What Running Shoes Does Cameron Hanes Wear


He is quite the well-known guy in the running and hunting scene, but what running shoes does Cameron Hanes wear, I hear you ask. 

His running journey is seriously intriguing and inspiring, and it’s got him a real fan base among outdoorsy folks and athletes alike.

Cam isn’t just your average runner; he’s also a die-hard bowhunter, a writer, and a big advocate for physical fitness and getting out there in the great outdoors.

So when he’s out on those runs, what running shoes does he trust the most?


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What Running Shoes Does Cameron Hanes Wear?

In this Instagram video, Cameron takes off the Saucony Endorphin Pro 3 after doing some roadwork in it and then transitions to his trusty Speedland shoes for the rugged terrains ahead. 

Let’s delve into the remarkable features of the Endorphin Pro before we touch upon the Speedland…


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Saucony Endorphin Pro

Cameron Hanes is known to log countless miles in his running pursuits, and one of the key tools in his running arsenal is the Saucony Endorphin Pro.

This high-performance shoe is all about speed and efficiency, a perfect match for someone like Hanes who tackles ultramarathons and endurance tests.

With its lightweight build, responsive cushioning, and innovative design, the Saucony Endorphin Pro keeps Hanes at the top of his running game.

It gives him the comfort and support needed for peak performance during those long-distance challenges.

The Endorphin Pro started it out with that PWRRUN PB that just had that magic feel. Runners felt that explosiveness and it was a game-changer.

The Endorphin Pro started it out with the PWRRUN PB, which provided an explosive feel, changing the game for runners. The variety of racing shoes we have in this day and age keeps growing, which is fantastic news for us runners, and the Endorphin Pro 3 is definitely a noteworthy addition.

Comparing it to the previous Endorphin Pros, the Pro 3 feels either softer and/or a little bit taller. They’ve added more Peba foam directly underneath the pads of your foot right under the midfoot/forefoot, creating a shoe that’s more forgiving and suitable for marathon distances.

The Endorphin Pro handles long steady runs lasting over three hours with ease. It can also step up to the plate for those grueling threshold mile repeats, pushing you to your limits.

Once again, the Saucony Endorphin Pro 3 is very capable at turning up the intensity and showing up for those tougher workouts.

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Speedland Trail Running Shoe


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Speedland is another running shoe Cameron has been seen wearing lately…

The Speedland offers a unique blend of features that make it stand out in the world of trail running.

One standout quality is the generous width of the shoe, which works like magic on challenging terrains like rocky, rooty trails. This wider profile provides stability, ensuring you stay surefooted even on the trickiest paths. However, if you have narrow feet, you may need to adjust the laces snugly for downhill stretches

A key factor contributing to the shoe’s exceptional performance is its lacing system. The BOA lacing system is not just good; it’s great. To get the best fit out of the Speedlan, simply crank the dials for the perfect snugness, offering an advantage you’ll appreciate on challenging terrains.

It ensures a secure fit, leaving no room for slippage, and the materials used in the heel counter deliver top-notch lockdown, giving you the confidence to navigate through the toughest trails without any worries about your foot slipping or shifting.


But why is the BOA system such a great feature to have?

Well, if you’re running in cold conditions, fumbling with laces can be nearly impossible when your hands are freezing up in the mountains. This convenience factor alone is a game-changer for many outdoor enthusiasts.

The Speedland also excels when it comes to speed and versatility. It allows you to drop the pace and experience a feeling of incredible speed on well-groomed trails.

But it’s not just a one-trick pony; it transitions seamlessly from road to trail, making it a fantastic all-around choice.

The outsole, while not excessively rubbery, provides ample protection from the elements on the trails, ensuring your feet stay comfortable and secure.

The only drawback with the Speedland running shoe is its price tag, which can be a bit steep. However, it’s worth noting that this shoe is built to last. With the ability to cover 500 to 600 miles in them, you’re getting a lot of value for your money.

In a nutshell, the Speedland running shoe is a powerhouse of top-level engineering and features that truly outshine the competition. If you’re looking for a shoe that combines stability, speed, and durability, it’s hard to find a better option on the market today.

Here’s how to install the Speedland Plate…

Under Armour SpeedForm & SpeedForm Intake 2


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Cameron Hanes’ preference for the Under Armour SpeedForm running shoe is no accident; it’s all about the features that matter most to serious runners.

The SpeedForm series has made a name for itself with its precision fit and seamless construction, ensuring a snug, distraction-free experience during those long, grueling runs.

Hanes, like many others, can appreciate the luxury of focusing solely on performance without the discomfort of shoes that don’t quite fit right.

But it’s not just about fit; it’s also about speed. These shoes pack responsive cushioning and a lightweight design, giving runners like Hanes an edge in their quest for speed and endurance. When every ounce counts, these shoes help shave off those precious seconds.

The support and flexibility offered by the SpeedForm series complement Hanes’ rigorous training and racing regimen, making them the natural choice for someone as devoted to their craft as Cameron Hanes.

It’s more than just a choice; it’s a strategic decision for serious runners who demand the best.


Cameron Hanes Running Journey

Cameron Hanes is a well-known figure in the world of running and hunting. His running journey is a fascinating and inspiring story that has gained him a strong following among outdoor enthusiasts and athletes alike.

Hanes is not only a passionate runner but also a dedicated bowhunter, author, and advocate for physical fitness and outdoor adventure.

Hanes’ running journey is marked by several key aspects:


Cameron Hanes is perhaps best known for his involvement in ultrarunning. He has completed numerous ultramarathons, which are races that go beyond the traditional marathon distance of 26.2 miles. Ultramarathons can range from 50 kilometers (31 miles) to 100 miles or more. Hanes has taken on some of the most challenging ultramarathons, including the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run and the Hardrock 100.


If you’ve had a hard time finding running shoes that provide the ideal combination of a wide toe box and a snug heel fit, your search ends here.

Physical Endurance

Hanes’ running journey emphasizes the importance of physical endurance. He trains rigorously to build the strength and stamina needed to tackle such grueling races. His training often involves long-distance runs, hill sprints, and weightlifting, among other exercises. His dedication to training and preparation is evident in his ability to complete some of the most demanding ultramarathons in the world.

Mental Toughness

Ultrarunning is not just about physical endurance; it also requires immense mental toughness. Hanes often speaks about the mental challenges he faces during these races. Overcoming pain, self-doubt, and the desire to quit is a significant part of his running journey. His mental resilience has made him an inspirational figure for those looking to push their own limits.

Hunting and Running Connection

Hanes is also known for his unique connection between running and hunting. He believes that running is an essential aspect of his hunting lifestyle, as it helps him maintain his physical fitness, endurance, and mental acuity. His running journey is intertwined with his passion for hunting, creating a holistic approach to outdoor activities.

Motivational Speaker and Author

Cameron Hanes often shares his experiences, knowledge, and insights through speaking engagements and his writings. He has authored books, such as “Backcountry Bowhunting” and “The Backcountry Bowhunting Guide,” which offer valuable guidance for those interested in hunting and running.

Advocate for Fitness and Conservation

Hanes is not only a prominent figure in the running and hunting communities but also a strong advocate for physical fitness and conservation.

He promotes a lifestyle that combines physical activity with a deep appreciation for the natural world. His message resonates with many who share his love for the outdoors and a desire to protect it for future generations.

All in all, Cameron Hanes’ running journey is a testament to the power of determination, mental fortitude, and a strong connection to the natural world.

His ability to push the boundaries of physical and mental endurance while maintaining a deep respect for nature has made him a role model for those who aspire to lead an active and adventurous life.

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