Yeezy Foam Runner vs Crocs (Standard Crocs & Salehe Bembury Pollex Crocs)


Today, we’ve got quite a face-off. I’ve got two foam clog-like shoes, the Yeezy Foam Runner vs Crocs.

In fact, I’m going to compare the Foam Runners to a pair of regular Crocs and a pair of the all-new Salehe Bembury Pollex Crocs.

Not only that, in order to make this comparison a little bit different, I thought it’d be a good comparison if added a pair of the Adidas Pharrell Boost Slides to this shoe battle.

These shoes are going to go head-to-head in a variety of categories. Then, I’m going to tally up all those winners and we are going to conclude which one comes out on top.

We’re going to talk about:

  • Packaging
  • Sizing & Fit
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Traction
  • Design
  • Breathability
  • Cushioning
  • Heel-to-toe transition
  • Ease of wear
  • Inside
  • Weight
  • Price
  • Verdict

Without any further ado, let’s jump right into this Yeezy Foam Runner vs Crocs vs Boost Slides and find out which one of these shoes is best for you.


Yeezy Foam Runner vs Crocs

To start things off, let me give you a little bit of background on each shoe…

Yeezy Foam Runner


The Foam Runner is one of the two most out-there-looking shoes of the bunch.

According to the logo on the bottom of the shoe, this shoe is technically made by Adidas and is part of Adidas’ Yeezy line.

Although the Foam Runner looks visually insane, it is really just one piece of solid molded foam just like the Yeezy Slides.

Apparently, the Yeezy Foam Runner is made up of a mix of EVA foam and algae-based foam and is constructed in the United States.

When the Yeezy Foam Runner first came out, it was quite affordable, but, of course, being a Yeezy shoe, it sold out immediately and now is reselling for like crazy.


Salehe Bembury Pollex Crocs


As one of the most anticipated releases of 2021, the Salehe Bembury Pollex Crocs first released on December 14th, 2021.

Salehi Bembury is known for his prolific collaborations with a few different brands like New Balance, Versace, Cole Haan, Yeezy Gap, and now with Crocs.

So, needless to say he’s a veteran in the footwear design world and recently, he’s actually branched out and created his own brand.

While it’s kind of surprising that a pair of Crocs is one of the most influential shoes of the entire year, it’s not surprising that the person behind this Croc was Salehi Bembury.

I love crazy and out-there design and this shoe is probably one of the craziest and most out-there shoes.

I really can’t overstate how insane of a shoe this thing actually is.

Not only does it look insane in the best way possible, but when I decided to just check out how the shoe ranked on Google Trends against other popular sneaker releases, it turns out that this shoe is one of the most popular sneaker shoe releases of the entire year.


I compared this shoe to recent Yeezy releases like the Beluga reflective, the Air Jordan 1 Trophy Room, and if you look at the graph of how much this shoe was searched, it blows the other shoes out of the water.

It’s just nuts to me how a pair of Crocs is one of the most searched shoes on Google for the entire year.


Crocs Classic Clog


The Crocs Classic Clog is the standard Crocs model and the one that pretty much everyone who owns a pair of Crocs has.

The Classic Clog is a very simple shoe and pretty much is only made up of two separate pieces, the main clog itself and the articulating strap.

This shoe is made up of Crocs proprietary Croslite foam.


Adidas Pharrell Boost Slide


As you can tell visually, this shoe is probably the most similar to other shoes on the market. It’s essentially just a standard slide with some upgrades.

While this isn’t the first Adidas Boost Slide ever made, it’s currently the only one available on the market because the other Boost slides have since sold out.

However, somewhat, unfortunately, because this shoe is a collaboration with artist Pharrell Williams, the shoe retails for a slightly higher price than the original Boost Slides.

While these Boost slides are not as shoe-like as the Foam Runners or the Crocs, they are a good alternative.

And if you’re not trying to go for that crazy out-there look, a pair of Boot Slides might be the perfect way to go.

Let’s start talking about the packaging first..


Yeezy Foam Runner


The Foam Runners come in this natural cardboard box that really only has one tag on the front of the box.

Opening up the box, you’ll see that you actually do have some printing on the top and on the side of the box saying Foam RNNR. The shoe also comes with some sort of natural-colored paper.

