Teva Women’s Numa Print Sandal Review – Highly Resistant to Wear


When it comes to walking sandals, the Teva Numa Print Sandal is a trailblazer. Teva have been designing outdoor shoes for over 30 years. The name “Teva” means “nature” in Hebrew, and this brand identity lives up to the products they have developed.

They are experts when it comes to innovating sandals for people who love spending time outdoors. They know that with the right gear on your feet, it will make your experience safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Teva’s commitment to producing outdoor performance footwear led to the development of a specific range of outdoor sandals for women. Based on feedback from customers, Teva knows that women want very specific things when it comes to walking shoes. They should be easy to put on and off; offer comfort and support; they should reduce the impact of shock on the foot; they need to be durable and long lasting and of course they need to look good!

Let’s take a look at this women’s Teva sandal that is comfy and durable as well

Teva Numa Print Sandal for women

Teva Numa Print Sandal for women check today's price


Numa Print women’s walking sandals are open-toe sports sandals designed with all the outdoor activities you have in mind. The easy slip-on, slip-off functionality, thanks to a rear pull-on loop at the rear of the sandal, make them ideal for camping. They’re comfortable to wear around the camp but quick to slip off before you get into your tent so you don’t bring any of the outside grime inside! Plus, there’s no need to fumble with muddy or dusty laces. The no-laces bungee system means they are really easy to secure – even in the dark and chaos of a campsite!

They are also ideally suited to some of the activities you love as an adventure hunter. Two examples of how they are designed specifically to address your needs are:

  • For walking trails

The rubber sole and ShocPad cushioned heel offer great shock absorbency so your feet don’t take a pounding on the teva_womens_numa_print_sandaltrail. The heel measures approximately 1 inch. This will cut down on foot pain you may experience when you have worn other walking shoes in the past. The Durabrasion rubber outsole also gives you traction if you are walking on slippery or tough terrain. You don’t want your trip cut short by a bad graze or twisted ankle.

  • For canoeing and boating.

Again, the traction on the outsole means you have the grip you need in slippery situations. Women’s Teva Numa Print sandal also features a water-resistant footbed so your sandals won’t get water clogged at any time. The bonus is that you won’t have to wear wet sandals if you are on an excursion over multiple days – they won’t get soaked in the first place.

Because the laces work on a bungee system, you will never have to worry about trying to undo tricky wet laces either. These outdoor sandals are also easy to pull off using only one hand using the handy strap detail at the rear of the shoe.

Thanks to weather-resistant synthetic uppers, the Teva Numa Print is durable and will last you for many trips to come. If you struggle to find comfortable walking shoes, the women’s Teva Numa walking sandals offer you a flexible fit thanks to the three adjustable straps at the top, heel, and toe. This also means if you want to wear them with socks around the chilly campfire you can adjust them to accommodate the coziest woolen socks.

Another benefit is if your feet become swollen with heat or water retention, you can adjust the straps to ease the womens_teva_numa_print_sandaldiscomfort. Pregnant women would find this particularly useful! These outdoor sandals are also available in half sizes, so you can be assured you’ll find the perfect fit for your feet.

Even the most adventurous spirits need a break. If you want to wear the sandals as slip-on sandals around the house or while you are pottering in the garden (or even for a pampering visit to the spa) you can take the back strap off and wear them as a slide shoe. This makes them a great walking sandal, but also a great everyday shoe too!

While the Teva sandals for women are designed for outdoor, active wear, they are also designed in classic, neutral shades that make them great to wear with jeans or shorts wherever you are. The sandals are also made from quality synthetic materials, which means they are highly resistant to wear. They last you a long time, which is exactly what you want when you are investing in outdoor sandals.

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