole that provides solid support. So don’t worry if your heel’s doing that. You also have to keep in mind that Sanita clogs are hand-made by cobblers in Poland, which means that the fit might vary from shoe to shoe. You may feel your clogs are a bit snug, and to fix this, simply stretch one or both shoes to customize your fit. Also, the plastic heel counter is adjustable and so just pinch for a more narrow fit or press forward to widen the heel.


Do Sanita clogs come in half sizes?

Sanita clogs typically do not come in half sizes. They are commonly available in whole sizes only. If you are in between sizes, the general recommendation is to size up to the next full size.


Do Sanitas run smaller than Danskos?

Yes, in general, Sanita clogs tend to run smaller than Danskos and so you do need to order a size up from your Dansko clog. A lot of people do need to go up half a size or even a full size larger in Sanita clogs to achieve the same comfortable fit they get with their regular size in Danskos. The difference in sizing can be attributed to variations in the design and manufacturing processes of each brand. As such, it’s crucial to try on both brands and consider sizing charts to ensure you find the most suitable and comfortable fit for your feet. Remember that individual foot shape and preferences can also influence sizing choices, so finding the perfect fit might require a bit of trial and error, especially when switching between Dansko and Sanita clogs.

How are Sanitas supposed to fit?

Sanita clogs are designed to fit snugly and securely on your feet, offering excellent support and stability. When trying on Sanita clogs, your heel should rest comfortably against the back of the shoe, with a small amount of space, about the width of your finger, between the heel and the back of the clog. The toes should have enough room to wiggle without feeling cramped, and the arch should align with the shoe’s arch support. The clogs’ upper should securely hold your foot in place without feeling too tight or constrictive. As you walk, your foot should feel stable and well-supported inside the clog. It’s important to remember that Sanita clogs may have a slightly more substantial feel underfoot compared to some other brands, which is intentional to provide additional support during prolonged wear. If you are unsure about the fit, trying on a few different sizes or consulting with a shoe fitting specialist can help you find the ideal size and ensure you enjoy the full benefits of Sanita clogs in terms of comfort and support.

Do Sanitas run wide?

Sanita clogs probably do run a little narrow for average-width feet.

Are Sanita as good as Dansko?

Both Sanita and Dansko are well-regarded brands in the footwear industry, especially when it comes to clogs. Both brands have their unique qualities and strengths, making them popular choices among professionals who spend long hours on their feet. Sanita and Dansko clogs are both known for their exceptional comfort, arch support, and durability. However, a lot of users tend to favor Dansko clogs over Sanita clogs mainly because Danskos keep innovating their lines more than Sanita. But ultimately, the choice between Sanita and Dansko comes down to individual preferences and needs, as both offer high-quality clogs that provide excellent support and comfort for a wide range of activities and professions.

Has the Sanita fit changed lately?

Yes, the Sanita clogs now fit slightly different. How? In fact, there was recent change in the construction of Sanita’s professional clogs. Instead of the previous leather insole, they have introduced a new cushioned microfiber footbed, which promises enhanced comfort. The majority of wearers may not feel any difference with this update. However, for some individuals, this new footbed may result in a slightly tighter or snugger fit. To ensure customers get the perfect fit, Sanita recommends checking their updated size charts above even if you have previously worn Sanita clogs.

Do Sanita Clogs require a break-in period?

Yes, Sanita clogs may require a break-in period. Like many high-quality leather shoes, Sanita clogs can initially feel a bit stiff and snug when new. During the break-in period, the leather softens and molds to the contours of the feet, providing a more customized and comfortable fit. Some users might experience mild discomfort or friction during this time, especially if they are not used to wearing clogs or have sensitive feet. To ease the break-in process, it is recommended to wear the clogs for short periods initially and gradually increase the wear time. Additionally, using thick socks or a shoe stretcher can help expedite the stretching process. With a bit of patience and consistent wear, Sanita clogs will become more comfortable and supportive, offering long-lasting satisfaction for those who appreciate their quality craftsmanship and ergonomic design.

How do you stretch out Sanita clogs?

Stretching out Sanita clogs can be achieved using several techniques. One common method is wearing the clogs with thick socks and walking around the house for an extended period. The socks create extra pressure on the leather, gradually loosening the material and allowing it to mold to the shape of the foot. Another popular technique involves using a shoe stretcher, designed specifically for expanding the size of shoes. Placing the shoe stretcher inside the clogs and adjusting it to the desired width can help stretch the clogs more evenly and efficiently. Additionally, applying a leather conditioner or stretching spray on the interior of the clogs can soften the leather and make it more pliable. However, it’s essential to be cautious with stretching, as excessive force may damage the clogs. Patience is key, allowing the stretching process to occur gradually to maintain the integrity and comfort of the Sanita clogs.


What size is Sanita 39?

Size EU 39 in Sanita translates to US 8.

Let’s finish things off with a little history about Sanita…

Short History of Sanita

The history of Sanita clogs dates back to 1907 in Denmark when Christian Meldgaard Andersen founded the company. Initially, the focus was on producing wooden clogs for local farmers and laborers. Over the years, Sanita’s clogs gained popularity due to their exceptional comfort and durability, attracting not only workers but also healthcare professionals seeking supportive footwear. In the 1970s, Sanita became the original manufacturer of the iconic Dansko clogs, cementing their position as pioneers in the clog industry. As their reputation spread globally, Sanita remained committed to their traditional craftsmanship, utilizing high-quality materials to ensure the finest footwear. Today, Sanita clogs are beloved by a diverse clientele, cherished for their ergonomic design, timeless style, and unwavering dedication to delivering unmatched comfort in every step.

All in all, we see a lot of chefs, teachers, retail workers, dental hygienists, and medical professionals in general wearing Sanitas. If you’re going to be on your feet all day long, this is what professionals wear.

Last but not least, the patent-leather styles are great if you’re around a lot of water and fluids. You just simply wipe them clean.

That’s it for this Sanita size chart and sizing guide. If you have any questions, make sure you drop them down below in the comments. Until then, stay safe, and see you in the next one 🙂

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