Zara Shoe Size Chart + Review of Heels, Loafers, Slingbacks…


In today’s article, we have the Zara shoe size chart for women and men in inches and centimeters.

That’s not all of it.

We’ve actually reviewed some sandals, high heels, loafers, boots, slingbacks, clogs, and sneakers and we’re going to tell you whether they run small, big, or true to size.

We’re also going to be answering some common questions like:

  • Are Zara heels comfortable?
  • Are Zara heels Wide Fit-Friendly?
  • How shoes should fit?
  • How Can I measure my foot size?
  • Do Zara boots run big?

Sounds interesting?

Let’s dive right into it…


Zara Shoe Size Chart

Zara Women’s Shoe Size Chart

USEURAUFoot length
Foot Length
5355 / 5.58.722.4cm
7.5387 / 7.59.524.3cm
8398 / 8.59.724.9cm
10419.5 / 1010.226.2cm


Zara Men’s Shoe Size Chart

USEURUKFoot length
Foot Length
639510 in.25.5cm
740610 1/5 in.26cm
841710 2/5 in.26.5cm
942810 3/5 in.27cm
1043911 in.28cm
11441011 1/5 in.28.5cm
12451111 2/5 in.29cm
13461211 3/5 inc.29.5cm
14471312 in.30cm


Our reviewer, Layla, tried about 6 Zara heels and she’s going to let you know whether they are comfortable and how they fit her feet.

She’s also going to talk about:

  • Are Zara heels comfortable?
  • How Zara heels fit in terms of sizing?
  • Are Zara heels wide-feet friendly?


But first, do Zara shoes run big or small? Generally, Zara shoes run true to size. However, the sizing can differ from model to model and that’s what the next section is going to clarify… 


Zara is notorious for creating dupes, but they’re also very famous for their affordable clothes and shoes that are up to par when it comes to trend.

Let’s be honest, their heels are very cute. I got all these heels in a size 41 because according to Zara, a 41 would have a 76% chance that they would fit.

From my experience, size 42 tends to be too big in the length.

You do know that high heels are really uncomfortable and not all companies do their high heels right.

So, I do not advocate buying heels that have extreme heel height because the higher the heel, the more pressure you’ll have in the balls of your feet.

But if your high heels have the right shoe size and especially width for you, then your high heels can be bearable, not comfortable.


Are Zara heels wide-feet friendly?

Zara don’t offer wide fit sizes. This gets people to size up trying to get the right fit. But the problem is when you size up your Zara shoes, you only size up in length and not width.

So, the majority of the heels I tried were not wide enough.


Zara Green Mules


These PU leather heels are hard to put on because the straps are not wide enough and so you have to pull them up to get your feet in the shoe.


Zara Metallic Blue Platform Heels 


The lovely straps do literally choke my feet. And because of the fact that these straps are not wide enough, my feet did not fit in these pair of heels.

Zara Satin Blue Thigh High Boots


These have an electric blue satin finish and the material has got a stretch to it. Sadly, these are not wide enough for my toes or my thighs. However, I’m not going to blame Zara for the thigh part.


Zara White Studded Heeled Sandals


These white studded heels look amazing and the straps look thick enough to be able to hold your feet in position.

The heel height is manageable, but they were not wide enough as well. The straps felt rough to my skin, and I know that my feet will hurt after especially because high heels make my feet swell making the heels fit even tighter and unbearable.

So, when you try your heels and you feel a slight discomfort right out of the box, just know after wearing them for an hour or so, that discomfort is going to be a huge problem.

Let’s look at these beautiful gold pointy slingbacks.


Zara Gold Slingback Heels


I wasn’t really excited to try these because all the heels had been pretty disappointing.

To my surprise, these slingbacks fit in the length and they were also wide enough for my wide feet.


Zara Rhinestone Stress Mules


These were wide enough and the sizing was good.

Overall, it’s a shame for us, wide-feet girls. If you have regular or narrow feet, these heels are probably going to fit better.

