Teva Kayenta Sandals Review


Comfortable and durable walking sandals like the teva kayenta sandals are a must whether you are doing some light hiking along the beach, rafting for the day, taking the kids down to the pond or just strolling down the street to the convenience store.

Since 1984, Teva has been designing durable sports sandals with the comfort and durability adventurers like you need. Since then, it has grown into an iconic brand beloved by adventurers and urbanites alike.

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Teva is the creator of the first sports sandal and understands the need for a women’s summer sandal that travels well and can be worn either in the water or on the shore. The brand strives to create shoes that foster a spontaneous, do-anything, go-anywhere attitude and believes that the best memories come from life’s unscripted moments. The Teva Kayenta Studded Sandal is made in the spirit of adventure and spontaneity. It delivers all the go-anywhere durability and do-anything function you’ve grown to expect from Teva.

Teva Kayenta Sandals’ Materials and Design

The Kayenta Studded Sandal footbed is constructed with a Durabrasion Rubber™ outsole, a heel Shoc Pad™ and a
Suede-wrapped yoga mat footbed. The Durabrasion Rubber™ outsole provides outstanding traction to your every step while the patterned tread keeps you from slipping and sliding on wet surfaces. The Shoc Pad™ cushions your heel from impact, and the yoga mat footbed provides long-wearing comfort you can wear in the water and out of the water.


The upper is made of durable spun polyester webbing. The webbing will keep the sandal securely on your feet and also allow flexible movement. The inset strap has an adjustable hook-and-loop closure that is easy to slip in and out of. You won’t need to fumble with buckles. You simply undo the strap, pull it as tight as you like then press it down. Velcro keeps it securely in place all day long.

Comfort and Style

The Teva Kayenta Sandals are a good choice if you are looking for a women’s walking sandal that will go anywhere and go with all your favorite summer looks. The sandal has Teva’s trademark sporty style with a twist. The webbing is drawn together around a ring at the top of the foot, instead or simply crossing the foot, giving it a strappy fashion sandal look. The metallic stitch “studded” detail adds texture and shine.

It comes in a handful of colors with the two most popular being black with white metallic stitch “studded” detail or “Limoges” blue with gray metallic stitch “studded” detail. Wear the black and white pair with your casual everyday jeans and shorts. Or accent your favorite summer skirts, shorts or capris with the “Limoges” blue and gray sandal.

Durability and Value

This sandal offers all the Teva comfort, versatility, and durability you expect combined with Teva’s signature style.
This stylish walking sandal dries quickly and packs easily into any small suitcase. Teva sandals are very durable, but they will need some occasional TLC, especially if you wear them everywhere. Teva recommends hand washing the straps and topsoil as needed with antibacterial soap and a bristled brush. You can use simple water pressure to clean dirt from grooves in the soles. Leave them out in the shade to dry.


The sandal style and hook-and-loop closure are convenient, you just slip them on and “strap in and go”. They are a great choice to wear on the beach but don’t leave them lying in the sun. The black sole can get quite hot. They are just as comfortable with socks as they are in bare-feet. So feel free to dig out your merino wool socks when the weather turns cold.

This sandal costs more than other sports sandals, but the durability and versatility make it a good value. You will own them for years and take them with you on every adventure, whether you are backpacking overseas, taking the dog for a walk or going on an Alaskan cruise.


Overall, the Teva Kayenta Studded Sandal is a good women’s sandal for those who are looking for a durable and versatile sandal. This Teva is well suited for warm or chilly days and can be worn in the water or on dry land. Its go-anywhere construction makes it a good sandal for walking, kayaking or rafting and it will fit as easily in your gear bag or suitcase as any flip-flop. It has the signature Teva look and durability and your favorite sandal for years to come.

The Keen Bali walking sandal is a secondary stylish option you can use as a comparison.

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