It’s obviously not expensive packaging, but at least you get a box.

Crocs Classic Clog


When you buy a pair of classic Crocs, it comes in a plastic bag and that’s it. You don’t get a box or anything else. You just get a plastic bag and the shoes.

While I guess packaging isn’t the most important thing to most people, it is kind of interesting that there are a lot of other shoes out there like pairs of Vans that come with boxes.

To be fair though, it is probably a lot cheaper for Crocs to ship their shoes in bags rather than in boxes. So, that’s probably the main reason that they do it.

Overall, Crocs is definitely on the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to packaging.


Salehe Bembury Pollex Crocs


While most pairs of Crocs come in bags or even KFC promotional packaging, what the Pollex Crocs come in is one of the coolest sneaker packaging designs that I’ve ever seen.

Because of the way that the packaging was done, it literally looks like the shoes are inset into the earth. It’s a crazy look and I absolutely love it.

Most of the packaging comes in this recycled feeling cardboard, which I’m assuming was vacuum-formed.


Then on the top of the packaging, you’ve got this really cool sort of plastic cover which comes off the top of the shoes and has the branding on it.

I just can’t say enough good things about this collaboration and I think Salehi absolutely killed it. 


The new colorways (Stratus, Urchin, Crocodile) are going to come in this pretty standard-looking cardboard box. While this new box is still pretty cool-looking, I’m still a little bit disappointed.

I feel like they couldn’t afford sending out that crazy packaging for every single pair that they produced. That’s just what I’m guessing.

Adidas Pharrell Boost Slide


The Pharrell Boost Slides come in a surprisingly premium-feeling Pharrell Human Race box.

If you’ve ever bought a pair of Adidas Pharrell shoes, you’ll probably recognize this box as it is pretty much exactly the same as every other pair.

The only real difference is the size tag. And what’s kind of funny is that while the name of the shoe is changed, the actual silhouette of the shoe doesn’t match the slides.

So, while you are paying the most for the Adidas Boost Slides, you are probably getting the best packaging out of the bunch.

If you’re wondering whether these the Foam Runners and the Crocs run true to size, big, or small, that’s next…

Sizing & Fit


Crocs Classic Clog

When it comes to sizing, I just feel like Crocs sizing is all over the place and their shoes never really fit me just right. Crocs are interesting because they don’t really fit true to size.

Not only that, but they also don’t come in half sizes. So, if you’re a size 8.5 or anything like that, you’re out of luck.

For me personally, I do have narrow feet and I found the classic Crocs fit pretty large. I’m a size US 9, and because of that, I went all the way down to a size 8 because there wasn’t a size 8.5 option.

The size 8 actually fits me great.

I also have a pair of the Crocs KFC in size 9 for comparison, but they don’t fit as well as the standard Crocs because they’re size 9 and not a size 8.

If you are one of the unfortunate few who’s half size, I think you might actually make out better in a pair of Crocs than someone who’s a whole size.

The reason I say that is because Crocs do seem to fit a half size down. So, if you’re size 8.5, go to a size 8, and if you’re a size 9.5, go to a size 9 and they should fit you great.

If you’re a whole size, however, you’re kind of stuck between going down a whole size, going up a whole size, or just dealing with the size that you’re given.

If you had wide feet, I would size up just because you don’t want a slide to be a tight-fitting shoe. You want a little bit of room, but if you want a snug fit, then go true to size. 

Sizing & Strap


Another thing that’s kind of weird is that you can get away with a bigger size if you use the strap. I personally don’t use it because I don’t like the way it looks.

If you want to go with your true size and it doesn’t fit you exactly right and you want to be able to walk around in the shoe without your foot sliding out, you can flip down the strap and you should be good to go.

However, if you wear the strap forward, maybe go down a half size or a whole size.


Yeezy Foam Runner


Unfortunately, the Foam Runner does not come in half sizes.

I don’t know if it’s just too expensive for Yeezy and Crocs to make molding for half sizes. I get it’s expensive to do, but you’re selling a lot of pairs and you should be able to do it.

Like I said with a pair of Crocs, I’m a size 9 and in the Yeezy Foam Runner, I bought a pair of size 9 and it actually fits me perfectly.

