Teva Toachi 2 Sandal Review – A Trail Sandal, Through and Through.

Let’s be honest; there are times that you’d rather just wear sandals for walking. Maybe shoes are too hot, maybe you’re going to get wet, or maybe you just want to mix up your style a bit when warm weather comes around.

In any case, your options seem kind of lousy at first; you can wear flip-flops or slide sandals, but then you’re fighting just to keep them on your feet. You can always try toe-shoes, but if your feet don’t perfectly fit inside, these are going to be more trouble than they’re worth.

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Your best choice is probably going to be a sport sandal, and nobody knows sport sandals better than Teva, the company that pioneered the whole concept back in the 80’s. If you want a walking sandal that’s just as tough as the trail you’re walking, you can’t go wrong with the Teva Toachi 2 model. Here’s a look at both the men’s and women’s version.

#1. Men’s Teva Toachi 2 Sandal

This particular model of Teva men’s sandals is designed to take some serious abuse and come out smelling fresh (in more ways than one). Just like all their other models of walking sandal, the Teva Toachi 2 has a spider rubber outsole and a zinc microbial treatment in the synthetic upper, meaning that you’re going to get a seriously solid grip on anything you step on, and you can wear these with or without socks.

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Of course, this model is also a bit beefier, acting almost like shoes in their own right. With a serious system of drainage channels, these sandals hold as little water as possible, perfect for the hiker who just wants to cross a stream once and forget about it in thirty minutes (rather than carry that stream around all day).

In addition, the Toachi 2’s Mush infused sole means that you’re going to be getting a lot of foot-forming cushioning with every step in these sandals, perfect for anybody carrying a heavy load, anybody who might have joint problems or even somebody who wants to use these as trail-jogging footwear. If you’re looking for versatility, these are some of the best sandals out there.

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Already, you can tell that this is a real benefit for anybody who likes the outdoors, but is tired of low-quality sport sandals giving up on them halfway up the trail. Even if you’re a die-hard boot-wearing backpacker, you’d do well to have a pair of these around; fold them up in your backpack, pull them out when you get to your camp, and save your feet all the blistering and sweating while still being able to do everything you’d normally do.

#2. Women’s Teva Toachi 2 Sandal

Once again, Teva doesn’t discriminate between women’s and men’s shoes; Teva women’s sandals are going to be as tough as their male counterparts, just designed to accommodate a woman’s foot instead.

Far from being pretty fashion sandals, the women’s Teva Toachi 2 has the whole durability package; spider rubber outsole, zinc treated antimicrobial insole lined with Mush and a Shoc-Pad in the heel, drain channels, the whole nine yards.


The stability shank runs along the full length of the instep, so these shoes are going to stay rigid enough to avoid rubbing your feet, no matter how fast you have to move.

Just because these sandals are tough as nails doesn’t mean they can’t look good as well. The Toachi 2 gives you the best advantages of a lightweight springtime sandal without being overly feminine; if you’re not the kind of girl who likes walking a mile in wedges or stilettos and is tired of sweating in sneakers, you’ll find that the Toachi are one of the top walking sandals for you, a beauty of both form and function, cushioned like a shoe but breathable like a sandal.

They work whether you’re on the trail or just walking around town and, once again, don’t look or feel out of place in either. If you just want one pair of sandals to use for everything you possibly can, the Teva Toachi can cover you through pretty much anything.

If you prefer to have your toes covered but with the comfort of a walking sandal, you can also try the Teva Women’s Ewaso sandals as an option.

Conclusion? A Trail Sandal, Through and Through.

The Toachi 2 were designed to be some of the most comfortable walking sandals available, particularly  for those of you who don’t mind crossing creeks or swimming in secluded mountain lakes. They’re padded like a trail shoe, rigid enough to avoid rubbing places on your feet, and flexible enough to move with you without slowing you down.

Even if you’re not a hardcore backpacker, you can still really benefit from the added support and comfort you get with these sandals. If you’re ever going outside and don’t want your feet to sweat in uncomfortable trail shoes, the Toachi 2’s are probably the best alternative you can think of.

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