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Ok, before you start laughing I am going to share my favorite winter running gear.

I know, I know, you are saying to yourself, “what does this Florida runner know about winter gear?” Ok, you are right, I don’t know much!  This is just another reason I love Coach M!  Not only does she train me, but she will also tell me what to wear when I ask.  So please stop by her blog and check out this week’s post otherwise, you will miss out on some valuable information!

You all say it is winter, so what does that mean for me?  Some mornings I will put on a long sleeve shirt.  If that shirt has thumbholes in it I am downright excited!

My hubby thinks I am crazy!  Thumbholes?  This is Florida what do you need a thumbhole for?  It makes me feel cool, end of story!  My friends over at MySoxyFeet added a really pretty long sleeve shirt to their collection just in time for winter.  It is hot pink, form fitted, has a side zipper pocket and you know it, thumbholes!  I have not had a chance to run in it yet but I did wear it home on my flight from Texas over the New Year’s weekend!  I know none of you wear running gear when you are not running, right?

90% of my runs I have on a pair of my favorite Spandits boardies.  When the temp drops I normally add a short sleeve top, otherwise I am in a tank top.  Why my Spandits boardies you ask?  They are the perfect length for me.  Not to short that I worry about my butt hanging out (we DO NOT want to see that) and seriously, there is NO chafing!  Spandits also carries a line of thermal running tights and fun hats!  I hope to goodness I never need a pair of those tights but I hear they are fabulous!  Check them out!  SPANDITSLOVE will still get you 10% off and make sure you tell them Mary Beth sent you!

In the winter I will admit I have been known to put on a pair of leggings and a cute long sleeve tunic and head to the office.  Number one they make my legs feel good and number two if it is yoga day well then I am already half-dressed!  If you haven’t taken a look recently at Fabletics , give them a try!  Right now they are running a deal, 2 pairs of leggings for $24!  Say what?  Say yes!

I am so close to half marathon #1 of 2017!  What will I be wearing?  Who knows!!  The forecast changes daily here so it will be a last-minute decision.  I can guarantee you there will not be a hat, gloves or thermal anything!  Just some fabulous Spandits, my Asics, my bottle of Tailwind and you know, my pink lipstick!  Cheers and speedy warm runs to you from the sunshine state!

What is your favorite winter running gear?  What is your coldest race start?

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