Obviously, because of the weird shape of the shoe, there is sometimes some room in odd places around the sneaker like above your foot or sometimes like in the back portion of the heel. But it’s never enough to bother me.

So, if you’re a whole size, I would say go with your true size because it fits fine.

However, if you’re a half size, I might suggest actually going down a half size to the next whole size because I feel like this shoe will still fit you okay.

The fit of the Foam Runner is really kind of baffling to me because I feel like you can get away with almost any size around your size.

If you go up a whole size, you might still be able to rock them, and if you go down a whole size, you can still kind of stretch them out to fit.

Overall, the Yeezy Foam Runner is really a weird shoe when it comes to sizing. All I can say is just go as close to your true size as possible.

However, if you have regular feet or wide feet, you need to go up a full size for the Foam Runner. So, if you’re a 9.5, I would suggest maybe even going up to a size 11.

If you have wide feet and you go true to size, the Foam Runner might fit you pretty snug. However, it’s not going to be super tight where it’s uncomfortable, but this foam material is quite thick and the top of your foot might get a little bit hot.


Salehe Bembury Pollex Crocs

The Salehe Bembury Pollex Crocs do fit a size big. Unfortunately, these shoes don’t come in half sizes. In fact, if you’re a size 9, I would suggest going down to a size 8, and if you’re a size 11, go down to a size 10.

But even though the exterior of this Crocs clog looks so different from a standard Crocs clog, the interior is pretty similar and it fits the same way.

So, if you’ve worn Crocs before, just go with your standard Crocs size.

I got a size 9 and I should have gotten an 8. I can still wear these but I do have to double-sock it, which isn’t that big of a deal.

As I always suggest, if you have the chance to try on a pair of these or any other pair of Crocs before you buy this pair, I definitely suggest doing that just to make sure you’re grabbing the right size for you, especially if you’re paying resale for this shoe because the resale prices for this shoe are absolutely insane.

Adidas Pharrell Boost Slide

The sizing on the Boost Slide is pretty simple because it’s an adjustable pair of slides. None of the Yeezy Foam Runner and the Crocs are really adjustable when it comes to fit.

So, for the Adidas Boost Slides, I would just say go true to size, and if it doesn’t fit you perfectly, just adjust the strap on the top and you should be good to go.

Overall, for people with wide feet, I would say the Crocs is more comfortable whereas the Foam Runners are a little bit narrower. However, the Foam Runner doesn’t feel tight at all if you get the right size.

Now, let’s talk about these shoes in terms of comfort. The results might actually surprise you…

Which is more comfortable?

Taking the hype all the way out of the equation and focusing on comfort and comfort alone, which one is more comfortable?

To put these shoes in order based on comfort, the Crocs Classic Clog is comfortable but definitely the least comfortable of the shoes.

The Adidas Pharrell Boost Slides are more comfortable than the Crocs but definitely less comfortable than the Yeezy Foam Runners and the Crocs Pollex.

The Foam Runners and the Crocs Pollex are incredible, but the Foam Runners are softer, more cushioned, and more comfortable, especially in the forefoot where the Pollex is not as squishy.

So, the king of comfort is going to be the Yeezy Foam Runner. The foam is nice and squishy and it just feels good on foot.

Let me explain this in detail…

Yeezy Foam Runner


The foam combination of EVA and whatever algae-based foam that they’re using in this shoe is incredible.

I have been consistently blown away by how soft and yet how durable this foam actually is.


Comfort-wise, the Yeezy Foam Runner wins hands down. It beats out both the Boost Slides and the Crocs and it just feels incredible on foot.

For whatever reason, the foam used on the Foam Runner is significantly softer than the Croslite on the Crocs and the Boost on the Boost. I don’t know why that is, but it’s noticeably better underfoot.

And when it comes to the Crocs, the Foam Runners are just leaps and bounds ahead of it. This is an incredibly comfortable shoe.

The only thing I don’t like about the Foam Runners comfort-wise is that if you wear this shoe without socks, you’re definitely going to get some chafing around the heel.

Overall, the Foam Runner is by far the most comfortable shoe. And if you can grab this shoe for a reasonable price, it’s a no-brainer.

