Teva Terra Fi Lite Sandal Review – Pre-moulded Arch Support Footbed


From humble beginnings as Grand Canyon guides, the creators of the Teva Terra Fi Lite Sandal have ensured that for the past twenty years they have produced quality footwear that provides support for delicate foot bones and muscles as well as enough freedom to roam roads unknown.

Keeping in line with their original ‘strap in and go’ philosophy, Teva has created a new walking sandal; the Teva Terra Fi Lite Sandal. This sandal is available in both men’s and women’s design, ensuring that everyone is able to get the best walking shoe possible.

Teva Terra Fi Lite Sandal for men

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The Teva Terra Fi Men’s walking sandal builds on the success of the original Teva Terra in creating a shoe that is capable of going from wet to dry without compromising usability. The Teva Terra Fi could be considered the lighter, sleeker offspring of the everyday walking sandal.

It is so light it is hard to believe that this shoe can provide better support than its predecessor, but the Terra Fi does just that. It is made with a rubber EVA treated arch support and Teva Shoc absorb pad in the heel.

The way the foot is supported in the heel is important, as it ensures that the knee joints do not absorb all the pressure, which can possibly lead to cartilage deterioration. No matter whether you are hiking, walking or running the Terra Fi is Teva’s best men’s sandal yet.

As with the majority of Teva sandals for men, the Terra Fi has multiple strapping systems.  There are three nylon webbing universal straps on this sandal, at the toe, across the foot and around the heel. These can be tightened to accommodate your particular foot shape, ensuring both maximum comfort and maximum support.

Pros and Cons of Terra Fi Sandals for Men

This sandal can hold up in both wet and dry conditions. The sandal is open-toed so the foot will dry almost immediately when out of the water. The nylon and rubber materials that the sandal is comprised of won’t be too far behind.

The outsole of this sandal is made of flexible rubber. The spider grip of the bottom sole provides maximum traction on both wet and dry surfaces, while the flexibility of the outsole allows for a range of movement that is far superior to traditional outdoor sandals.

Some users have reported that the sizing is a little on the small side. It would be ideal to order a half size larger than normal to be safe. The heel strap redesign on this sandal sees a protrusion that tends to rub into the medial side of the heel when walking. This has led to blisters for some users.

Teva Terra Fi Lite Sandal for women

Teva Terra Fi Lite Sandal check today's price


The Terra Fi Lite women’s sandal boasts that it is a leaner lighter Terra sports sandal. Taking all the good points from the original Terra design, Terra has come up with a women specific design.

Thinner straps make it a more feminine choice than many female outdoor walking sandals on the market currently. Women know that there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ and Teva do their best to address this in their footwear.

The Terra Fi Lite has three adjustable loop and secure straps – around the toes, across the foot and around the heel – ensuring the best fit for you! These can be tightened to accommodate your unique foot shape. The nylon strapping is soft and pliable, reducing chaffing and blisters even when worn in wet and dry terrain combinations.

For women who are after a serious grip on their footwear, Teva has recently released the women’s Terra Fi 4 Slide Sandal. Building on the design of the Terra Lite, the Terra 4 has a Durabrasion rubber outsole. Combined with Teva’s aggressive spider lug design on the bottom sole, these sandals will give you optimum traction and grip on loose terrain.

The Teva Fi 4 has a pre-moulded arch support footbed allowing people with ‘flat feet’ to receive adequate foot support. The extra cushioning in the footbed allows the stress of exhaustive walking, trekking or running to be distributed evenly through the feet and legs, reducing stress on any one particular muscle or joint.

Currently available in 14 different color designs, the Teva Fi is the perfect walking sandal for someone planning to walk the road less traveled.

Pros and Cons of Women’s Terra Fi Lite Sandals

The Terra Fi Lite utilizes Spider original rubber which equals excellent traction. No matter what form of adventure you are in the mood for, the Teva Terra Fi Lite will ensure you keep your feet on the ground.

Teva pride themselves on making sure the wearer’s comfort is at the top of their priority list, and the Terra Fi Lite exemplifies this priority. The contoured top sole and accentuated arch support ensure your feet will be happy all day long.

The Teva Terra Fi Lite is available in a wide variety of colors, from traditional stony hues to rainbow colored straps; there is something to appeal to everybody. If you are looking for a good walking sandal that is as practical as it is stylish, it’s hard to look past the Teva Terra designs. Designed with busy but adventurous people in mind, they are the ideal summer sandal.

Serious hikers may find that this sandal is too light for them. It is lacking in support and provides too much flexibility for genuine off-road hiking. The shoe size also tends to run smaller than the average for Terra.

Another alternative with similar characteristics and comfort that you may opt to look at is the Teva Hurricane XLT sandals for men and women.

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