Teva Tanza Men’s Walking Sandals – Great Comfort and Arch Support

In the time we live in, health experts constantly stress the importance of physical activity. We spend way more time sitting down behind the computer than before, and simple strolls can go a long way in helping us avoid inactivity-related health issues.

And what’s important with this whole matter is using efficient and good walking sandals in the process. Proper footwear doesn’t only provide foot comfort, it affects your posture as well and relieves your spine muscles from unnecessary stress.

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Right now, we’ll present you with two pairs of what we consider as some of finest walking sandals on the market, a couple of Teva Tanza products to fit everyone’s budget, style and personal preferences. A couple of walking sandal reviews awaits below.

#1. Teva Men’s Tanza Sandal

Produced in USA with a man-made sole, these synthetic sandals provide maximum comfort with strong, sturdy built. Here’s the meaty bit – these outdoor sandals offer high-quality comfort and have been road-tested by many satisfied users for miles upon miles of trekking. The soles are quite resilient on the pavement and become quite gripping on wet surfaces. The durability of these Teva shoes for men are at very high level, meaning that these Teva men’s sandals are a product that lasts.

Other neat features include a drop-in EVA top sole with a Microban zinc, an Encapsulated Shoc Pad heel, as well as a Spider Original rubber outsole.

The item comes with a standard sandal design available in multiple colors to fit everyone’s taste. Specifically, you can buy these in brown, black and red, black, bronze green, and funky neon lime for all the trendy folks out there. In fact, we consider this sandal as one of our 2 favorite picks for the best Teva sandals for men.

#2. Teva Men’s Tanza Leather Sandal

The second Tanza product we’d like to show you is the product’s leather edition. While the price of original Teva Tanza can vary quite a bit based on color and size, the leather version has more of a fixed price tag with equally prominent strong points.

Once again, comfort is the word of the day. Made as a mixture of leather and textile, these Teva sandals come with a comfy rubber sole, a compression-molded EVA midsole, a neoprene and spandex lining, as well as a nylon stability shank.

The build is once again quite strong and comes with the company’s standard set of quality regulations and specifications. On the specs side, the sandals come with a 1.5-inch heel and a 0.75-inch platform. The majority of customer reviews are very positive and praise the product’s durability as an equally strong point as its comfort.

This pair of Teva Tanza sandals rocks a sporty design with a pinch of rustic vibe. They can fit into just about any outfit style or image and are available in a total of two colors – classic brown and a casual walnut pattern.

Teva Tanza Sandals Pros and Cons

We’ll wrap it up with a set of advantages and disadvantages regarding both of these products. Number one factor would be great comfort and arch support. These sandals offer a great deal of health benefits and make your hiking treks even more efficient in increasing your overall body health.

Additionally, the majority of users insist that these Teva men’s sandals feature a very sturdy built and are a product that you can use for many years. Finally, the price tag is more than affordable considering the overall quality.

However, a portion of customers did have some issues with the built and reported broken sandals. The frequency of complaints is quite low and unavoidable with mass production, but if you happen to find yourself in a similar position, feel free to contact the company, they offer top-notch customer support.


Are these one of the top walking sandals on the market? They certainly could qualify for that if you like an open toed, comfortable rubber style of sandal for long adventure walking excursions. If you’re looking for quality leather or synthetic sandals for hiking or city walks, we urge you to put a pair of Teva Tenza on your list of considered products.

Users from all walks of life have praised them and the advantages seem to strongly outweigh any disadvantages, meaning that this item has passed the test. Improve your daily hiking routine today!

These sandals may remind a lot of Teva lovers of the Toachi 2.

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