But for over $200, though, is the comfort benefit worth it over the other shoes at retail? Probably not.


Crocs Classic Clog


The Crocs Classic Clog is definitely a comfortable shoe. It’s made up of Croslite foam like I mentioned before. It’s simple and there’s nothing that can really rub against your feet.

Not only that, but on the bottom of the footbed, you’ve also got these massaging dimples which actually massage the bottom of your feet for like the first 10 to 15 minutes every time you put your foot into the shoe.

After those 10 to 15 minutes, you really stop noticing them, and then they really just act as a way to keep your foot in the shoe and prevent it from sliding out.

The foam itself is relatively soft. It’s not incredible but it’s definitely denser than I would like. But because it is so dense, it’s probably more durable than other foams on the market.

Comfort-wise, the Crocs Classic Clog is decent and it’s definitely a shoe that you can wear all day.

Adidas Pharrell Boost Slide


The Boost cushion is much softer than the Crocs Croslite foam underfoot. However, it’s not as soft as the Boost that you’ve experienced in other Adidas Boost sneakers like the UltraBoost.

These slides have a lot of give and are very soft and plush underfoot, but, again, they’re just not as comfortable as something like an UltraBoost underfoot.

I have no idea why these slides are less soft than something like an Adidas NMD or an UltraBoost. Maybe it’s because of the rubber footbed on top of the Boost and maybe it’s because the Boost is slightly denser.

Needless to say, the Boost is definitely softer than the Croslite foam, but in my opinion, the strap actually chafes more than the Crocs do.

So, is the comfort that you get from the Boost Slides worth the price tag hike over a pair of Crocs? I’m not really sure.


Salehe Bembury Pollex Crocs


When you compare the Crocs Pollex to the Yeezy Foam Runners, the Croslite foam feels pretty similar to EVA but a little bit stiffer with a little bit more structure.

The Foam Runner is a little bit more squishy and I actually feel like the Yeezy is a little bit more cushioned underfoot.

With that being said, the Pollex is not bad underfoot. And because it’s a foam, it still feels great when you walk in it.

Which is more durable?

As far as the durability goes, I feel like the Foam Runner and the Classic Clogs will be around the same. The grooves are around the same depths and feeling them with my fingers, they both have the same hardness.

If you’re walking on a hard surface like concrete, obviously these will not last a very long time. But if you just kind of wear them inside, you should be fine.

Yeezy Foam Runner

Like I said, durability on the Foam Runners is incredible.

After wearing this shoe for about three weeks, it’s still holding up incredibly well like barely any of the foam is wearing off.

Even though I’ve worn this shoe pretty much exclusively on concrete and asphalt, the outsole and the shoe itself is just an incredibly comfortable shoe that just never seems to get beat up.

Crocs Pollex

In addition to the Croslite material, the toe of the shoe has this piece of semi-translucent rubber that wraps up from the outsole onto the top of the toe right over top of your big toe.


That rubber can actually be found on the high-wear areas of this shoe, which I really like because most classic Crocs are just Croslite all the way through.

So the Pollex has rubber on the forefoot and on the heel where you’re going to be getting a lot of heel drag and a lot of forefoot wear.

This setup will really prevent that and slow down the wear of the shoe so you should be able to wear the shoe for longer or at least have it last for longer.

So, in terms of underfoot durability, I think the Crocs Pollex is going to hold up a bit better.



As far as the traction goes, although these shoes have no rubber outsoles, they have really good grip and traction.

We’ve seen that with Under Armour and their Flow technology where they don’t have a rubber outsole and the traction is absolutely insane in those.


Obviously, it’s not important for a casual shoe, but if you’re walking around on a hard surface and you’re slipping, that’s annoying.

So, you would want something that has a decent grip and these shoes have really good traction.


Design & Aesthetics

Like I said at the beginning of this Yeezy Foam Runner vs Crocs vs Boost Slides, all of these shoes except for maybe the Boost Slides are polarizing.

The only reason that these slides might turn people off is the crazy colors that they come in or just the thickness of the straps. But other than that, they’re just a standard pair of slides. And because of that, they’re not ugly, but they’re also not that attractive.

So, to be fair, the Adidas Slides aren’t really winning any awards.

