Yeezy Slides Review (How Do The New Slides of 2022 Size Compare to Previous Versions?)


What’s good guys. Welcome to this Adidas Yeezy Slides review.

One of the things that I never expected to learn but became very obvious as the year went on is that the Yeezy Slide is the most popular pair of Yeezys.

But that wasn’t always the case.

In fact, for a long time, the Yeezy 350 & 350v2 was the most popular and I think, even to this day, they’re the most pairs of those shoes out.

But recently, the Yeezy Slide has become one of the most sold items on platforms like Stockx, Goat, and even eBay.

Not only that, but it seems that foam shoes, in general, have become incredibly popular like the Yeezy Foam Runner.

We’re going to be talking about:

  • Why I got my slides now.
  • Yeezy Slides sizing (old versions vs new versions).
  • 2022 Yeezy Slides vs older Yeezy Slides.
  • Are Yeezy Slides comfortable?
  • Are Yeezy Slides durable?
  • Traction.
  • Aesthetics.
  • Finish.
  • Manufacturing Process.
  • Price.
  • Pros & Cons


Yeezy Slides Review



I bought the Yeezy Slide Ochre on Goat about two or three days after the release of the shoe and I started wearing this shoe and wearing it some more almost every single day for an entire month almost the entire day each day.

I wear these shoes around the house, when I’m walking the dog, or when I go to the store.

I’ve got to be honest; I get it now. I totally understand why people love this amazing shoe.


Why Yeezy Slide now?

The Yeezy Foam Runner is one of the most bought and sold pairs of Yeezys after the Slides and is one of the most popular pairs of sneakers of 2021.

This shoe was one of my favorite shoes of 2020 and continues to be one of my favorite shoes into 2022, but for some reason, I had never really jumped on the Yeezy slide train.

I don’t know why that is because I love foam shoes, but I just didn’t get it. I usually choose sneakers over slides in almost every single situation except for maybe going to the beach.

So, when it started to become obvious that the Yeezy Slide was becoming one of the most popular forms of footwear available, I realized I had to grab a pair and I had to try it out.

Without further ado, I wore the Yeezy Slide for a month straight and this is what happened.

But let’s start with one of the most common topic among people and that’s “How do the Yeezy Slides run? Do they run small, big, or true to size?”

In fact, the new slides of 2022 are a lot better in terms of sizing. Let’s find out why…


Yeezy Slide Sizing Review


Make sure you read this roundup post where we asked 8 people the same question: “According to you, do Yeezy Slides run small, big, or true to size?



In terms of how the new Yeezy Slides fit, I’m going to start with the most common question related to Yeezy Slides:

  • How do Yeezy Slides run?

I grabbed my wife’s pair of Yeezy Slides because hers is actually different than the Ochres I got in 2022 and not just in colorway.

The colorway she got released a couple of years back. And what’s interesting about this shoe is that the sizing of her slides is actually completely different than my Yeezy Slides Ochres.


So, in all of the previous Yeezy Slides up until the Yeezy Slide Ochres, you want it to go either half a size up or a full size up and that’s because the midfoot band across the top of your foot was very tight, especially with socks.

You may be able to get away with wearing one of these older styles without socks in your true size.

However, your heel really will rest over the back of the shoe pretty heavily and some people don’t like that.

So, if you’re searching for a more traditional fit in some of the older colorways of the shoe, I would definitely recommend going up a half size or a whole size.



However, when it comes to the newer colorway, the Yeezy Slide Ochre, this shoe actually seems to have the sizing fixed.


In fact, I went true to size on the Yeezy Slide Ochre and it fits me perfectly.

It seems like even though the original inspiration for this shoe was to have your heel kind of hanging off the back of it, people didn’t like that.

So, Adidas and Yeezy decided to adjust it and now in my true size, the Yeezy Slides fit a lot closer to a standard pair of slides than the previous Yeezy Slides.

Again, my recommendation is if you’re grabbing a pair of Yeezy Slides in the Ochre colorway or any of the newer colorways that are stated to come out soon like the Onyx (which may already have been released when you’re reading this), you should probably be fine going true to size.


I asked two of my friends who got their Yeezy Slides in 2022 how they went about sizing and this is what they said…

Yeezy Slides Onyx (2022)



With the 2022 Yeezy Slide Onyx colorway, it seems like they got the sizing right compared to all the previous colorways they’ve released.

So, I recommend you go true to size in the Yeezy Slides Onyx. However, if you are in-between sizes, go up because Yeezy Slides still don’t come in half sizes.

The Onyx is the all-black Yeezy Slide and they’re going to be so tough to cop. Like other 2022 releases, the Onyx Slides are a little bit textured and not as smooth as previous versions.


The new Yeezy Slides of 2022 do fit true to size for anybody wondering. However, I have seen a lot of people complaining about the size of these. I believe it’s because they are so hard to get in especially when you’re wearing socks.

Some people go up a full size, some people go true to size, but I went true to size.


