Turkey Trot Recap

By Anna Nickels

We had a 10 o’clock Turkey Trot date with my family. First though, we had to drop the turkey off with Ryan’s grandma (his work gave him a free one). The drive down to Denver was unheard of – no traffic! We got there early enough that we had time to sit and chat with his grandma, dad, and nephew. Then his poor 15-year-old nephew got roped into doing the Turkey Trot too and we headed over to Washington Park.

Washington Park is absolutely beautiful. I’ve run there once before but it was freezing and not enjoyable that time. I was excited to get to run there again, especially because the temperature was in the 50′s and the sun was out.

We got Eric (Ryan’s nephew) registered and found my family no problem. We went to line up. That’s when the confusion started. The race info had said that the first two corrals were limited to runners who would run under 9-minute miles. I’m not that fast, but I had a number 2 on my bib, as did my dad and Ryan. However, Ryan and I decided to stay in corral 3 so that Eric wouldn’t be alone. My dad went to join corral 2. My mom stayed in corral 3 with us while my brother and sister-in-law, who were planning to walk, went to a later corral.

My family and I have done several races. We understand how corrals work and how runners and walkers should line up respectively. Apparently we were in the minority and the race made no attempt to organize the start. It was HORRIBLE. Corral 3 didn’t start until almost 10:30 and we spent the entire race dodging walkers, dogs, and strollers who started way before they should have. Ryan kept telling me to calm down and reminding me that it was just for fun. However, it’s not fun when you can’t run like you want and truthfully at times, it was downright dangerous. Next Thanksgiving, we’ll find a different Turkey Trot to do.

Despite all the frustrations, I finished the 4-mile run in 39:57 and was happy to be under 40 minutes, even if only by 3 seconds. My brother and sister-in-law ended up not even doing the race because it was taking so long to get started and we needed to go. Even though the race itself wasn’t great, I’m glad I got to do something that I love.

My family went to Village Inn for breakfast and then said our goodbyes. Ryan, Eric, and I headed back to his grandma’s so we could celebrate with their family. His grandma is an amazing cook and we enjoyed turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and homemade pie with homemade whipped cream. No pictures, as I’m still trying to make a good impression and don’t want them to think I’m weird but it was absolutely delicious!

I’m so thankful for my family, Ryan’s family, and my little family (me, Ryan, and Bailey of course!) It was a wonderful day and I thoroughly enjoyed the next day as well – the first time in 5 years that I didn’t have to work Black Friday!

Did you run a Turkey Trot?

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