More details…

Yeezy Foam Runner


The Yeezy Foam Runner, to be fair, might actually be the most polarizing shoe out of the three. There are some people who absolutely love the way this shoe looks and I’m definitely one of those people.

I love how crazy and out there it is and how much time and effort definitely went into the sculpting of this shoe.

Then on the other side of the coin, you’ve got the people who hate this shoe. They think it looks terrible and they think it looks like just a mess on your foot and that it’s ridiculous.

I understand what they’re saying, but what I’ve learned about the design of the shoe and what I’ve grown to love about this shoe is that it’s designed to stand out, it’s designed to be something that people stare at and make fun of but you still look dope in it.

This is genuinely how I imagine the shoes of the future looking like. They might look ridiculous, but the Foam Runner looks like it came out of 2050, and that’s one of the reasons I love it.

There’s not really any middle ground when it comes to the aesthetics of the Yeezy Foam Runners. You either love the way that they look or you hate them.

Crocs Classic Clogs


Visually, the Crocs are simple and clean, but they definitely carry a stigma. Let’s be honest, if you wear a pair of Crocs, people are definitely going to sneer at you and they’re definitely going to make fun of you.

But at the end of the day, it’s comfortable, it’s cheap, and it’s very easy to clean, which seems to be a really big deal for nursing professionals and also kids.

Also on a side note, these holes not only act as ventilation but you can also put jibbitz charms into each one of these holes.

Salehe Bembury Pollex Crocs


As you may have been able to tell, the entire design and inspiration of the Crocs Pollex is actually Salehe Bembury’s fingerprint, which I actually think is one of the craziest ways to essentially sign your product.

Actually, this is not the first time he’s done something like this. If you look at his New Balance collaboration (pic 6.24) on the 2002 R, you’ll notice a very similar motif on the heel.

Just the way the fingerprint spreads out over the top of the sneaker gives the top of the sneaker its texture and its form.

The molds that they’re using must have cost them a lot since this is not a very simple shoe to make. You’ve got a lot of different nooks and crannies that are probably very difficult to carve out in these metal molds.

Not only that, but you also have pieces of rubber that are co-molded to this foam.

Personally, I really love this piece of reinforced rubber that wraps over the toe because it definitely adds to the durability of the sneaker.

Whenever you accidentally kick something like a stair or maybe something on the floor, it’s usually on this part of your foot. So, by adding this extra piece of rubber, you give the shoe a little bit more longevity.

Also, the material change adds a nice little element of interest because it really separates itself from the rest of the shoe and makes it a little bit more dynamic than it would be if it were just all one piece of material.

While the material feels very similar to the foam they use in standard Crocs, interestingly, these little ridges actually add to the structure of the upper, which makes it less flimsy than a standard pair of Crocs.

Unlike standard Crocs, you don’t have those circular perforations where you can put jibbetz in the top of your shoe.

I feel like the Yeezy Foam Runner and the Crocs Pollex are two of those products that kind of transcend their category. Yes, they’re awesome pair of shoes, but they’re also just an awesome product.

Which is more breathable?


In terms of ventilation, the Foam Runner, Crocs Clog, and Crocs Pollex all have a lot of ventilation holes.

The punch-outs serve primarily as an aesthetic detail and also a nice way of adding breathability to the shoes.

So, these are very comfortable and breathable summer shoes that you can definitely hose off if they get dirty.

If you’re running around and walking outside and it’s a chilly day and there’s a little bit of wind, you will definitely feel the wind on top of your foot.

Again, the Foam Runner is a whole lot softer than the Crocs and it is going to hug your foot.

However, its strength is also its weakness…

If you took a walk outside a few blocks on a hotter day, you’re going to lean more toward the Crocs because the material on the Foam runner gets really hot and sweaty around your foot.

Like I said, the fit is a little bit tighter for some people and so the foam is going to be on top of your foot and keep your foot warm.


The advantage with the Crocs is it isn’t as snug on foot and it is more exposed through the ankles and heels. Also, it is a bit more open and leaves a bit more room for your foot to move around.

So, the Crocs fits pretty wide and so the foam doesn’t really make your foot as hot as the Foam Runner.

Which is more cushioned?


Hands down, the Yeezy Foam Runner is a lot more cushioned.