2022 Yeezy Slides vs Older Versions

Again, the new 2022 Yeezy Slides seem to run true to size compared to the older versions where you have to go up in size.

Another interesting change between the Yeezy Slide Ochres and the older Yeezy Slides is while the new version is still made up of the same EVA material and it literally feels so good and so squishy and marshmallowy, the texture has changed.

These are just mad bouncy. These actually dropped on the floor on purpose, but while they didn’t quite come back, they definitely launched.

So, whatever this foam is, it’s very interesting, it’s very comfortable, and, again, it’s all one piece.

On the older slides, the shoe seemed to have a very smooth almost semi-gloss finish, which wasn’t bad and allowed your foot to slide in and out of the shoe pretty easily.

But on the newer slides, you’ve got a much rougher and more textured feel, which is interesting and kind of rubs against your socks a little bit more than I would like actually.

Other than the overall roughness of the texture, the actual makeup of the foam doesn’t feel any different. And comfort-wise, both slides are still incredibly comfortable underfoot.

Another difference I did notice is that the actual Yeezy Slide silhouette is a little bit chunkier than the previous versions.

Are Yeezy Slides Still Comfortable?


The Yeezy Slide is one of the most comfortable shoes in my entire collection. I never thought that would be the case.

I know I should have thought that would be the case especially because the Yeezy Foam Runners are as comfortable as they are and I wear these shoes all the time and the foam is very similar to the Yeezy Slide.


But the EVA foam used in the midfoot of the Yeezy Slide is incredibly soft, incredibly cushy, and it bounces back really nicely.

So, when you step into the shoe, you feel like you’re kind of falling into this nice cushion, but then it sort of bounces you back out so you never feel sluggish when you’re walking.


I think the underfoot feel of this shoe is not just because of the softness of the foam but also because of these large gaps between the tread of the shoe.

In fact, when you actually step into these slides, the tread kind of splits apart ever so slightly and allows the shoe to compress even more down towards the ground, which makes it feel even softer than the foam actually is.

I seriously can’t get over it. This Yeezy Slide is incredibly comfortable underfoot and I absolutely love it.

Overall, the comfort of the foam on the Yeezy Slides is pretty much next level.

But are they very durable?

That’s going to be next…


Are Yeezy Slides Durable

As far as durability, the Yeezy Slide is a surprisingly durable shoe. In fact, like the Yeezy Foam Runner, even after wearing the shoe for a month, there’s barely any wear on the shoe at all.

I don’t know what it is about the EVA foam that they use in these Yeezy foam shoes, but this foam just doesn’t wear that easily.

In fact, the only real visible wear that I’m seeing on this shoe is on the outside of the heel because I kind of lean a little bit to the outside of my heels.

The foam is wearing in this really interesting way where it kind of gets a little bit furry, which is a weird way to describe it, but that’s how it looks and that’s about it.

The foam itself is still intact. There’s no chunks and there’s no areas that are almost worn through.

I guess there are some areas where it’s creasing like in the tread and maybe around the heel of the shoe, but even that is very hard to see especially with this texture, which leads me to believe maybe that’s why they added the texture to kind of hide the creasing.

Overall, even after wearing the Yeezy Slides for as long as I did, nothing else is really happening to the shoe and it still looks almost brand-new.




The bottom of the new Yeezy Slides offers the same level of traction as the previous version. 

There’s a lot of traction on the bottom just like the Foam Runner and the bottom is very sticky on certain surfaces.

But if you go from something that’s dry to something that’s wet, it’s going to be slick right at first.

Also, if you’re in like restaurants and stuff where the floors are slippery, you may want to be careful with that.




Obviously, the Yeezy Slide has a very unique look. Personally, I love weird-looking footwear especially when it’s minimalistic and almost monolithic.

That obviously has a lot to do with Kanye’s aesthetic. He always goes for a much more organic and a much more futuristic minimalistic look for his sneakers.

This is honestly how I think future loungewear is going to look and I think that’s sort of the vibe that Kanye is going for and I’m all for it.      

I think it’s fair to say that this shoe is definitely on the bulkier side when it comes to slides.

This shoe looks like you’re wearing a giant piece of foam on your feet and it is definitely covering up more of your foot than your standard Jordan slides or Adidas slides would.

It’s crazy, it’s wild, it’s out there, but at the same time, it’s simple and it’s refined.

I totally understand it if some people don’t like the way this slide looks. It’s definitely an interesting looking slide and it’s not for everybody. But honestly, I feel like the comfort makes up for that.

What’s interesting about this shoe is that it was actually inspired by Japanese Zōri which is traditional Japanese footwear. Maybe not the overall aesthetics of the shoe but the way that you wear it.

So, in a lot of ways, this shoe is not like a regular slide, and one of those ways is the way that you wear it.

In fact, usually on most slides, your heel kind of lands on the inside of the shoe, but in the Yeezy Slide, your heel is actually supposed to rest a little bit over the back of it.

It’s definitely not a look that a lot of people are used to when it comes to wearing slides, but when you actually try it out, it really feels great on foot.

