Looking Back – Looking Forward

By Vegan Megan

2015 was , in general, a big whopping disappointment when it came to running. The downslope started when I couldn’t run my planned Spring marathon due to health reasons. That missed race led to 3 other registered-but-didn’t-run races. And very spotty training. I felt disjointed and unsure where to take my running. However, there were some bright spots:

  • I ran the Sawtooth relay for the first time & loved it! Great team (Hit the Ground Runnin’), beautiful scenery & fun running. Hope to do it again in 2014!
  • I ran Double Robie marathon on short notice & compressed training. I trained with a couple of friends which was a new experience & I really enjoyed it.
  • I did more trail running than I have in the past and discovered I love trails for 10 miles and less…I don’t see any ultras in the near future (even though I really, really want to run one…just not ready to commit to the training).
  • I discovered ENERGYbits and I love them.
  • I also discovered twitter chats & people who encourage and support vegan running (including#vegrunchat, #runchat & #ultrachat).

I’m taking the positives into 2014 and leaving the disappointments behind me. So, looking forward, I have 3 goals for the year:

  1. Develop this blog by posting at least twice per week. By writing about my training, successes, challenges & nutrition I hope to sustain my enthusiasm, look deeper into myself, and have some fun with a community.
  2. Find a balance with nutrition and exercise. I don’t want to obsess over every calorie I ingest but I also don’t want to mindlessly eat junk. I don’t want to place my self-worth in my pace or race results but I also want to push myself to my limit & reach my goal to BQ. So I’m going to work on finding the middle ground on both fronts where I’ll be happy and healthy.
  3. Run this year in miles (2014 in 2014!). Having this long-term goal should not only increase my consistency with running but also allow me to focus on something besides races. Even when running slow miles or having a bad race I’ll be working towards the goal.

So that’s it! Looking forward to the year!

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