On the Crocs, there is obviously no strong Strobel board and your foot is pretty much on top of the straight-up foam. But then there’s not a whole lot of compression. Maybe just a tiny bit, but it’s more so like stiff.

I think the majority of the upper of the Pollex Crocs is made up of Crocs proprietary closed-cell resin called Croslite.

On the Foam Runner, there’s a lot of compression even though it’s just EVA foam.

There’s a good amount of compression in the heel as well as in the forefoot. It’s super comfortable and it just feels like your foot is on top of a marshmallow or something like that.

The step-in comfort is definitely way more comfortable in the Foam Runner.

A lot of people say Crocs are super-comfortable, but I definitely equate comfort to cushion and so the Crocs aren’t that comfortable.

However, the Crocs Pollex is more comfortable than the classic clogs but not as comfortable as the Yeezy Foam Runner.

As for the cushioning on the Boost Slides, the majority of this slide is made up of Adidas Boost. Boost is an incredibly soft foam-like material that Adidas uses in a lot of their different sneakers.

And when they added it to this slide, people were really excited about it because they loved the way the Boost felt underfoot.

Overall, if you’re going to be walking around a lot and you want something very comfortable underneath your foot, the Foam Runner is the better option.

Which shoe has a smooth heel-to-toe transition?

Something that’s pretty important to me in casual shoes is I don’t like walking around in a shoe that’s super-clunky or a shoe that has a poor heel-to-toe transition.

Obviously, with the classic Crocs, I have no issues just because it’s a rounded shape and you have a nice rounded shape in the forefoot, which makes it super-smooth.

But the Pollex Crocs is a lot smoother to walk in than the classic clog.

Obviously, the Foam Runners and the Crocs are super flexible as well because they’re just made out of foam. However, the Yeezy Foam Runner is a lot smoother in the heel. 

So, as far as heel-to-toe transition goes, all the shoes are super-smooth, but I like the heel a little bit better on the Yeezy Foam Runners.

Which shoe is easier to put on?

For the Crocs Classic Clog, you have sport mode. If something serious comes up and you got to go into serious mode, then you can just put the sport mode strap down and you instantly get good lockdown.

The Foam Runner also has no laces, but the opening is a lot narrower. So, putting on the Foam Runner, especially when you have socks on, is kind of annoying because the foam is pretty sticky and it just grabs your socks.

This is, I guess, a good thing if you want to be contained into the shoe, but when you’re trying to put the shoe on, the foam grabs onto the sock and it crumples underneath your foot, which is kind of annoying.

So, for me personally, I really have to adjust the sock every single time I put the shoe on.

Also, to put the Foam Runner on, you’ve got to do a little bit of maneuvering. I have to bend down, open the shoe up, and then slide my foot in.

But if you just try to slide it in, you’re going to catch the back and you’re going to kind of smush it down, and that’s probably going to wear out the back.

For the Crocs, it’s super easy because you just slide your foot in and you’re good to go. That’s definitely one thing I like the Crocs more than the Yeezy Foam Runner for.

The hole on the Crocs Pollex is larger than the hole on the Foam Runner, which makes the Pollex easier to get into.

So, in terms of ease of entry, I am giving it to the classic Crocs and the Crocs Pollex.


Crocs Strap


The Crocs Pollex also features one of the most iconic Croc elements and that’s the Croc strap.

But unlike a regular pair of Crocs, the Pollex doesn’t come in the same sort of foam material that you find on the rest of the shoe.

Unfortunately, unlike the initial release of this shoe, the 2022 colorways of the Crocs Pollex only come with one color of strap.


You can wear this strap forward if you want to just wear the shoe as a slipper. Or, if you want to go into X games mode, you can flip it down to the back of the shoe.

But it seems like for this particular sneaker, Salehe designed it specifically to have this strap worn in the back.

Not only that, but Salehe also completely redesigned the strap. Now it’s got Velcro pull tabs which allow you to tighten the strap towards the back of your ankle and also actually adjust the sizing if you need to, which is definitely nice.

But the good news is the resale price on these is nowhere as bad as it was on the original release of the shoe.

