Teva Omnium Sandals – From Wet to Dry, from City to Country


For the past two decades, Teva has been one of the front-runners in walking sandals. The Teva brand was developed by a Grand Canyon river guide, who understood that people wanted footwear that provided support while giving them enough freedom to explore the terrain.

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Maintaining its ‘strap in and go’ ethos, Teva works tirelessly to continually reassess and modify their footwear to ensure the best support possible for those who crave adventure.

1. Teva Omnium Sandals for Men

Teva Omnium Sandals for Men check today's price


The Teva Omnium for men is an ideal shoe for those who want the stability of a hiking shoe with the flexibility of a sandal. This hybrid shoe is an excellent choice for travellers as the encapsulated Shoc heel cradle will provide support for those hours of walking.

The Teva Omnium cradles the heel, which ensures that sensitive ankle and knee joints are not put under unnecessary strain. As with many Teva outdoor sandals, the Omnium features the bungee cord lacing system. This system allows the shoe to be tightened to a level that is comfortable for your foot. Believing that one size does not fit all, Teva Omnium also has an adjustable ankle strap, which is ideal for those with small ankles.

The sandal features a quick release buckle on the side of the foot, allowing for efficient removal of the shoe if need be. These three fastenings can be tightened so your Teva Omnium fits your foot to perfection. The Teva Omnium Sandals for men are constructed with a non-marking spider sole.

This is ideal for adventures in moderate terrain where you may be exposed to a variety of tracks and rocks. The enclosed toe provides delicate toe bones much-needed protection when you decide to go off the beaten track as well as preventing pesky dirt and pebbles entering the front of the shoe.

This outdoor sandal is a great choice for activities where the wearer goes from wet to dry conditions. The leather and rubber combination dries quickly and prevents that squishy water feeling between the sole of your foot and the shoe. No matter how adventurous you get, there is one thing you can count on – your Teva Omnium will not become stinky.


Teva is famed for their Microban antimicrobial technology. This technology utilises the natural antibacterial properties of zinc to prevent bacteria and fungus festering on the shoe. The antibacterial property decreases the foot’s chances of contracting fungal infections such as tinea.

Other men’s sandals created by Teva are the Tanza and Hurricane XLT, which are recommended as great walking sandal options that contain alternate open-toed features for comfort and breath-ability.

2. Teva Omnium Sandals for women

Teva Omnium Sandals for women check today's price


For women, Teva has created the Omnium sandal. Similar to the men’s design, these shoes have been engineered with the female form in mind.

The Shoc pad heel cradles the foot ensuring that these sandals can be worn for hours with minimum discomfort to sensitive joints. They are extremely lightweight, allowing the wearer to examine city streets or hike off the beaten track without the anxiety of footwear that will weigh her down.

The Teva Omnium sandal is equipped with a quick release buckle around the forefoot. This, combined with the bungee cord lacing system give the shoe a fit custom to your foot.

Hook and Loop

This women’s Teva sandal recognises that women deserve to have a shoe that fits perfectly for them. That is why the Omnium also has a hook and loop strap around the back of the heel. By adjusting these three buckles, the Omnium really can be your own one of a kind walking sandal.

Women’s toes are delicate, so this is a good walking sandal for terrain where you may run into dust, dirt or cobbles. The closed toe protects the front of the foot, while the synthetic and mesh straps over the foot provide enough ventilation to keep the foot cool and free.

While your foot is aired and free, the Teva Omnium also is made with Teva’s custom Microban antimicrobial technology. So even if your adventures find you in the most unusual of places, you can be sure your shoes will stay free of bacteria and fungi.

The mesh and synthetic upper, combined with the rubber sole are extremely hardy and fast drying. This makes this shoe ideal for excursions where you will find your feet in both wet and dry conditions. The Teva Omnium is recommended for water sports where it is important that you will not slip and slide all over the place such as kayaking, river rafting, and canoeing.

The women’s Teva Omnium is available in a range of colors to suit a variety of preferences.
If you are looking for a walking sandal that can take you from wet to dry, from city to country, without having to compromise comfort, style or support, the Teva Omnium is the best outdoor sandal for you.

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