In terms of branding, the weird thing is that the only Yeezy branding is on the inside underneath the little flap and the Adidas logo is only where your heel sits.

Overall, if you don’t like the way the shoe looks, try it on. It’s super soft underfoot and you might really love it even though you don’t like the way it looks.



As far as finishes go, the Ochre is the first colorway that features any kind of sort of color mixing.

It’s got some very subtle darker browns or almost dark oranges sort of marbled throughout the upper of the shoe, whereas with the older colorways, they all come with one simple monochromatic look.

It looks like Kanye is going to be doing more mixed and more marbled looks when it comes to Yeezy Slides and I love that kind of aesthetic.

But at the same time, he probably will release more of these simple looks if you prefer this style instead.


Making Process

To fill you guys in on the Yeezy Slide if you don’t own a pair for yourself or you don’t know anything about it,  essentially, this shoe is one piece of injection-molded EVA foam.

What that means is that this shoe is created all at once.


Even though the seam or parting lines are noticeable, which might lead you to believe that these are two pieces glued together, it was never two pieces that were glued. I think that that’s where the molds actually meet.

But even though it’s such a simple product and made of one piece of material, it was still such a complex process to make this simple shoe.

Another cool detail that you might have missed is the circle right under the toe area on the outsole.


This either could be the injection point where they shot the foam into the mold to actually create the shoe and then they cut it off when they removed it from the mold.

Or, it was part of the action inside the mold that actually pushes the shoe out of the mold because sometimes when you’re creating a soft thing like this, it gets stuck to the mold.

I’m assuming it’s probably the thing that shot the material into the mold, but I’m not 100% sure.



If you could get the Yeezy Slide on their App, the price is super cool. They release probably once every quarter in a couple of different colorways.

Unfortunately, because it’s a Yeezy shoe and this has become one of the most popular Yeezy shoes, it’s almost impossible to grab a pair for retail.

In fact, I had to spend about $140 on this pair for myself, which, to be fair, is a lot of money to pay for a pair of slides.

Even though I don’t wear slides that often, I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than $30 for a pair because I grabbed some of my pairs at the outlets.

I’m not going to lie but paying $140 for a pair of slides was a tough pill to swallow. But I’ve got to say after a month of wearing this shoe, almost every day straight, I get it.

I’m not saying that $140 is reasonable for this pair of shoes because that still is a lot. I think you should try and grab this shoe for retail, But I’m not mad at spending the money.

Overall, I have some designer slides from Gucci and Balenciaga for example that are well over $200 and I feel like they just don’t compare to the Yeezy Slides.

Where to buy (not affiliate)
GoatStockXStadium Goods



I’m starting to really understand why this shoe is as popular as it is.

  • The price point.

If you can get the shoe for retail, the price is incredibly doable. Although that is sort of expensive for a pair of slides, once you try these on, you’re going to totally understand it.

  • The comfort of the Yeezy Slide is incredible.

Once you step into this shoe and feel the squishiness under your foot, you’re going to love it.

  • Aesthetics & Looks

The Yeezy Slide is kind of wild-looking, it’s different than any other pair of slides I’ve ever seen before, but it’s also got this super minimal and super clean aesthetic and I love that about it.

  • Versatility

The Yeezy Slide is one of those shoes that you can throw on with pretty much any pair of shorts or any pair of sweats and it looks great.


The last thing I wanted to cover in this Adidas Yeezy Slide review is the slide isn’t perfect…


The one part of the Yeezy Slides that some people might find not comfortable or less comfortable than the rest of this shoe is the midfoot strap or the midfoot cover.

The reason for that is because this part of the shoe is very thick and very wide and so it doesn’t allow your foot to move as much as I think some people might want your foot to be able to move.

In some cases, this edge could rub against your toes if you get a shoe that doesn’t fit very well.

I’ve also found that sometimes the edges that touch my midfoot medially and laterally can rub against my feet.

It’s not very often and I only really notice it when I’m wearing this shoe barefoot, but that’s just something to keep in mind.

The other thing I heard from other people that I haven’t experienced myself is that the heel, for whatever reason, sinks way more than the forefoot.

Also, some people say because the material is supposed to stick to the floor, it’ll also stick to your clothing the same way. So, lint, hair, and all kinds of nasties will get all over this. 

Even though there are some parts of the shoe that can rub in certain situations, overall, it’s an incredibly comfortable shoe.So, with that being said, after wearing the Yeezy Slides for an entire month, I love this shoe.

This is definitely a shoe that I will be keeping in my collection and definitely a shoe that I’m going to have to grab a lot more colorways of.

I know I shouldn’t because they’re expensive, but I want to.


…that’s it for this Adidas Yeezy Slide review. I would love to know your thoughts on these slides and whether you have a pair, and if you do have a pair, what your thoughts on this shoe are.

So, make sure to let me know in the comment section down below.

As always, thank you so much for making it to the end of this review.

See you in the next one 🙂

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