Moving on to the weight…


The Foam Runner is pretty much 8 oz. and the classic Crocs are 5.93 oz in my size. So, in terms of weight, the Crocs definitely do feel lighter than the Foam Runner.

The weight difference is attributed to the fact that the Foam Runner has a good amount more foam on the heel and also on top of the foot and in the ankle area.

Ability to protect your foot from sharp items you drop

If you’re working in the kitchen of a restaurant or the operating room and you’re looking for a safer shoe, this section is for you.


On the Crocs Pollex clog, you’ve got 12 points of entry in a variety of sizes. Some of them are a little bit larger, but a bunch of them are very small on top.

The Foam Runner has 13 points of entry on the top also in a variety of sizes.


The layout of the holes is pretty different on these two shoes. The Crocs Pollex is solid through the fleshiest part of the top of your foot whereas the Foam Runner is just all holes.

The Foam Runner does have more holes along the side and some pretty big holes in the back while the Crocs does not have as many holes. It’s got a few holes in the forefoot area but not really much going on the back.  

There’s obviously going to be some other factors to consider if you drop a knife while wearing these shoes like:

  • How big is that knife?

Some knives might be too big for holes.

  • How sharp is that knife?

Super sharp knives might get into any shoe.

Overall, the Crocs offers more protection up top with slightly fewer holes. So, the Crocs is the winner.


So, surprisingly, if you’re only taking into account the original retail price of each one of these shoes, the Pharrell Boost Slide is actually the most expensive, which I guess in some ways makes sense because there’s a lot more going on with this shoe.

There’s a lot more pieces and a lot more materials, and the materials used on the shoe are probably more expensive than the foams used on the Yeezy Foam Runner or the Crocs.

In terms of retail price, the Foam Runners are about $5 cheaper than the Crocs Pollex but about $30 more expensive than the Crocs Classic Clogs.

So, the Foam Runner and the Crocs Pollex are kind of double the price of the classic Crocs. But of course, you can’t really get these shoes for retail.

While the resale price of the Pollex is insane at the moment, hopefully when Salehe releases more colorways, it should drop. I can’t guarantee it, but if you haven’t grabbed a pair of these, you should have another chance sometime in the near future.

So, if you’re taking current market value into consideration, the Yeezy Foam Runner and the Crocs Polelx are by far and away the most expensive.

Also, if you decide to resell your Foam Runners, they have been maintaining their value pretty well. But I can’t say the same for the Crocs Pollex because they’re quite newly released.

Yeezy Foam Runner vs Crocs – Which shoe is better?


So, when it comes to actually deciding which shoe you should grab…

… if you love the Yeezy Foam Runners, I think they’re worth it. Maybe not for hefty price tag, but if you can get a pair for retail or if you can get a pair for cheaper than $300, I’d say pull the trigger.

If you’re looking for a stylish eye-catching out-there sneaker or you’re just looking for the most comfortable foam sneaker you can buy, the Yeezy Foam Runner is absolutely the way to go.

And if you don’t like this colorway, there are more colorways coming out in the future which will all come at retail price so you’ll have more chances to grab the shoe at retail.

If you’re looking for a more traditional shoe that feels good on foot and gives you some decent comfort and is actually pretty stylish for what it is, the Adidas Pharrell Boost Slides are definitely the way to go.

And then finally if budget is the most important thing to you or you’re just starting to get on that Hypebeast Croc wave which, believe me, is happening, the Crocs are a solid option.

The classic Crocs is a pretty versatile shoe and is just so much easier to put on, and comfort-wise, it’s also pretty solid.

For me personally, I feel like I would just use the classic Crocs if I’m just inside. I would go for the Crocs if I want something that feels comfortable against my foot with or without socks.

But I feel like I would probably just wear the Foam Runner and the Crocs Pollex outside if you kind of want to show it off and also be comfortable.

Overall, the Foam Runners and the Crocs Pollex are two total knockouts in the looks department, but one of them just rises a little bit higher and that is the Foam Runner.

Now that you know my thoughts on the Yeezy Foam Runner vs Crocs, I would love to know your thoughts.

Let me know in the comment section down below and let me know which shoe you like the best or which one you would be willing to buy.

As always, thank you so much for making it to the end of this comparison.

I hope you’re staying safe out there and I’ll see you in the next one.

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