The heels that Zara offers are probably some of the most uncomfortable heels I’ve ever worn. If Zara are going to put out these type of heels, they should respect their clientele and not make horrible heels like these.

I feel like they need to step up the game a little bit. Or, maybe we should focus on the brands that actually do care about our feet.

When it comes to their clothing, I have nothing to complain about, but when it comes to their shoes and heels, in particular, they’re just making money out of nothing.


I’m a size 39 and I have regular feet. Most of the time, the shoes I get from Zara actually fit my feet perfectly.


Zara Clear/Nude Heels


I absolutely love these and I think they’re so cute. They’re light shoes and so they’re going to be very easy to pack and travel with.

I find the instep strap to be a little big for me, but it’s not a real issue for me.

Zara Tan Loafers


These cute loafers fit my feet perfectly.

I’ve seen a lot of loafer looks on Pinterest and I just love how clean and pretty they look.

If I’m looking for a non-complicated loafer with genuine leather that’s covered in the back, these Zara Loafers are the way to go.


I have regular feet and I have no issues fitting Zara shoes. 


Zara Retro Sneakers


These fit my feet perfectly.

I went for these because they kind of gave me similar vibes to the New Balance 550s.

So, if you are on the market for a more affordable alternative to the New Balance 550s, then these really are an absolute steal.


Zara Leather High Top Sneakers


To be honest, I don’t normally opt for a high-top sneaker, but I like these.

I actually think this style of sneaker does actually look really clean when styled with shorts. Plus, I had no isses with the fit and size.

Zara Jetfoam Clogs


Right off the bat, these obviously do give off big Yeezy vibes. They’re kind of like a mix between the Yeezy Slides and the Yeezy Foam Runners.

Honestly, as soon as I’ve seen these, I just knew I had to grab them. I think these are a great affordable alternative to that whole kind of Yeezy aesthetic.

The one issue that I have is the sizing because these Jetfoams are two sizes. So, for example, you have 6 to 7, 8 to 9, a 10-11, and so on now.

That being said, I didn’t really know what size to go for. I went for the 10 to 11, but it turned out they were too big. So, I’m going to exchange and try the size down.

Zara Brown Leather Clogs


This whole kind of clog trend is really picking up and I’m seeing a load of people style them. Honestly, I absolutely love them because they’re just so different.

A lot of people have been opting for the Birkenstock Bostons and these honestly pretty much look identical.

However, they’re like half the price.

Again, Zara is just coming in clutch with these affordable alternatives and I’m absolutely loving it.

In terms of sizing, I haven’t had any issues fitting my regular feet.


Zara leather Chelsea Boots


I’m a big fan of wearing this kind of boot.

Obviously, that whole kind of chunky footwear trend is still absolutely everywhere and this is just the perfect style of boot for the cold winter days.

Honestly, it’s an all-around beautiful boot. Obviously, Bottegas were what really made this kind of chunky Chelsea boot on-trend, but these are a great affordable alternative.

Again, these boots fit my feet perfectly.

Zara Shoe Sizing FAQs

Are Zara shoes true to size?

Generally speaking, Zara shoes are not true to size. A lot of Zara shoes run small and so you have to size up, but it actually depends on   

What size is 38 in Zara shoes?

A size 38 in Zara translates to a women’s US 7.5 (9.7 inches / 25 cm)

Is Zara shoe size true to size?

For people with regular feet, Zara shoes are true to size. However, people with wide feet find Zara shoes to run small. The problem is their shoes don’t run small but they don’t offer them in wider versions.

What shoe size does Zara use?

Zara uses European sizes. To get your accurate size, you have to measure your feet in centimeters or inches, find your US or UK size and then convert that to your European size.

Do Zara boots run big?

Zara boots tend to run a half size smaller and most of the time even narrower.

How can I measure my foot size?

That’s it for this Zara size chart. I hope we’ve been helpful. 

I hope you’re staying safe out there. See you in the next one 🙂

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