Teva Tirra Sandals – Popular Designs With Unmatched Comfort and Durability


The Teva Tirra Sandals were made exclusively to bring unmatched comfort and durability to a woman’s foot. Recently, they introduced a few popular designs that have given women a few excellent options. Let’s take a look at 3 women walking sandals and one choice for kids, below.

Teva Tirra Women’s Sandal

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The Teva Tirra Sandals for women were designed specifically to provide unparalleled comfort when worn under water. They feature a unique feminine strap configuration that provides a range of strap adjustment options, allowing for a superior fit.

This sandal offers a fantastic grip courtesy of the thick rubber outsole and its original water channelling lug pattern allows you to walk in water while maintaining a solid footing. The outsole uses a patented spider design to optimise the friction under water.

The Teva Tirra sandals provide Microban zinc bacterial protection. They are renowned for offering users the freedom of feeling like they aren’t wearing sandals while offering the maximum in protection underfoot. This sandal gives just that feel while under water, offering safety from the hidden dangers that lurk beneath.

With two adjustable straps on the footbed and one more at the top of the foot, this sandal allows you the flexibility to ensure the securest, most comfortable fit imaginable. So long as you purchase the correct size, you will not suffer from foot rubbing against the ankle strap. The Women’s Teva sandal has found the perfect match of comfort, support, and femininity.

Teva Tirra Leather Women’s Sandal

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The Teva Tirra leather sandal offers all of the comfort and safety of Teva’s flagship product, but with an added formal flair that makes it the ideal footwear accessory for any occasion.

The sandal features a leather upper with a foam and stretch mesh lining for comfort. The footbed is especially spongy, providing for exceptional shock absorption and cushioning.

With their three-way adjustable straps, the Teva Tirra Sandal is ideal for people with wide feet, allowing for the securest of fit. It also provides great arch support. You may even find that the superior design on the arch system of the Teva Tirra means that you no longer have to wear your arch supports when you slip on your Tevas.

The ankle strap on these sandals sits low enough so that it does not rub against the ankle bone. In addition, the soft padded lining on the inside of the straps ensures that there is absolutely no discomfort at all against the skin.

The Teva Tirra features an insole that has grooves etched into it. Some users find this to be uncomfortable. Overall, however, the Teva Tirra Leather Women’s sandal is a great addition to the Teva line-up.

Teva Tirra Women’s Slide Sandal

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The Teva Tirra Women’s Slide Sandal was designed specifically for a woman’s foot. It features enhanced grip protection with anti-slip technology designed to ensure maximum stability.

The sandal has grip-tastic soles, along with a soft Shock Pad technology to provide maximum shock absorption. This makes the Teva Tirra Women’s Slide the ideal footwear choice for trail hiking.

The slide sandal provides for an easy on and off. The sandal features a molded footbed for even more comfort. Everything sits on a spider rubber outsole for maximum grip in wet conditions.

Some users have reported that the fit in the slide is a little large. The slide also does not provide the amount of arch support that comes with original Teva sandals for women. The sandal is very appealing aesthetically and comes in a range of stylish colours. It is extremely lightweight and waterproof. The fit also appears to be true to size. The bottom line; the Teva Tirra Women’s slide is both functional and cute! Outdoor flip-flops have never looked, and fit, so good.

Teva Tirra Toddler Sandal

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The Tiva Tirra Toddler sandal brings all of the great features that you know and love to the feet of your precious toddler – and they look super cute in the process. The Tiva Tirra Toddler sandal is the ideal footwear for your child’s outdoor adventure.

Toddlers put their clothing and footwear through the ringer and the quick dry upper and foam and stretch mesh lining are designed to take the knocks while still providing the ultimate in comfort and safety.

The spongy footbed offers maximum absorption, while the patented rubber outsole offers traction and durability. The triple hook and strap system offers a very secure fit that will keep your youngster securely strapped in. The soft inner padding on the skin side of the straps ensures no chaffing or rubbing of the skin. The outsole of the sandal is also anti-bacterially equipped to prevent microbial contamination.

User reviews attest to the durability of these sandals. Not only can they handle the toughest treatment that you toddler can dish out, but they look stylish enough to wear with formal clothing as well on the beach. They are sure to become your child’s best sandals for walking, running and playing in.

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