Teva Women’s Ewaso Sandal – Easy Go from Land to Water and Back

If you’re trying to be a more active woman, it goes without saying that you need a good pair of shoes. Of course, if you’re going to be exercising in hotter places, or you just want to let your feet breathe better during the summer months, you might have considered a pair of sport sandals.

Unfortunately, you might have immediately discarded the idea when you thought about exposing your toes to the sun, insects, or low brush.

Well now, you can revisit that idea, secure in the knowledge that you can have both toe protection and all the good parts of a solid sport sandal in the Teva Women’s Ewaso Sandal.

Teva Women’s Ewaso Sandal

Features of Teva Women’s Ewaso Sandal.

When you get a pair of Teva sandals for women, you’re getting all the benefits of the Teva company as well. As one of the pioneers in sport sandals, every possible advantage has been brought to you.

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From the gripping Teva proprietary Spider Rubber outsole to the Shoc Pad heel cushion, not only are you going to be able to stay firmly rooted anywhere you stand, but you’ll suffer much less per footfall than normal sport sandals.  Already, you can tell why having these advantages in women’s Teva sandals are important than normal sport sandals.  Already, you can tell why having these advantages in women’s Teva sandals are important

The biggest advantage, however, is the toe cover on the Teva Ewaso; you don’t have to worry about getting your toes cut open on underbrush, rubbed against poison ivy, or bitten by bugs, all hazards that come with normal sport sandals once you get off the beaten path.

But what about the advantages you didn’t think of? Case in point, the Teva Ewaso is absolutely perfect for anybody who swims in lakes, rivers, or other natural bodies of water. As anyone who’s ever stood in a riverbed will tell you, the bottom is full of sharp rocks; you could walk around without shoes, but you run quite a risk.

Once you get normal shoes wet, however, they stay wet for the rest of the day; this can lead to mold in your shoe or even on your foot. If you get normal sandals wet, they’ll drain quickly, but you run the risk of scooping up material from the bottom of whatever water you step in. Specially designed water shoes cover all your bases for being in the water, but wear out quickly on land.

Going from land to water and back

A quick look at the Teva Ewaso’s features (a closed toe, Spider Rubber, and multiple drainage openings) tells you that these women’s Teva sandals cover the best of all three. The Ewaso sandals are absolutely perfect for going from land to water and back without damaging the shoe, your foot, or holding water all day, a real plus for anyone who really wants to enjoy nature.

Reviews of Teva Women’s Ewaso Sandal.

The reviews for the Teva Ewaso are generally positive, with most women saying that they fit snug, feel comfortable, and really allow their feet to breathe, with or without socks. As expected, a lot of positive reviews also came from women who use them as water shoes, much sturdier and more comfortable than the competition while still able to bead off the water.

Unfortunately, a lot of the negative reviews of this product center on just how snug this shoe can be, as well as its lack of support for feet with special needs. Once you can get the shoe on, however, the complaints about this product almost entirely dry up.

While the snugness of these sandals can be a problem early on before they’re broken in, simply attach a soft piece of fabric to the back of the heel strap and keep it on until your new sandals are broken in, and that should solve most of your problems.

Conclusion? Buy them, Break Them In, Use Them Forever.

Teva makes some of the best sandals for walking and the Ewaso is no exception. These good walking sandals are a solid combination of quality materials and smart design that give you the lightness of a sport sandal and the protection of a hiking shoe. While the Ewasos may take a little breaking in before they’re ready for the trail, the first time you dip your shoes in a cool mountain stream, you’ll know it was all worth it.

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